A Week in Ventura Beach and Sunday Morning Coffee


Last week, I enjoyed spending four days at our Ventura Beach home, where I tackled a series of projects to refresh our beloved home.

From sprucing up the kitchen and living area to building a coffee table and organizing closets, each task aimed to revitalize our Ventura getaway. It was so much fun. Thanks for joining me today for Sunday Morning Coffee. I have lots to share!

Interior of a coastal living room with a fireplace, abstract art above, wicker baskets, and a view of the ocean through a large window.
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Bright, modern living room with a dining area, featuring a wooden table, white chairs, a fireplace, and a large screen displaying art.

Giving the Living Area and Kitchen a Makeover

Bright, open-plan kitchen and living room with white decor, wooden dining table, rattan chairs, and modern appliances.

The living area and kitchen are the heart of our Ventura home, so I started by rearranging furniture to create cozy spaces for relaxation and conversation.

With a palette inspired by the beach, I added white and tan neutrals to evoke a tranquil coastal vibe. In the kitchen, a few updated accessories updated accessories transformed the space into a breezy oasis for culinary adventures.

Capturing Memories with New Photos

With the sun casting its golden light, I took the opportunity to capture the beauty of our beach house through fresh photographs. From stunning ocean views to inviting corners bathed in sunlight, each image reflected the timeless charm of our coastal retreat.

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Creating a Relaxing Spot in the Primary Bedroom

Bright living room with two white armchairs, a glass coffee table, and a large window overlooking the ocean.

For months, I have struggled with the furniture arrangement in our primary bedroom. Why?

The layout didn’t work. We had a bed and two lovely chairs facing the ocean to enjoy the views. It never felt welcoming and comfortable.

The primary suite with two a floral duvet and two chairs facing large windows with a view of the ocean.
Primary Bedroom BEFORE (I also changed the duvet cover!)

So I swiveled the chairs to face the bed and added a coffee table. Now we have an area to visit and enjoy. And if we want to look at the ocean, we can swivel the chairs to face the water.

I bought and assembled a new Everson Pottery Barn coffee table to enhance the sense of gathering.

Bright, modern living room with two white armchairs, a glass coffee table, and large windows overlooking a beach and ocean.

Adorned with neutral-inspired decor, this area is now the perfect spot for enjoying morning coffee or unwinding in the evening.

Decluttering Closets for Serenity

I tackled a few closets to promote calm and order, clearing clutter and organizing belongings. With each item finding its place, our closets became havens of harmony and peace.

Embracing Renewal and Relaxation

As the week ended, I felt satisfied knowing our beach house had been refreshed and revitalized. With its new look and organized spaces, it remains a cherished sanctuary where we can unwind and reconnect with the coast’s beauty.

My Latest Project

My Latest Project

Modern living room with a glass coffee table, white sofa, and large windows showing neighboring houses.

As mentioned above, I ordered a new coffee table for our primary bedroom at the beach.

When I ordered the Everson Pottery Barn coffee table for the primary bedroom at the beach house, Pottery Born quoted me a five to six month delivery window. Yikes!

I almost canceled it but decided not to. I had recently ordered the Everson bar cart from Pottery Barn, and even though the shipping quote was four months, it arrived in six weeks.

Imagine being surprised when the coffee table was also delivered in six weeks.

Instead of six months.

How great is that?

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My Biggest Challenge This Week

Our family celebrating outdoors, holding shiny "30" balloons in a garden, smiling and posing for a photo.

After spending four days at home with our kids, grandson, daughter-in-law, and daughter-in-law-to-be, our house feels a bit too quiet.

This was part of why I headed for the beach for one night and stayed for four days!

A tranquil Ventura beach scene with gentle waves and a clear blue sky.

Fortunately, another trip is planned here in mid-May, so our family (except for Matt … sob) will be together again.

Until then, I think I will spend a lot of time in Ventura. The beach is a good place for the soul.

This week's to do list.
  • Make a new spring cake that I told all of you I was making a month ago.
  • Start the Abstract triptych painting for the beach house’s primary bedroom.

I love the decor in Putting the Brown in a Brownstone.

OMG. Tieghen at Half Baked Harvest does it again with this Hot Ranch Chicken and Bacon Sandwich.

This Mini Apple Tarts recipe from Sugar & Cloth looks divine!

My boys love Thousand Island Dressing on burritos and to dip with their french fries.

I am obsessed with his project – The Barn Turned “Kids Summer Clubhouse“.

What a fun week! I shared some fun changes to our back porch and the beach house. I also shared my favorite lemon cocktails, a fun DIY May basket, and ideas for Earth Day. Finally, you all loved my post about filming in your home!

Next week is about spring food, and I have many ideas to share. We start with a Small Bites Mother’s Day Brunch, my favorite Spring Pizza Night, and an update on my Kitchen Garden. I am finally sharing the new Spring Cake I promised to share for weeks, a new grill feature, amazing recipes, and a new Sprig Tablescape idea.

My Favorite Mother’s Day Gift Finds

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Modern beachfront living room with white sofas, a marble countertop, a fireplace, and ocean view visible through large windows.

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  1. A simple move of turning those 2 swivel chairs around & placing that glass coffee table in front was the magic trick! Such a charming & inviting look to your master suite now, good job. BTW Im getting that glass coffee table for my coastal living room here in Texas, thanks for the tip, Leslie.

  2. I think your corner in the master bedroom is so inviting now! I am sure you can still swivel the chairs around to look at the beautiful view toward the endearing beach and toward Weymouth Lane where I spent the first 20 years of my life. I love seeing this picture!! Thank you Leslie…Your friend Theresa

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