A Tour of the Bedrooms in Our Airbnb Waco Home

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Today I am sharing the three bedrooms in our Airbnb Waco home. Each is comfortable, cozy, and the perfect place to sleep.

I am also sharing some photos I took of the bedroom in our Airbnb the last time I was in Waco. There’s no place like home, but the Airbnb Waco bedrooms are just like home. I love each one of them!

The Front Bedroom in our Airbnb Waco Home.

The Primary Bedroom

The primary bedroom is what I call my room! I love this room and I laugh because the primary bathroom is larger than our bedroom in our home in Southern California. Which is where, of course, we live full-time!

The Primary Bedroom in our Airbnb Waco Home

This bedroom is very comfortable. It has the best bed ever and I can’t even tell you how well I sleep when I am here. I love the iron bed so much that I bought two of them for our home in Pasadena.

Most of the furniture is vintage. The sage green painted armoire doesn’t really hold anything but I love the style. I guess I call it a decor piece. If you look closely, the armoire is actually two wood lockers. There are tiny labels at the top!

The bed is from Stearns & Foster and I have had Airbnb Waco guests actually buy the same bed for their homes! How amazing is that!

Waco Primary Bedroom

When we added this bedroom to the house, we added it to the back of the house. The addition consisted of the primary bedroom and bath, kitchen, and laundry room.

In each of the bedrooms, I added shiplap to one wall. It just gave each room a wonderful accent and it happens to be the wall where all of the beds rest against.

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Waco Primary Bedroom

Miraculously, I found the vintage floorboards on Facebook Marketplace which matched the existing wood floors. And … I found matching vintage ceiling wood too!

Waco Primary Bedroom

Some of my Favorite Finds for This Primary Bedroom

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The Primary Bathroom

I will start out by saying this bathroom is way nicer than our primary bathroom at home. And it’s a lot larger too.

The Primary Bedroom in our Airbnb Waco Home

The sink cabinet is a vintage piece I found at The Findery in Waco. I bought the faucets and sinks on Amazon, and they are linked below. The prices are incredible!

The vintage shelf on the right and the mirrors are from the Roundtop Antique Fair in Texas.

The washable rug is from Ruggable.

The Primary Bathroom in our Airbnb Waco Home

This bathroom is so light and airy. Somehow I forgot to take a photo of the other side of the bath. There is a very large double shower!

The Primary Bathroom in our Airbnb Waco Home

I had the towels embroidered with our Waco Airbnb logo and they look so cute! There are plush bathrobes in every room and they have the logo too.

Most everything is vintage in the primary bathroom, but I found a few gems on Amazon for you here!

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The Middle Bedroom

As you can see, I added shiplap as an accent wall in this bedroom too. I found the beds on clearance and the cool architectural salvage pieces (on the wall), the nightstand, bed trunks, and dresser are from the Roundtop Antique Show.

The Middle Bedroom in our Airbnb Waco Home.

All of the beds in our home are either king or queen size.

The Middle Bedroom in our Airbnb Waco Home.

The hanging pieces were a late add and they make such a difference in the room!

The Middle Bedroom in our Airbnb Waco Home.

There are so many things I love about this bedroom. Sharing some of my favorites below.

The Front Bedroom

This bedroom is so airy and bright and it really is wonderful.

The Front Bedroom in our Airbnb Waco Home.

I love putting benches or trunks at the ends of the bed as they are great for storing pillows, clothing, and are a nice place to sit.

The Front Bedroom in our Airbnb Waco Home

I hope you like my tour of our three bedrooms. Each room was very inexpensive to furnish and is just so comfortable! Click here to book our Waco Airbnb.

The Front Bedroom in our Airbnb Waco Home

The front bedroom has so much light. Sharing some of my favorite finds below.

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Today I am sharing the three bedrooms in our Airbnb Waco home. Each is comfortable, cozy, and the perfect place to sleep.

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  1. Beautiful rooms! I was wondering if you could share the details for the flooring in the primary bathroom. I’ve been searching for something similar for our 100 yr old house we’re renovating. We’ve added on laundry and mudroom and I’m wanting something other than wood.
    Also, I’m needing reclaimed oak flooring like you were able to find on FB market place. I’m lost when it comes to FB. Would you mind sharing what key words you used when searching for your wood flooring. Thank you 😊

  2. I love your taste in decorating. It’s simple, yet elegant. Thanks for sharing! I am in a modern high ceiling bungalow. We came from a country cottage/home on lake frontage and are now in a golf type cookie cutter development with many restrictions and a very small lot. I can’t seem to get inspired to decorate.

  3. So gorgeous! love your decor style. Would you share which Stern & Foster you have that guests are buying. I’m in the market for a new mattress.

    1. Yes I would also like to know the Sterns & Foster model that people are raving about. We definitely need a new mattress and so many of them have toppers, which make them too soft for those of us with aging backs and joints.

  4. I love the bedding that you have used throughout your home. Would it be possible to share your sources. Thanks so much for the inspiration!!

  5. All three of your homes are stunning, but the Waco home is my favorite. I am a beach person 100% and your Waco home just screams vintage beach cottage to me. 💙

  6. Hello, beautiful design! I love every room. Can you share where the rug in the front bedroom was purchased? Thank you!

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