How to Make a Spring Wreath

I am so excited to share today a spring wreath I made from pinecones. You can make this wreath with Items you pick up in your yard. 

Pinecone flowers? Yes, these flowers are made by cutting pinecones into flowers! Today I will show you step by step how I made this gorgeous spring wreath.

best spring wreath DIY

This might be my favorite wreath that I have ever made. I called it a spring wreath, but it can also be a fall wreath! The best thing is that most of you can make it from things you can gather in your backyard. Can you guess what this wreath is made from?

You Made that?

Pinecone Flowers


I know it’s hard to believe. Because pine cones have never looked so good. This DIY was amazing and I love that it looks so great for Spring and Fall. I kind of made it up as I went along but I think you will find the DIY below fairly easy. The only hard part was cutting the pine cones.

Be sure to scroll to the bottom of this post to see my DIY video.

cut pine cone wreath

What You Need to Make a Pinecone Wreath

**All items with links are listed below**

Pine cones (about 18)

Grapevine wreath (I used a 16″)

Acrylic paint (alizarin crimson, medium yellow, white)

Tin snips or gardening shears

Glue gun

Assorted greenery (eucalyptus)

diy wreath for spring from pinecones

How to Make a Spring or Fall Wreath

Cutting the pine cones into flowers is the hardest part of making this wreath. I used a pair of red tin snips which didn’t work too great but I found a set of garden snips when I was almost done with the cutting that worked very well. (They are linked below.)

I was able to cut two flowers out of each pine cone and I didn’t use the top part. 

wire cutters to cut pine cones

I had to cut around each side of the pinecone before I could cut all the way through. On a few occasions, the pinecone flower broke into a few pieces. But that was no problem as I just put them back together with a glue gun.


Each flower had two to three rows of scales. And I didn’t use the tops of the pinecones but there is no reason why you couldn’t.

thickness of cut pine cone

It took me a few hours. Most of the pine cones netted a total of two flowers. 

how to cut pinecones for wreath

I used 25 cut pine cone flowers on my wreath. Of course, you may need more or less depending on the size grapevine wreath you use. (I used a 16″.)

cut pine cones for wreath

Painting Pinecones

Painting the pine cones was my favorite part. And this is the part where you need to pay attention.

I have two really important color tips for you. So be sure to read below.

six colors of painted pine cones

It’s easy to buy six small bottles of paint and paint the pine cones each color. But often that will result in a wreath that isn’t color cohesive. Can you tell the colors of the pine cones below were made from two colors and white? Anytime your color palette is created from two colors, all of your colors will be cohesive.  

Mixing Colors

I mixed six colors using Alizarin Crimson (burgundy) and Medium Yellow (and white) and put them in paper cups. The colors ranged from lots of burgundy and a tiny bit of white or yellow to lots of yellow with a tiny bit of white or burgundy.

You can see the colors I mixed in the photo above. (I should have taken the photo before I added the highlights because some of them look more similar than they are.)

The next thing you need to do is paint all of your pine cones with a base coat. I painted six pine cones in each of the six colors. 

But here is the important step, I then went back and lightly brushed on some highlights of the other colors on each pine coneflower.

This is what my pine cones looked like after I painted the first coat.

painted pine cones without accents

And here is how they looked with a highlight of one of the other colors. After they dried I added even another one of the colors.

Adding paint accents to pine cones

This photo shows the pinecones and how the color highlights make them even more harmonious.

pine cones painted

I love how they look!

For a foolproof way to mix these colors, pick one color, a warm yellow, and white. Then mix to get different shades. You can see below that I used the Alizarin Crimson (which is a burgundy shade) and I added different but very small amounts of yellow and white to get the different shades.

The colors are bright and definitely perfect for a spring or fall wreath!

assorted painted pinecones

Assembling the Wreath

Assembling the wreath is very easy. I had painted some smaller pine cones because I thought I might need them. But I ended up leaving them out.

pine cones materials for wreath

I had some week-old eucalyptus in vases (that had dried) and it worked perfectly. You can use any type of greenery, faux or real, or in my case, dried and neglected.

I stuck the stems of the eucalyptus into the wreath. Don’t use too much, just enough to offer light coverage.

adding eucalyptus to wreath

Add in the greenery all the way around being sure to follow the same direction all the way around. Stick the stem into the wreath to secure it (although the glue used to attach the pinecones will also secure the greenery).

wreath with eucalyptus

With a hot glue gun, attach the pinecones to the wreath.

Add pinecone flowers to wreath

Work your way around the wreath by adding more pinecones.

Add more pinecone flowers to wreath

That’s all it takes!

Watch my video to see more details.

I can’t wait to make more of these!

Ready to make this amazing wreath? Click on the items below for everything you need to make this wreath.

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Pinecone Wreath for Spring or Fall

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  1. I’ve been wanting to try to make the spring pinecone flower wreath on your site for quite awhile. Well, today I did! I think it turned out beautiful! It is my first ever….any kind wreath! Lol.
    Cutting those pinecones was no joke, but the end product is worth it. Thanks for inspiring me!!

  2. Hi Leslie, How sweet this wreath is! The flowers remind me of zinnias. Do you have those in California? In NY where I am they are blooming in their full glory now, and the color palette you chose is spot on for zinnias!
    Now, to go on the hunt for fallen pinecones!

    1. Thank you Susan for reaching out. We do have zinnias here is California. Yours sound amazing. I am so happy that you enjoyed the post. Happy pinecone wreath making!

  3. I have to agree with Holly. Cutting the pine cones turned into a disaster for me. I absolutely love this wreath and collected my supplies, etc. but could not cut the pinecones. I think I need some type of electric saw. Any suggestions?

    1. Some pinecones really put up a struggle! I have heard from people who ended up using saws or oscillating tools to cut them. Hopefully one those would work for you also Jean!

    2. Same here! Could not cut through pine cones that broke into pieces….like trying to put Humpty Dumpty back together again! Lol

  4. I ended up using one of those small oscillating tools. Cutting the pinecones was very hard work and a pain, but totally worth it because this wreath is so gorgeous. I have made several. Wish I knew how to upload photos here because I would show you.

    1. I am so happy that you have made this wreath, several times! Cutting the pinecones is definitely the most challenging part of this project, but so worth it!

  5. Your suggestion about having the colors meld together is so great. Maybe is missed it , but what color did you paint the center of the flower?

  6. This is spectacular! What type of shears did you use and where did you get them.

    I’m not terribly crafty but would love to try this project
    Thank you

    1. Hi Sharon – I am so happy you reached out! Cutting the pinecones is the most difficult part of this project. If you are not terribly crafty, I would employ a strong man to help cut the pinecones. I used these shears ( to cut mine. I hope you find a big strong helper! Once the pinecones are cut, easy peasy!

  7. I actually made this wreath in May of this year. It was a bit to cut the pinecones, but I loved how it turned out. Might make one for a Christmas theme. I love it.👍👏

    1. Thank you for reaching out. I am so happy that you made this wreath and yes, cutting the pinceones is the most challenging part of this project. I think this wreath made for Christmas would be amazing! Let me know if you make one! Happy Friday!

  8. Our 9-yr-old son saw me ogling these wreathes knowing we could probably make them…so, EVERYTIME he walked the dog, he’d bring 3-4 pinecones home w/ him until we had 20-30 of them… they made 153 flowers!!!! That doesn’t include the half flowers…
    I tried 5 different types of gardening cutters and we settled on a pair…they NEED to be SHARP and you NEED to CUT AT an ANGLE from one side & it’s opposite to get a nice “flower” as cutting straight across destroys more than it helps…
    We also saved the ones that were in half…we decided we’ll use the tips to add a punch of color here and there…tomorrow, after homework, we shall begin painting…
    Wish us luck ♥️

  9. Oh, I am so excited. I got your blog today. How did you do it? Thank you so much. Heidi no

  10. Hi Leslie,
    I love this stunning wreath. Is there something magic on cutting pine cones. I have tried everything. Perhaps Florida pine cones are harder??? Any ideas.
    Thank you and Happy Mothers Day!

  11. Thank you!!! Loved your tutorial. May daughter and I made a summer wreath today — trying to coordinate with high school colors for our upcoming grad party. (I LOVED your shades of pink!!)

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