FIND OF THE WEEK // Restoring a Flea Market Table

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The key piece of furniture in my office makeover is the “project table”. As much as I wanted to find a table exactly like the ones Joanna Gaines has in her “flower room” (which I used as my inspiration photo), I knew reality would set in and I would need to compromise.


Fortunately, I found a table at the Rose Bowl Flea Market. And it was really cheap.

But I wasn’t crazy about the colors.

The turquoise was actually a lot brighter and darker. The legs were so bright they were scary. So I bought lots of sandpaper and black spray paint.


The secret to using spray paint is to buy one of these handles that saves your finger from permanent damage. It’s the best $5.00 I have ever spent.


Painting the legs was the easy part. It took three coats and just over an hour. Sanding the paint off the top was another story. (Do you recall seeing an Insta Story about this?)


After spending three hours with my Makita sander, the painters casually mentioned I should be using a grinder, not a sander. They were kind enough to get me one out of their truck. Can I just say it took thirty minutes to finish the entire thing? The grinder works exactly like a sander but it about 500% faster and more effective. Duh.


Then I sealed it with a water based matte varnish. Ta-dah!


Wait until you see it in the finished room…

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