Easy Summer Magnolia Wreath DIY

Thirty minutes is all you need to make this easy summer magnolia wreath DIY. Join me to learn how you can make this yourself!

I know you cannot imagine I made this in 30 minutes! But it is true. I bought these faux magnolia flowers and attached them to a wire ring with floral tape. That is all I did. Now, don’t you think this magnolia wreath is wonderful?

Easy Summer Wreath DIY

Magnolia Wreath DIY

Summer Wreath DIY 4

I love to make wreaths. But last year I decided that I really love to make fast and easy wreaths. As long as they also looked really good.

I assume you all might agree. This magnolia wreath was so easy to make. It really did take me 30 minutes to make it from start to finish.

It also wasn’t expensive to make and it looks good just about anywhere I hang it in our home.

Summer Wreath DIY 3

I teamed up with seven other bloggers and we all shared our Summer Wreath DIY ideas. Be sure to scroll to the bottom to see their amazing wreaths!

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What You Need to Make a Magnolia Wreath

Summer Wreath DIY 1a

You don’t need much to make this wreath. I already owned the wreath ring (it’s 16″) and the floral tape. And I ordered two packages of magnolia flowers which arrived the next day. Also, I didn’t even have to cut the stems of the flowers.

How to Make a Magnolia Wreath

  • one – Slightly bend the stems of the magnolia flowers in a curve. Lay one magnolia flower on top of the metal ring and wrap floral tape around the stem and the wreath ring.
  • two – Wrap about three inches and lay the next flower on top and wrap again.
  • three – Continue adding flowers, in the same direction.
  • four – Leave a bit of space between the flowers as you continue around the ring.
  • five – Once you reach the end, add the last flower.
  • six – Wrap the floral tape on the last stem and wrap it around three times in the same place to secure.
Summer Wreath DIY 8a

You don’t need to add any additional floral tape as the base of the wreath doesn’t even show.

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Summer Wreath DIY 2

I added a pink satin bow to the top of the wreath and left some extra ribbon on top for hanging.

Easy Summer Wreath DIY

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A handmade white magnolia wreath hanging on a picket fence.

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  1. Leslie, Thank you for such great design inspiration! Your directions are clear and organized. I needed something special for my front door- and you just showed me how to make it. You are the best!

  2. Hello Leslie, I just log on …yes is 3:55am Friday morning up as I am in a lot pain in lower back , I over did it as I was preparing for trip to go see children and grandchildren….So I thought it best to sit up in chair..for a while. …I just love what you come up next in doing ,love love the magnolia wreath….you are a truly creative lady….so much talent.your style in what you do is is amazing….thanking you for sharing keep it coming I look forward to seeing your blog each time….all the way from Australia. Helen.

  3. Of course we are all about Magnolia over here at Magnolia Hill…so this was a delight and beautiful inspiration for me to get to work! Such a lovely wreath although I may be a bit partial to anything magnolia! Have a blessed week Leslie!

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