How I Found the Best Appliances for Our Waco Kitchen Remodel

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I am excited today to share with you how I found the best appliances for our Waco home kitchen remodel. I searched for great looking appliances that were excellent quality at an affordable price and found them at ZLINE. I am thrilled I found ZLINE and the oven of my dreams!

the best kitchen appliances

This post is sponsored by ZLINE. It may contain affiliate links but all words, reviews, and opinions are mine.

When I remodeled our kitchen in the Waco home, I was determined to find great looking appliances that were great quality at an affordable price.

The search was really hard because I found a lot of great looking appliances but they were not affordable.

That was until I discovered ZLINE appliances.

My first purchase was a ZLINE range. I found the highly rated ZLINE 36” Dual Fuel- Gas Range/Electric Oven (RA36) with a white door and instantly fell in love. (I am a cook and could never settle for less than the best. I also feel inclined to mention that I think I have the coolest oven ever in our Waco Airbnb.) 

Zline range

Why You Should Buy a ZLINE Range

On average, ZLINE Ranges are 50-60% less expensive compared to similar products on the market. ZLINE brings the best quality-to-price ratio in the industry. I didn’t have a huge budget for appliances and was thrilled to find a gorgeous convection range that offered so many great features.

All ZLINE ranges use handcrafted Italian burners, which are some of the highest quality on the market and imported directly from Italy.

The single-piece porcelain top is durable and easy to clean.

All of the ZLINE hinges are designed to stay put and imported from Italy with a fluid and stable weighted action.

Their ovens are all triple-layer glass, built to insulate, and increasing efficiency and keeping the kitchen cool.

And finally, their ovens just look amazing. And they look very expensive (but they are not).

best white range

Originally I was going to order the ZLINE stainless steel gas range. But then I found the colored door options in red, blue, white and black matte and my dream came true! I have always wanted a range with a white door but I could never afford the price. At last, I was going to own one!

zline range closeup

This. is a 36″ ZLINE Electric Convection Oven featuring an ultra-deep 4.6 cu.ft. oven, dual lighting, and a triple glass window. 

I have always told my husband that the nicer the oven, the better the taste of the food! And I promise the food that comes out of this oven is amazing.

waco range and vent hood

Next, I shopped for a range hood. I didn’t have a lot of ideas about what I wanted, other than a range hood that was white. 

I discovered the Zline handcrafted designed wood range hoods that provide an impressive, aesthetic look to your home, excellent ventilation, and additional kitchen lighting. 

I selected the ZLINE Designer Wood KBTT hood and absolutely love it.

best kitchen appliances

Why You Need a ZLINE Range Hood

The fans in the ZLINE hoods are designed to be extremely powerful yet silent at the same time. At the highest setting, the decibel level gets no higher than a relaxed conversation between two people. 

ZLINE’s designer hoods are made of the finest quality wood and finished to prevent corrosion and stand the test of time. 

The designer series hoods are built to last and come with a 3-year warranty. ZLINE stands by their craftsmanship, quality and the longevity of their wooden hoods, guaranteed.

ZLINE hoods are made to be durable and feature high-quality stainless steel baffles that are easily removed and dishwasher safe. 

zline white range

I think this style of hood goes perfectly with my shiplap. And just so you know, I found some vintage ceiling tiles that I am going to install behind the range to protect the shiplap.

I absolutely love the look of my ZLINE range and wooden range hood.

waco appliances kitchen  

Finally, I ordered a ZLINE dishwasher, model #DW7713-24.

I am excited today to share with you how I selected appliances for our Waco home kitchen remodel. I searched for great looking appliances that were excellent quality at an affordable price and found them at ZLINE. I thrilled I found ZLINE and the oven of my dreams!

Why You Need a Zline Dishwasher

ZLINE Dishwashers come panel ready, allowing you to customize its look to match your kitchen.

At only 44 decibels of sound on the highest setting, ZLINE dishwashers will let your kitchen tasks continue in peace.

The control panel is placed at the top of the appliance door for ease of use and for a sleek, concealed look.

Waco Kitchen
I am excited today to share with you how I selected appliances for our Waco home kitchen remodel. I searched for great looking appliances that were excellent quality at an affordable price and found them at ZLINE. I thrilled I found ZLINE and the oven of my dreams!

If you are looking for appliances that are great quality, attractive, and affordable then you should check out ZLINE appliances

I love their appliances and am thrilled to have them in our Waco Airbnb home.

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Tips to Finding the Best Appliances

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  1. I’ve been slowly remodeling my kitchen for about a year and a half. Problems with contractors and now the virus. I too found Zline late last year and finally got it installed about a month ago. It cooks incredibly well and so different from any stove I’ve ever had. It cooks so evenly and quickly. I was wondering if you had a problem I have with certain cooking liquids on the porcelain make dull spots that not matter what don’t go away. I like things to look clean and perfect and the spots drive me crazy. Have you had this happen to you and if so what did you do? Or do I just have to put up with the spots?

    1. O wow, I have not ran into this issue yet, but I have found there customer service to be responsive, so you possibly give them a call and pick their brains about what to do. Good luck!

  2. I’m looking at purchasing this same range. What color did you paint your cabinets? I’m scared that the range may not match my cabinets, but yours look great!

  3. Hi there! I’ve been looking all over to find out the shade of white of the Z-line appliance you have installed in your lovely home – the closest showroom is 5 hours away. We are considering the same matte-white Z-line range, however, we are not sure if it will match the white our cabinets are painted. We are getting our cabinets from Cliq Studios in “white,” which is a neutral (not bright/cool and a little on the softer side – but still white – not ivory – it works with our Dover White trim). Do you think the white of the Z-line appliances would match our cabinets? Thanks!

    1. I would say so, the cabinets in my home are also a little bit on the softer side of white. I would think it would work!

      1. Gorgeous kitchen! Your cabinetry color is a great match with the matte white range… What color are they? Mine are white dove by Benjamin Moore and I’m wondering if the matte white will go.


  4. Hi Leslie,
    I haven’t written for a while, but was looking to see what range is in your Pasadena Home and stumbled upon the info on your appliances in Waco. I too, just this month came across Zline. I’ve scoured their site, and called around like crazy. I wanted to see one in person…to no avail. So, I have been reading all the reviews I can find on these ranges. I have actually been really turned away from this brand, because of all the horrible issues people are having, and that appliance repair guys won’t work on them. I love the look of their ranges, but I can’t afford to get a lemon brand. Please let me know about your range in Pasadena, I want to compare features. (also, do you LOVE it?) I can’t afford La Conche, or Blue Star, and I read bad reviews on Hallman too, so I am desperately searching for something pretty and reliable (and white). Thank you VERY much!! Kathy in O.C.

  5. Beautiful kitchen! I am looking at the zline range in matte white but it seems they don’t make a refrigerator in that color. What type of refrigerator do you have and are the white finishes similar?

  6. I absolutely love your white appliances. So glad I saw this before I purchased new ones for my kitchen. I was happy to see that both Whirlpool and GE have dishwashers and stoves with white doors.

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