Lessons from My Mom and Sunday Morning Coffee

Happy Mother’s Day! As I celebrate the memory of my mother today, I can’t help but reflect on the lessons my mother taught me.

My mother is no longer here to celebrate with me, but I am thrilled to celebrate her memory with my family. My life has been an incredible journey filled with women who have inspired me. This picture is one of my favorites: my two sisters, my two sisters-in-law, and me! These four “sisters” of mine are the best moms and aunts!

Five smiling women in elegant dresses pose together holding a bouquet, standing under a tree with dappled sunlight.
My sister-in-law Aileen, sisters Jeni and Susie, me, and my sister-in-law Shellie.
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Our family celebrating outdoors, holding shiny "30" balloons in a garden, smiling and posing for a photo.

I am so grateful to my mother for her love and guidance. She was a stay-at-home mom who raised five children, drove a car big enough for all of us, and set up homes across the country as we moved frequently (aka every two to three years) in support of my father’s Air Force career.

My mom and me on my wedding day almost 38 years ago!

My mom made a mean casserole and patiently taught me how to cook. She taught me how to sew, supported my crafting shenanigans (and there were so many!), and was kind, thoughtful, and nurturing.

Yes, my mom taught me how to sew and understand patterns, and many years later, I made this wedding gown. I love how it turned out.

My childhood shaped who I am. My mother (and especially my father) had high expectations for me and my siblings. She also had the utmost faith that we could achieve or exceed those expectations. 

My mom was our greatest cheerleader. Some of the things my mother taught me were how to work hard with dedication and perseverance, how to be part of a team, and also how to lead. As a mother, I have taken the best of how my mother parented me and my siblings and given that to my children.

So many incredible women in our world mentor and inspire others. I have had several women, my mother being one, who have inspired me in many ways.

The black and white photo above shows my sisters and sisters-in-law, who are all the best moms I know!

My daughter-in-law Charlotte and my Grandson Graham.

Of course, My daughter-in-law Charlotte is amazing and the best mother ever!

To all of the moms out there, and to all of you honoring your mothers or the memories of your mom, I hope you will enjoy today by sharing lots of stories and memories with the ones you love.

My Latest Project

My Latest Project

Our new weight room in the Carriage House.

Okay. I am going to get a bit personal here.

Most of you know I have been working very hard this year, focusing on a healthy lifestyle. We converted the Carriage House to a weight room. I work out weekly with a trainer and have been dieting for six weeks.

I started a diet plan including a very high-protein and low-carb diet, B-12 injections, and a workout plan.

And it’s working. I lost 10.4 lbs. in the first month. Wish me luck!

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My Biggest Challenge This Week

A lush garden featuring raised beds filled with assorted plants and vegetables, framed by a black metal arch, in a sunny outdoor setting.

My kitchen garden is going crazy! I was lamenting that I didn’t think my zucchini was growing, and I missed all those lying in the soil. Now I have eight of them, and they are huge! I will make lots of zucchini bread this weekend for the family and Graham, as they will be here next week.

A large zucchini growing among green plants in a garden.

The photos below show the crazy tomatoes, cauliflower, and pea pods growing like crazy!

I never imagined the harvest would be this good. I have to go out every day to harvest.

This week's to do list.
  • Get ready for another family visit this week for a golf tournament and Charlotte’s 30th birthday!
  • Prepare for a really big surprise I will be sharing with you late this week!

Spark your child’s imagination with 11 Dreamy Playhouse Ideas. Some day, we will do this!

What do you think of Black Interior Trim and Windows? I gotta say that I love them.

I sure do love this How to Make a Paper Rosette Wreath.

What a fun week this was! I shared two posts about weddings, including one in our backyard and how to make affordable wedding flowers. I also shared fun posts about tea bags, open-concept designs, and a new spring table. Lastly, I shared the pillow I made for our beach house.

We are getting ready for summer next week on the blog! I have a fun and easy cake to share, many remodeling mishap stories, and ways to prepare your backyard for summer. We also host a couples wine dinner, wish our kitchen a 24th birthday, and share a new spring table.

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My two sisters, two sisters-in-law, and me at my sister's wedding.

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  1. Beautiful pictures and I hope you had a wonderful Mother’s Day! Your wedding dress is beautiful and maybe you wll have a granddaughter one day that will wear it:))

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