Winter Farmhouse Kitchen Decor

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I just finished adding new winter farmhouse kitchen decor. I love the new winter look and the touches of blue and green.

If you’re like me, when you think of winter, the first thing that comes to mind is spending time in the kitchen. Whether it’s making soup, bread, or baking cookies, there’s just something about being in the kitchen that makes winter feel special. If you’re looking for some ideas on how to decorate your farmhouse kitchen for winter, keep reading!

Winter Farmhouse Kitchen Decor

I’m not sure about you, but when I think of winter farmhouse kitchen decor, the first thing that comes to mind is cozy. I spend so much time in my kitchen and with the touches of my new winter colors, it feels so peaceful, tranquil, and cozy. So grab a warm and yummy blanket and find a soft spot on the couch, or your favorite chair, and come with me will I take you on a tour of my kitchen.

Kitchen Island for Entertaining

As you all know, I love to entertain. I decorated the kitchen in the new winter colors in time to host a small group of friends for dinner.

I use our kitchen island for entertaining all of the time. It’s a great spot to put out plates and glassware and it keeps everyone close while I put the finishing touches on our dinner!

Winter Farmhouse Kitchen Decor

When I chose my new winter palette, I always start by shopping my own house first to find all of the items I already own in the new color palette. While blues and greens are not my typical palette, I was surprised to find so many items. I bought the blue and white bowl below at the Rose Bowl flea market probably twenty years ago. Over the years, I haven’t used it much, but now, it is front and center in the kitchen!

Let’s just pretend that I knew I needed it! Purchase justified, just a bit delayed. Hehehe.

Winter Farmhouse Kitchen Decor

I think this might be my favorite view of our kitchen because I love that you can see both sinks and all of the “working areas” of our kitchen.

Winter Farmhouse Kitchen Decor

I chose the wall color over twenty years ago when we remodeled our kitchen. Yes, this kitchen is over twenty years old. It still looks so incredibly current and I still love it. One of my favorite views is when the door is propped open and the green from the trees and outside peek into the kitchen.

Winter Farmhouse Kitchen Decor

During my hunt through my house for winter color palette items, I found some birch vases in my flower arranging area. Birch is the perfect winter white and really makes the faux hydrangeas pop. I love these faux hydrangeas and am so happy that I won’t have any dead flowers that need to be thrown away!

Winter Farmhouse Kitchen Decor

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Winter Farmhouse Kitchen Decor

Winter Farmhouse Kitchen Decor Accessories

I love mixing some Christmas decor into my winter decor. I love adding simple color pops. On my rolling pins, I always tie colored ribbons that match the season. So I swapped out red and white ribbons for sage green organza ribbons and voila, it’s winter instead of Christmas!

I also love how the silver and blue Christmas balls in the apothecary jar add a little bit of iciness to the decor.

Winter Farmhouse Kitchen Decor Items

These jade milk glass bowls below are my go-to when cooking in the kitchen. It is funny how something as simple as a color can make me happy. When I walk into the kitchen, they make me smile.

I also went through a cake stand phase. (Maybe I should admit I am always in a cake stand “buying” phase.) When I found this one last year that is the most amazing robin’s egg blue, I had to have it. And it looks perfect with the new winter decor and is perfect for displaying more than just a cake.

Blue and Green Winter Farmhouse Kitchen Decor

Speaking of cake stands, I saw this cake plate on Amazon and I had to buy it. This bunny holding up the plate is the cutest thing ever. It was a bit early to put eggs on it but I will definitely be adding our dessert. Homemade cupcakes!

I think if you want this, you should buy it now. (It is listed below.) I doubt they will last long.

Winter Farmhouse Kitchen Decor

Well, what do you think? I feel like these winter colors were meant for my kitchen. We can’t wait for our friends to get here and see what they think.

Winter Farmhouse Kitchen Decor

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I am loving these winter icy blue and sage green colors. Below are some of the items I used to create the look.

Winter Farmhouse Kitchen Decor

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  1. Love your new look. I am about to redo my kitchen and you have given me several wonderful ideas to use in my redo. Thank you for sharing your great decorative ideas that anyone can use to make their place up to date.

  2. Hi Leslie. I am new to your blog and so glad I found it. Your kitchen is so beautiful and yes very calming. Reminds of the feeling I used to get at my grandparents house years ago. I am looking forward to exploring your site more often. 😃

  3. Love the blues and greens together!! I really need to decluttering my kitchen!! Love the 3 white houses on the counter! Where did you get them? So cute! I also love the color of your walls! Sage green is a favorite color of mine!! Enjoy!

  4. Hi, I just love how it all looks. I am hoping maybe you can help me. We purchased our Beach house that we now live in full time 18 months ago. The house has good bones and looks good but it needs a new outfit as I like to say lol. A decorator at a window treatment store the other day told me to start always at the ceiling and work your way to the flooring. I have all white walls, ceilings, trim and doors through out the house. All door hardware and bathroom hardware is black. All light fixtures are black wrought iron. Yes Joanna Ganies lolol. However the kitchen cabinets are in great shape so I do not want to paint them white like I originally planned. So after all that my ? is what color scheme do I make the new countertops? Black/white marble do not look good against the wood tone of the cabinets. Can you give me so ideas? Thanks, Tammy

  5. Your kitchen is PERFECT. I have wanted exactly that kitchen all of my life! Congrats on your foresight for having built it years ago. Happy New Year! 💙

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