A Big Birthday Week and Sunday Morning Coffee

We are enjoying a fun-filled weekend at our Ventura beach house to celebrate a birthday week for me and my dear friend Robin. We were born one day apart!

There’s nothing like celebrating a special occasion with your closest friends at the beach. The weekend was a perfect blend of relaxation, adventure, and celebration, creating memories that will last a lifetime. Thanks for joining me for Sunday Morning Coffee, a place to share, learn, explain, dream, and have fun.

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About Me – A Fun Birthday Weekend at Our Ventura Beach House

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We arrived at the beach house on a sunny Friday afternoon. The weather was not so perfect, as we were in a phase of May gray and June Gloom, but that didn’t stop us from having a fabulous time. Our home is perfect for eight of us, and I spent all last weekend cleaning, organizing, and stocking our beverage refrigerator for guests! We were ready for a fun and relaxing weekend when we stepped inside!

Everyone chose their rooms, and I gifted everyone a fun beach bag with suntan lotion and some beach flip-flops. Within no time, our house, overlooking the ocean, quickly became our favorite spot to relax and enjoy the view.

Birthday Week

A group of eight people sitting around a table enjoying food and drinks at a casual indoor restaurant.

Our first evening was all about unwinding and soaking in the beach vibes. We enjoyed dinner at Model Citizen, one of our favorite restaurants. It’s a fantastic place for fantastic food and fun.

Day Two: Beach Day and Birthday Celebrations

A group of eight people smiling and seated around a dining table with plates of food and glasses of wine in a well-lit kitchen.

On Saturday, we woke up early to the sound of seagulls and the waves gently crashing on the shore. We decided to start our day with a hearty breakfast. Eggs, bacon, fresh fruit, and coffee gave us the energy for a day full of beach activities.

We spent most of the day enjoying the beach and our town, Pierpont. We also snuck in a bike ride. Some of us took long walks along the shore, collecting sea glass and enjoying the serene environment. Others enjoyed cocktails, while a few relaxed with a good book.

Birthday Dinner and Cake

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Dinner was a collaborative effort. The non-birthday girls planned a menu filled with our favorite dishes. We fired up the grill for a barbecue, cooking a feast of grilled shrimp, steak, and vegetable skewers. We set the dining table inside, and with the sound of the waves in the background, we enjoyed a delicious and leisurely dinner while staying warm inside. Hehe.

For dessert, we had a special birthday cake. It was a white cake with coconut filling decorated with edible paper pastry sheets that featured beach-themed designs. The cake was as delicious as beautiful, and some indulged in second helpings. You can learn how to make and decorate this cake here.


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I think we will feel nostalgic as we pack up today and prepare to leave. The weekend at the Ventura Beach house had been everything we hoped for. Except we would have loved to have had better weather.

It was a perfect blend of relaxation, celebration, and adventure, all shared with the best of friends.

Robin and I felt incredibly grateful for the love and effort everyone put into making our birthday celebration so memorable. The beach house provided the ideal setting for creating unforgettable memories. There’s something truly magical about being near the ocean, surrounded by friends, and celebrating life’s special moments.

My Latest Project

My Latest Project

Bright, modern kitchen with white cabinetry, a wooden dining table, bar stools, and pendant lighting, showcasing a clean, airy design.

These past two weeks have been all about the Ventura house.

I spent most of last weekend getting ready for our guests. Even though we have only been living in our house for a year since the remodel, it’s surprising how much work it can be.

I finally found a ladder for the bunk room, and I anticipated we might finally have someone sleep in the bunk beds. I bought it on Amazon, which was much simpler and less expensive than having one made!

I also added rattan magazine/book holders for each bunk. They are also from Amazon.

I also spent a lot of time cleaning the cushions and grill on the deck. But that’s okay, as we will be up there most of the summer enjoying the view.

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My Biggest NOT Challenge This Week

My big birthday (don’t ask how old I will be, know it is a big one) is next Saturday, and I was okay with Dave and me likely being at the beach again celebrating by ourselves.

It didn’t bother me, as birthdays aren’t much to celebrate as we age. Plus, we are celebrating my birthday this weekend, and I didn’t think we needed to do anything else.

Then my husband had a lovely idea and contacted our boys to see if they were free next weekend.

So, we are heading to Northern California next weekend to celebrate with the family!

I am so excited to see our boys, Charlotte and Ellie, Michael and Ellie’s new house, and my grandson! How wonderful is that!

This week's to do list.
  • Get over the fact I am getting older this week.
  • Finish three new collaborations with some inspiring products I cannot wait to share.
  • Organize my closet. (I am still down 17 lbs. it’s time to thin out my wardrobe!)

You have heard of a Murphy Bed, but what about A Murphy Bar?

This Hydrangea Cake is out of this world. Wow!

It’s been a fun week, and I hope you loved the ideas I shared this past week. These included my favorite Amazon summer decor ideas, ideas to add color to a bedroom, and how to make a ladder chandelier. I also shared my favorite DIY magnolia wreath, eco-friendly ideas for your home, and a new summer cake idea!

Martha shared a great blog post about Planting Tomatoes. It’s not too late to get started!

We have a fun week ahead planned with lots of summer ideas. I share my favorite summer faux flowers, mocktails, and Father’s Day gift ideas. I also can’t wait to show you how to make my famous fresh flower chandeliers, a new strawberry dessert, and some summer decor ideas.

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