Why I Gave Up Desserts 8 Years Ago and Sunday Morning Coffee

Many of you are aware that eight years ago I decided to give up desserts. It’s been a long journey and frustrating at times, but it’s been good.

Today I am going to share why I made this personal decision to give up desserts. Thanks for joining me today for Sunday Morning Coffee as I have so much more to share, including another new house project!

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A few days ago I shared some new healthy recipes for flavored coffee creamers. I loved writing this post because it felt as if I was getting rid of my last bad habit.

And wow, the response was incredible. In the post, and on social media, I mentioned that I gave up desserts eight years ago.

I received a lot of comments and some were questioning why I was so harsh to give up desserts.

I didn’t just give them up on a whim.

There is a story and here it is.

Berry Pie Recipes
Apple Pie

It was a summer evening eight years ago and my son Michael was enjoying dinner with us on the back patio. He had been sick and complained of a lump on his neck.

We didn’t think much of it but I strongly encouraged him to get it checked out.

He ended up needing a biopsy and the results came back with lymphoma.

To say this rocked our world was an understatement. Oddly, the doctor needed to do another biopsy to send the results to a different lab. And then another lab.

Homemade apple rose tartlets with caramel.
Rose Caramel Apple Tartlet

About four days into it, I decided to give up desserts. I am not sure why I did it but I just felt like I had to give up something to support my son. To be honest, I was praying that I could have cancer and not my son.

And so we waited and did some research on finding oncologists in the area.

And then we got the phone call.

Two biopsies and four labs later, they were 100% sure my son had been misdiagnosed. He did not have cancer. He had mononucleosis.

So, we were one of the lucky ones. And, because of that, I decided that maybe there was a reason I had to continue not eating desserts for a long time.

macaron recipe
The Best Macaron Cookies

Eight years later I still don’t eat them.

As a mom, it’s something I did for my son, and it just felt right to keep doing it.

Some day that may change, but for now I am good with it.

My Latest Project

My Latest Project


I have a new project this week.

Now that the new weight room is all set in the Carriage House, the old weight room needs to be reconfigured.

And where was our old weight room located? In the Sleeping Porch on the 2nd floor.

I am not exactly sure what to do with it.

We need a place for grandkids to stay so it will need to have a crib.

All I have done so far is add a rug (which I love!) a table and a portable crib.


We don’t need another bedroom.

Any ideas?

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My Biggest Challenge This Week

I have a new obsession and it’s kind of a good thing. But then it might not be.


Just so you know, I have always loved to read.

Last year, I read 224 books. On my Kindle of course.

But this year I have noticed that the minute I have a free second, I want to read. When I am in my car, I also want to listen to an audiobook.

And of course every night I read in bed before I fall asleep (it actually helps me fall asleep).

Is there such a thing as reading too much?

A few of my recently read and liked books:

This week's to do list.
  • Start the kitchen garden project by adding 90 cubic feet of new soil. So much work!
  • Head to the beach for some R&R.

Since I am always trying to do this, read How to Make Your Favorite Coffee Shop Drinks at Home.

This was an interesting read titled 4 Things People with Clean Homes All Have in Common.

One of my favorite appetizers is French Onion Soup Bread. Here is a recipe for French Onion Soup.

I shared so many fun items last week. Glassware and florals for Valentine’s Day, our new weight room in the Carriage House, my healthy coffee creamer recipes, a soup and salad recipe, and ways to make your home a less stressful environment.

Tap on any link for more.

This week I am sharing how to make terracotta pots look vintage, my favorite spring florals, and lots of recipes that include, Meyer lemon cream pie, French onion soup toast, healthy Caesar salad, and new flower spring cookies. How fun is that?

My Favorite Finds

A coffee table in a white living room with a vase filled with roses and eucalyptus.

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This Week’s Top Sellers

We shared a lot of our favorite home items this week and here are the top sellers!


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Homemade macarons with cream centers.

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  1. Wow Leslie what a story. I get it and can understand why you gave up dessert. Thank goodness your son is okay. These are things mom’s do for their kids.

    Love the rug!

  2. I bet that was a great phone call to get – no cancer! I think you said you only ate gluten free but I could be wrong on that. If so, I would be interested in knowing what led you to the gluten free world.

    1. I explained why in this blogpost. I still enjoy to bake and very much like to share recipes (and the treats themselves) with others.

  3. I would keep the second floor sleeping porch as such, add a daybed or two matching daybeds. Then, put in some shelving for books, use the existing table as a ‘ library’ table. Now, you have an extra sleeping space for grandchildren, and a cozy snug for you to read in. Don’t forget lighting for when the sun is setting.


  4. I would love to end my sugar cravings. Did you take any special supplements to help? Also, might be a silly question, but did you cut out all sweets or just desserts? In addition to desserts I also enjoy treats!😊

  5. How about a library with a cozy reading nook – since you love to read. You could still use it as a playroom when needed. Although I’m sure you already have lots of comfy places to read, a library would be so cool!

  6. Hi Leslie! I know what its like to wish you could be the one who had cancer. I am so happy your son did not. Unfortunately, I wasn’t so lucky. I lost my 36 year old daughter to colon cancer a couple of years ago. I can understand why you never went back to eating desserts. I can so understand. Thank you for sharing.

    1. Oh Cheryl I’m so very sorry for your loss. I can’t imagine. Thanks so much for being here ❤️

  7. I’m so glad your son did not have cancer. Seems like the best reason to celebrate after all. You make so many beautiful celebratory desserts – I hope one day you will enjoy a bite or two yourself. Rejoice! ‘Life is short, eat dessert first’ and all that.

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