My Top Ten Most Popular Rooms in 2022


This is a very fun Top Ten list as I knew these were the ten most popular rooms on my blog in 2022. I love that one will be ready next week!

I love that some are in transition and some are completely done. And how fun is it that they are from three different locations?

Family Room Decor New
Favorite Places

I love the rooms that are my Top Ten for 2022.

My friend KariAnne from Thistlewood shared that one of her favorite things about 2022 is all the decorating. KariAnne loves putting rooms together and creating spaces she loves. She shared her top 10 most popular rooms from 2022 here.

You must go check these out!

KariAnne’s Most Popular Rooms in 2022

Here are my Top Ten rooms from 2022!

The Waco Kitchen

It makes me so happy that you all love my Waco kitchen as much as I do. I get asked all the time about the island in the Waco AirBnB. It is an old store counter and I added a butcher block to the top. The open floor plan makes it so easy for our Airbnb guests to find everything they need while they stay at our Waco Airbnb. Click the links below for a tour!

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The Beach House

The beach house has been under construction for nine months and the end is in sight! It has been an incredible journey renovating the beach house and I can’t wait to share the completed house in the New Year! Click the posts below to see the progress we made this year and all of my interior design plans.

Master Bedroom Summer Beach House

Summer Beach House Update

It is supposed to be 96 degrees here today, so I am calling this post my Summer Beach House update. I hope you like it. Whether we are ready or not, summer has arrived in Southern California. And just so you know, I am just thrilled! Has warmer summer weather arrived where you are?
Read More Summer Beach House Update
Beach House Deck View

Beach House Stuff

Not as much progress with the beach house remodel so I’m sharing my plans for the interior design of the house … aka the beach house stuff! I am sharing all of my mood boards for the three floors in our home. You may remember I was considering modern farmhouse decor for our beach house….
Read More Beach House Stuff

The Family Room

Our family room is where we spend the majority of our time. This year, I rearranged the furniture and I am not quite sure what took me so long to do it!

Valentine Pink Decor Family Room Ideas

Pink Decor in the Family Room

I love to add Valentine’s day decor to our home. Today I am sharing how to use pink decor in the family room. In a cozy and comfortable way. I added pink decor with pink wall decor, pink pillows, pink flowers, and a pink table setting. Although everything is temporary, the decor has such a…
Read More Pink Decor in the Family Room
New Family Room Fall Decor

New Family Room Fall Decor

School is starting which means that it’s time to start thinking about fall. Fall decor is one of my favorites. I started in our family room! While it is still really, really warm, OK hot, here in Southern California, all things fall are right around the corner. Chilly mornings and cooler evenings. College football and…
Read More New Family Room Fall Decor

The Kitchen

The kitchen is undoubtedly the room where I spend a lot of time. We renovated it over twenty years ago and I still love it as much as the first time I walked into the finished project. It is also the most commented-on room in our home!

Winter Farmhouse Kitchen Decor

Winter Farmhouse Kitchen Decor

I just finished adding new winter farmhouse kitchen decor. I love the new winter look and the touches of blue and green. If you’re like me, when you think of winter, the first thing that comes to mind is spending time in the kitchen. Whether it’s making soup, bread, or baking cookies, there’s just something…
Read More Winter Farmhouse Kitchen Decor

The Family Room Dining Area

We moved the furniture around in this room last year and it has completely opened up the dining area in the family room. It is adjacent to the kitchen and this table is now the heart of the room.

Living Room vs. Family Room

The Living Room vs. Family Room

Is there a difference between a living room vs family room? We spend most of our time in our family room, so why isn’t it called the “living” room? Do you think that the colloquialisms of the living room vs family room are outdated? I think I do. In the olden days, living rooms were…
Read More The Living Room vs. Family Room

The Outdoor Porch

When we remodeled our kitchen/family room over twenty years ago, we added this covered porch. It is a favorite room, regardless of the season.

The Primary Bedroom

The remodel of the Waco AirBnB was one of my favorite projects, ever. Each bedroom has a distinct personality and the home was built specifically for guests. I also am sharing a post I wrote on how to remodel a bedroom. I have had a bit of practice at it!

Bedroom remodel Ideas

How to Remodel a Bedroom

Over the past few years, I have remodeled seven bedrooms. As I make plans for the beach house remodel, I am sharing some fun bedroom remodel ideas. We have four bedrooms to remodel in our beach house. To get started it really helps to look back at some of my previous bedrooms remodel ideas.
Read More How to Remodel a Bedroom

The Kitchen Refresh at Maryliz’s Condo

This was such a unique project. We literally recycled everything in our kitchen at the beach and moved it to Maryliz’s condo. You will be amazed at how this project started and how it turned out. I am so happy we saved our old kitchen from a landfill!

The Backyard

It might seem odd to consider our backyard a room, but with the amount of entertaining that we do outside, it definitely qualifies. This year, we had a wedding and a book launch party in the backyard.

Carriage House

Our carriage house is original to our home and back in the day, was exactly that, a building that housed the carriages. A recent transformation has given it new life.

A Christmas Table with Pink Christmas Dinner Plates

The Best Pink Christmas Ideas

Looking for a non-traditional Christmas color? Decorating for a pink Christmas was one of my favorite Christmas decor ideas! I decorated our Carriage House with a beautiful pink Christmas theme. I made pink Christmas tree decorations, pink Christmas ornaments, pink Christmas wrapping paper, and more. The pink Christmas decor worked so well with my Christmas…
Read More The Best Pink Christmas Ideas

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My Top Ten Most Popular Rooms in 2022

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