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Do you have plans for your home for Valentine’s Day? I decorate, craft, and bake, and can’t wait to share my Valentine’s Day plans with you.

Thanks for joining me for Sunday Morning coffee today! I have been busy making my Valentine’s Day plans and can’t wait to get started with my crafts. Plus I have some new desserts and of course some decor ideas too!

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Lucky me. I get to have surgery on my finger this week!

It seems like such a silly procedure but I have a cyst on my middle left finger and it has been bothering me for over six months. I finally asked my foot doctor if he knew what it was and he immediately diagnosed it.

Of course, he told me I had to see the hand doctor and I assumed it would be a simple procedure. But on Tuesday they need to cut open my finger and clean up the joint to solve the problem and it’s a lot more involved than I ever imagined.

Lucky me. Aargh.

The only inconvenience is using a keyboard for the next week. So if you see any typos please know they were likely made with my left hand!

Valentine’s Day

Pink tulips in a vintage compote, glass apothecary jars filled with red and purple striped straws, candys, pink, red and white felt hearts and valentine colored glitter tubes. Scrabble tiles spelling LOVE

Meanwhile, I will start sharing my Valentine’s Day content tomorrow! Valentine’s Day is only a month away and I have so many fun decor items, party ideas, recipes, and crafts to share.

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My Latest Project

My Latest Project

I mentioned last week that we had a big sale and pretty much sold out in the first hour. Over the years I accumulated a lot of things for our home and it finally came time to get rid of some things.

More like a lot of things.

The Carriage House was full of things and I needed to clear it out since we are turning the Carriage House into a workout room.

This is our current workout room and it’s too small.

But it would make an adorable room for grandkids, right?

Here is the Carriage House after the sale but as you can see, I still have some work to do! I need to get creative with our storage space in the house. But I am getting there!

The Carriage House shortly after the big sale. It still needs lots of cleaning.

The gym flooring arrives this week and the additional equipment is on its way. I am so excited to move to this new location and share this journey.

There will be some surprises!

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My Biggest Challenge This Week

You might have thought having surgery on my finger was going to be my biggest challenge.

But no!

Two months ago I fell down the basement stairs. Note to self, don’t ever walk down the stairs carrying a carpet cleaner machine in one hand and a gallon of cleaner in the other …

My ankle still hasn’t healed and I finally had an MRI. The results came back and the good news is … no surgery! But I will be wearing this boot for a few weeks (or months), taking a few steroids, and doing physical therapy.

Let’s hope this will be the end of constant pain!

And the return to matching shoes.

This week's to do list.
  • Finish emptying the Carriage House
  • Start Valentine’s Day Craft projects
  • Head to Northern California to visit our kids and grandson

Have you seen the new IKEA Catalog Collection for 2024? It’s out! And look at this nursery!

My friend KariAnne from Thistlewood shared 21 Kitchen Organizing Tips. I love these!

You gotta love The Inspired Room’s photos from their Kitchen Before and After (with photos of the kitchen and dining room swap!)

Such a fun week of celebrating the New Year! I shared our remodeled bedroom and new decor in the living room. I also shared my favorite Pear Bread Recipe and how to remodel a coffee table. And we can’t forget my one-minute wreath and the new additions to the beach house!

This week I will be sharing my Valentine’s Day ideas and we have cookies, apothecary jars, a beautiful table, and two crafts. I cannot wait!

More January Finds

I shared winter decor ideas for a pink and green palette. Here is one for blue!

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Aren’t these items wonderful too?

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Making plans for Valentine's Day to bake, craft, and decorate.

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  1. Your ideas are always inspiring and I am enjoying your book so much! My friends and I in NC talk about you like we know you! Prayers that your hand surgery goes well.

  2. I am so excited that you are sharing your new project in a room we haven’t really seen much of yet. You’re home is so lovely! Can’t wait see what you do with the space. Praying for quick healing for you with both your hand and your foot!

  3. Yes, prayers like so many of your followers are sending you right now. Please have a successful surgery tomorrow and heal fast, we all may need that finger in the future🩵

  4. I’m feeling your discomfort! Having numbness in my thumb, index finger and middle finger tips, afraid maybe same issue. Calling my doctor tomorrow. Good luck for speedy recovery!!

  5. Healing prayers for quick recovery on your finger and also your foot…take it easy and take your time doing projects your work and talent is so amazing so rest up so you can be strong as ever after recuperating…take care

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