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How to Make a Wood Cake Stand DIY

I love this wood cake stand so much. It was such an easy DIY and I think you might want to make one for sure!

Wood Cake Stand with Copper

A few years I bought a wood cake stand that had beading and was painted white. I bought it at Magnolia in Waco and unfortunately they don’t sell it anymore. I get asked about the cake stand all of the time. So I decided to make one!

The DIY How to Make a Wooden Cake Stand

Wood Cake Stand for Decor

In the photo below, you can see the cake stand I bought at the Magnolia Market at the Silos. The top is a plain round wood piece, which you can also use if you want (it’s cheaper than what I used). It also has a very small candlestick as the base.

It looks as if the Magnolia cake stand is a simplified version of the one I made. Why does that not surprise me? I am sharing this so you know that there are a few different ways to make these.

Wood Cake Stand

DIY How to Make a Wood Cake Stand

If you look at the photo below, you can see how the cake stand is put together.

Wood Cake Stand with English Pots

What You Need to Make This Craft

You can decide what size cake plate you want to make. Most of these wood materials come in all sizes so just decide what you want and make it! For a listing of lots of wood materials and sizes, click here.

one – gather your materials, as listed above

two – this is the order of the cake plate – 5″ circle on bottom (right side up), candlestick (right side up), 4″ circle (upside down), top wood circle

three – stack the pieces and with a ruler, draw circles to line them up on the piece below

four – glue the 5″ piece to the candlestick and glue the 4″ piece on top.

five – string some of the wooden beads and measure them to fit around the bottom edge of the candlestick

six – once you have the right number of beads, string one side of the wire through the next bead and pull tightly

seven – lift up the round wooden beads and apply some of the wood glue then press and hold until adhered

eight – attach the base to the top piece with the wood glue

nine – add beading around all edges, for a total of three

ten – once the beads are dry, pull out the wire and then get ready to paint

eleven – apply paint thinly to all areas on the cake stand (if it’s too think, just wipe it off)

twelve – once dried, cover with polycrylic protective finish

Cake Stand DIY

This is what your cake plate should look like! Doesn’t this just look amazing?

Wooden Cake Stand

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I love that the same cake stand looks so different in so many places in our home.

Wood Cake Stand for Decor

I can’t even imagine how great this will look with a gray stain or even painted a fun color! Pink perhaps??

Frequently Asked Questions

What are other uses for a cake stand?

A cake stand, originally known as a salver, was made to hold a cake (duh), but some of us rarely use them for cakes. I use them for desserts, muffins, and all desserts. I also use my cake stands as a decor item and you can find many of them throughout our home with lots of wonderful items stored on top.

This cake stand is a one of a kind and I am so happy how it turned out. It turned out better than I expected.

How to Make a Wooden Cake Stand

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How to Make a Wood Cake Stand

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33 Responses

  1. I got my original from Magnolia too, seeing your craft cake stand has sparked on idea. What about a chalky black or grey finish. This girl is headed to the craft store😊

      1. Your cake stand is beautiful! I am planning on making it and the directions are so.easy to follow. But, what color of paint did you use? That was the only thing missing in the directions. And the color is beautiful!!
        Thanks for your help!
        Diane Pretak

  2. You, my dear, are a genius! This is my favorite diy yet! So clever that even I can pull this off, lol. Thank you so much for this. I am ordering my supplies today!

  3. I will definitely be making one of these (at least). Even a mini version would be amazing! Thanks for sharing!

    1. I am so happy you like this post Tammy. When yours is finished, post a picture to Instagram and tag me!

  4. I couldn’t find or see a link for the type of white paint you used- could you let us know? Thank you.

    1. Teddee, you can totally make this craft! When yours is finished, post it on Instagram and tag me and I will share it!

  5. Question..
    For the paint and finish, do you use a special type for putting food products on?
    I love this and would love to make one. My only concern is placing food directly on it.

    1. If you are concerned about placing food directly onto the cake stand, I would just put a piece of parchment paper down!

  6. You are so very talented. I think this is one of the cutest cake plates. It looks so easy. I want to find the time to make a couple for presents. If I start now maybe I will finish them in time for the end of the year. Love all your beautiful posts.

    1. Oh my gosh Mary, thank you so much! This is really a pretty easy craft, they would make wonderful gifts!

    1. All of the supplies are listed in the post Sally with a link to the items for purchase from Amazon. Go to the section entitled “Links to the Items Shown in This Post” Have fun making yours!

  7. Leslie,
    What a charming and creative idea! I love the look and will definitely be making one.
    Thanks for all of your great ideas❤️

    1. I am so happy that you enjoyed this post Anne! When yours is done, post it on Instagram and tag me!

    1. I am so glad that you are going to make one Laura! When yours is finished, post it to Instagram and tag me! I can’t wait to see how yours turns out!

  8. This gorgeous cake stand is beyond amazing. I am thinking of words like fantastic, breathtaking, outstanding, and end with, I gotta have one or two. I other words, you nailed this. Thank you for sharing

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