A Wonderful Day and a Beaded Chandelier

We went to the Sunday antique market at Carpentras and it was a wonderful day! I also picked up my beaded chandelier. It’s gorgeous!

Why was it such a wonderful day? First off, I loved the Carpentras flea market and it was my favorite in Provence by far. I was even able to pick up the beaded chandelier I bought from the owner of the antique store. Isn’t it amazing? I absolutely love it.

The Provence Flea Market
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Another Chandelier Purchase at an Unbelievable Price!

The Provence Flea Market

We arrived at Carpentras at about 9 am and I immediately took off on a brisk walk through the entire flea market. I like to do this at every flea market just in case I see something that I absolutely love. Or need. Or want to buy!

I happened to see this chandelier and I thought it would look great near the beaded chandelier I bought yesterday. But I doubted I would want to pay the price.

I asked for a price but as usual, I had no idea what the vendor said when he answered in French. Fortunately, a nice man nearby translated it for me and said, “€30”.

Wait, what?

€30 is like $32.00. Yes, that is thirty-two-US-dollars! The vendor nodded so I checked the chandelier again to make sure it was vintage (although I knew it was) and paid him immediately.

And then I walked away with the biggest grin on my face! How had I just bought a vintage chandelier for €30 that is beautiful and incredible? Within seconds I knew exactly where both these chandeliers would hang. The smaller one will go in our beach house in the foyer of our primary bedroom and the larger one will hang on the ceiling of the primary bedroom.

Wow. That was a great find. The best of the trip for sure!

While I found some incredible chandeliers and unbelievable prices, I also found some for you to check out!

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After that purchase, I walked around the flea market a few more times and just had fun.

A Wonderful Day in Provence

There were a lot of booths with some great merchandise. I saw a lot of dishes, art, linens, and furniture. And compared to prices at the flea markets at home, these prices were better.

A Wonderful Day in Provence

Here were some of my favorite items I saw. The pretty blue plates/bowls were actually purchased by another gal on our trip!

What I Bought at the Flea Market

Of course, I did manage to find a few more things.

The Provence Flea Market

I bought three sets of linen and cotton shams. Two are Euro size and the all-white one is regular pillow size. They were €10 a pair which was a great price. Right?

The linen apron is so soft and the vendor gave it to me as a gift.

Below you can see I bought some handkerchiefs for my boys (with their initials and a lovely tablecloth. I love the dots along the edge! I also found some sage colored lace (for the bags I am going to make). If you don’t know what I am referring to then see yesterday’s blog post.

I found two more green mason jars. These two are really old.

The Provence Flea Market

And I bought some chandelier pieces. These all have the small flower crystal which I love. In previous years I have decorated an entire Christmas tree with crystal chandelier pieces. I just might be doing that again this year!

The Provence Flea Market

Lunch in Fontaine-de-Vaucluse

A Wonderful Day in Provence

After a few hours at the flea market, we took off for a wonderful lunch at this restaurant. We sat on the patio and enjoyed a cooler day!

That reminds me, this week has been unseasonably warm and even though it has been hot, it hasn’t been terrible. Just so you know, next week the temps will be in the low to mid-eighties.

We wandered a bit around town and I took some wonderful photos.

A Wonderful Day in Provence

Isn’t this building incredible?

A Wonderful Day in Provence

As you can see from my posts this week, we have done a TON of walking. Below are my must-haves for any walking/shopping trip.

I did want to mention that you all have bought a ton of pairs of the Vionics shoes since we featured them on the blog a few days ago. If you aren’t familiar with them, they are amazing and the white ones are 25% off.

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A Stop in Roussillon

A Wonderful Day in Provence

We stopped on the way home in Roussillon which is located in the heart of one of the biggest ochre deposits in the world. The town is famous for its amazing red cliffs and ochre quarries.

The red and orange shades of the earth are a huge contrast to the lush green pine trees located throughout the city. The vivid blue of the Provencal sky and the exceptional quality of light make this a magical town.

A Wonderful Day in Provence

The colors in these photos are amazing.

A Wonderful Day in Provence

Lastly, I took this photo because I was thinking that we might want to use a metal screen like this at the beach house Hmmm … You know me, I am always thinking.

A Wonderful Day in Provence
The Provence Flea Market

I forgot to mention how much this chandelier cost. It was slightly more than $320 which was one of the prices I mentioned on my Instagram. What an incredible price for a chandelier of this quality.

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A Wonderful Day and a Beaded Chandelier

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  1. Beautiful items!!! How do you get these back to the states? By what shipping method? Or do you somehow get them on the plane? Thank you, Julie

  2. Beautiful finds at great prices! I’m enjoying following your travels through Provence. What an adventure! I’m inspired to plan a trip. It’s on my bucket list to travel around France!

  3. Leslie—I am loving traveling with you! I appreciate the details you are sharing, the photos, the shops, prices, meals, all of it! The chandelier is amazing and the antique linens are a treasure. I can’t wait to see where we go next!

  4. Leslie, I spent a year in France in college. The college town was Aix-en-Provence. If possible, I highly recommend a visit. It’s stunning! So, your trip to the south of France has been so fun seeing the area again. Hopefully, some day, I can get back there and check out all the flea markets! Thanks for sharing your wonderful trip.

  5. Mary
    I love receiving your posts in my email every day. I had a question on the shipping costs of the 2 chandeliers you purchased and from your experience how long does it take
    to arrive? I loved Provence and Paris when my husband and I went there 4 years ago. Provence is such a magical place! I always read about people bringing items home
    from Paris that they have boughten at flea markets. Is the cost of the item plus shipping and then trying to resell worth it .

  6. What an awesome experience and the items you found were super special! We will all be watching and waiting to see where you put each of these gorgeous items, especially the chandeliers! May you treasure the memories always!

  7. I have hung the crystals in my windows since the movie Pollyanna (1960 Haley Mills).
    They make beautiful rain owe when the sun hits them. Really brightens a room during our long winter days. Check out the kids movie and hang some leftovers!

  8. This antic piece of beaded chandelier reminds me of royal time when palaces used to have this type of chandelier. Can we use this type of chandelier in our restaurants as a show of attraction?

    1. I love a beaded chandelier and use them in the expected and unexpected places! Restaurants, yes!

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