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It’s been a busy and rainy week but I have made a lot of progress on my home projects. I can’t believe it’s already February! Can you?

Thanks for joining me for Sunday Morning Coffee. I have so much to share and I am very excited for this next week.

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Valentine's Day Breakfast Place Setting Ideas

February is a fun month in our family. Our oldest son Andrew and my sister both have Valentine’s Day birthdays.

Also, two of our kids are taking vacations whereas we hope to spend as much time in Ventura this month as we can. That’s my idea of a perfect vacation.

I have no idea what to expect with the weather. We had a weekend in Ventura in January and it was 82 degrees. Of course, we also had lots of cold weather (at least it’s cool for us living in sunny California) and rain too.

Apparently we are supposed to get seven inches of rain in the next three days. Yikes!

The really good news is that I am back on my bike and loving bike rides in Ventura and Pasadena. I much prefer riding in Ventura as the bike path runs along the coast and it’s gorgeous. I am still trying to find a route with bike lanes in Pasadena so if any of you know of any good bike rides in the area I would love to know!

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My Latest Project

My Latest Project(s)

The Primary Bedroom

The mini restyling project in our Primary bedroom.

I made a lot of progress this week on my home projects!

Our primary bedroom is done with a small refresh and yet, it feels as if we have an entirely new bedroom.

Here is the before and after. As you can see the changes aren’t drastic but it sure feels different. Over the past month, we got a new bedframe and headboard, side tables, and lamps. I also moved the furniture around by relocating the two reading chairs by the fireplace. That makes more sense. The rug is an Amazon find from last year.

Even though the bed looks smaller in the before photo, it’s the same mattress.

The Weight Room

Our Carriage House before it becomes a weight room

The soon-to-be weight room in the Carriage House is ready for the equipment to be moved in. As you can see, the old concrete floor has been covered with a mat floor and it looks so much better!

Our Carriage House before it becomes a weight room

I hope to get everything moved in here early next week so we can start using our new weight equipment. I still need to order a mirror and another TV and get the wall heater/AC repaired.

And of course, I have to clean the new floor!

The Kitchen Garden

I haven’t made any progress with gardening. I still have a small splint on my finger and am not ready for that much movement and can’t quite get a garden glove on my left hand! Plus we have had so much rain that it’s not the best idea right now.

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My Biggest Challenge This Week

A bedroom makeover from two queens to a king and how to make the room well suited for guests.

I finally realized something.

Clutter causes me stress.

In the last few months, I have redone two bedrooms, cleaned out four closets, reorganized the entire third floor, held a sale to get rid of tons of stuff we didn’t need, cleaned out the Carriage House, moved the weight room, and started organizing a new upstairs room (with a crib)!

I made a promise to myself that I would take the time to de-clutter every day.

I even have a list of about 15 projects on my phone. Some are big and some will take about ten minutes.

My next project?

My spice cabinet.

This week's to do list.
  • Move the weight room equipment to the Carriage House and finish the assembly of new equipment.
  • Finish the last two Valentine’s crafts and recipes.
  • Make garden soil and fill each raised vegetable bed with one foot of additional soil.

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