The New Year and Sunday Morning Coffee

The first week of the new year is in the books and if the rest of the year continues at this pace I am going to need a vacation soon!

It’s been so busy and my big sale was yesterday! But, I am so happy that my house is thinned out and more organized than I can ever remember. Isn’t that a great way to start the new year? It’s also Sunday Morning Coffee where we share, learn, explain, dream, and have fun. Let’s get started.

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I must say that the New Year started with a real bang. As many of you know, I finally hosted my estate sale yesterday and it was amazing.

I cannot believe how many people showed up and it was so great to see everyone. Before the sale started I was busy in the backyard and had no idea there were more than a hundred people lined up down our driveway and the street (to the next block). I almost screeched when I saw everyone. My heart was so happy!

As you can see, we had a lot of items for sale and I am proud that the prices were really good! I took this photo Friday night in the dark as I was trying to finish labeling everything.

The most asked question I received at the sale was “Are you moving?”.

And the answer is NO! I just needed to clear out a lot of the items I had accumulated.

The sale started at 9:00 am and by 10:00 we were cleaned out.

I stayed open until 2:00 but found myself apologizing to everyone who arrived later as there was so little left! I am so happy so many of my favorite items found good homes.

It’s the best feeling ever.

And … I needed to clear out the Carriage House because something different is happening in there soon!

See below what our plans are.

My Latest Project

My Latest Project

I love our Carriage House. Originally it was a storage space, then it was my art studio, then it was an entertaining space, and then another storage space.

I loved the entertaining room. It was gorgeous!

Summer Entertaining and a Farmhouse Dining Room

But we never used it.

And the storage space wasn’t too popular either.

Carriage House Before Photo

So my husband and son Matt talked me into changing the Carriage House into a workout room!

That’s right.

The Carriage House will be a frequently-used workout room and likely the only workout room with six hanging chandeliers.


I am very excited as I have been working out a lot and we do need the space. We already have a Pilates reformer, Peleton, and lots of new dumbells. Matt has planned out the space and we hope to start working on the space within a week.

Our new dumb bells waiting to move to the Carriage House.

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My Biggest Challenge This Week

The large picture window at our beach house with an amazing view of the ocean.

This is one of the easiest questions to answer.

By far my biggest challenge this week was coming home from the beach (which was a wonderful place to celebrate New Year’s), taking down our Christmas decorations, and getting ready for my sale.

OMG. It was a crazy week.

But I survived and I am so happy!

I wanted to let you know that I hired two guys from one of my favorite apps, TaskRabbit, who hauled all of my Christmas decor to the 3rd floor attic and then hauled the lockers, and some big cabinets downstairs for the sale. They also moved everything out of the Carriage House into the backyard.

Not to mention the fact that Matt and Dave helped me so much!

If you don’t use Task Rabbit you should look into it. It is amazing!

This week's to do list.
  • Get an MRI on my ankle (it still hasn’t healed from my fall down the basement steps in mid-November) on Monday
  • Decorate my house for the winter season. (I finally have a color palette!)

It’s not too late to shart the January Declutter Challenge!

If you are looking for a smooth and balanced espresso and milk drink, then you need to try a flat white.

Here are 13 Thrifty Decor Makeovers. {The Best of 2023}

Are you looking for a good recipe for Chick-fil-A Sauce?

As I mentioned, it was a crazy week getting ready for the sale. But I did manage to finish my blog posts and here is what I shared. I shared tips for arranging and keeping fresh flowers in your home as well as tips for organizing your countertops. I also shared how to declutter your kitchen countertops and how to take care of a butcher block island. DIYs are my favorite so I shared how to make cherry blossom flowers with tissue paper.

Finally, I shared my plans for the new year!

Martha shared 20 of Real Simple’s Favorite Anti-Inflammatory Recipes That’ll Make You Feel Better Than Ever

I have so many great ideas to share this week. Tomorrow I am sharing all new beach house photos and some fun changes I made over the holiday. I also have three DIYs which include a coffee table, a five-minute wreath (that is not a typo), and the best Christmas gift ever. I also am sharing the bedroom I redid and a wonderful bread recipe.

  • Happy New Year 2024 – S4/V1

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Our family room decorated in copper and green for the winter season.

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  1. Hurray, Serena & Lily has come to your 100 year old home! They update the whole kitchen. I love mine in my new home and everyone remarks how comfortable they are.

  2. Oh wow, I would have loved to have been able to come to your garage/estate sale, but I live a bit too far away. So glad it went well. You have an amazing amount of energy Leslie. I so enjoy your blog. Happy ‘Belated’ New Years to you and your whole family. Thank you.

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