New Family Room Fall Decor

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School is starting which means that it’s time to start thinking about fall. Fall decor is one of my favorites. I started in our family room!

While it is still really, really warm, OK hot, here in Southern California, all things fall are right around the corner. Chilly mornings and cooler evenings. College football and festive gatherings with friends. Today, I am sharing lots of great ideas to help you get started decorating with fall decor. From cozy pillows and blankets to fall accents, read on for inspiration!

New Family Room Fall Decor

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Make it Pretty

Terracotta, Green, and Copper Fall Decor

Family Room Decor New.

Each season, I choose a new color palette for our home. This fall, I was inspired by faux fall leaves that I purchased (link is below). When the leaves arrived, I pulled them out of the box to discover the most gorgeous tones of terracotta and green and gold. And a color palette was born!

I am really excited about the color palette for this year’s fall decor. The terracotta color is one I have never used in our home before, and I am absolutely loving it! I have added terracotta which is a little bit pink, which I love, and a little bit orange which I also love.

New Family Room Fall Decor Table

Before I begin any styling or decorating project, I start by taking inventory of what I already have hidden away in boxes in the attic or tucked away in my flower arranging area. After all, it would be unrealistic to start from scratch for every season.

It’s important to leverage the decor that you already have in your home. As I always say, shop your home first, then add in a little new here and there. So I took my own advice and pulled out my faux fall foliage. Some were definitely past their prime, so I ordered some new faux fall leaves.

Family Room Decor New.

Next, I shopped for some new pillow covers. This is one of the least expensive ways to make a big impact on a room. Simply swap out new pillow covers in new colors and your room has a new personality. I already had some throw blankets and chenille pillow covers that went with the color theme. The pillow covers are a mossy, fall-like green.

New Family Room Fall Decor with Pillows

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Fall Decor Wreaths

New Family Room Fall Decor with Pillows

Wreaths are another great way to introduce a seasonal theme and/or colors to your home. I am head over heels in love with this Balsam Hill wreath that I got many years ago. Sadly, they no longer make this wreath, but I am going to keep using it until it is on it is literally falling apart.

New Family Room Fall Decor

I also added the pinecone wreath that I made. The post that gives you step-by-step directions on how to make it is here. PS – you can paint yours any color you want to! Mine is painted in the tones of terracotta and pink. It is simply amazing to me how much a room changes just by adding or subtracting colors.

Setting the Table in the Family Room

Family Room Decor New

We have a large dining table in our family room. I love having a table in this room. It keeps us all together. Because my family is so crazy about sports, having a dining table in the family room means we can watch a baseball game or college football game and eat dinner together.

The beautiful artwork hanging on the wall is actually a Frame TV with a Deco TV frame. Every time I change our decor, I select new art that will show on the TV when it is off. See the link below.

New Family Room Fall Decor on Table

The new fall decor colors look incredible on the table. I used my favorite faux pomegranate branches and some faux hydrangeas and popped them into one of my crocks.

New Family Room Fall Decor with Pillows

The flowers on my coffee table are called coffee and the hydrangeas on the dining table are called cameo brown. They are actually a pinky-brown and I love them!

New Family Room Fall Decor

I love the way that the gold and orange on the napkins add to the fall decor on the dining table. I made these napkins years ago with, a glue gun!! Can you believe it? Click here for the post and step-by-step instructions.

New Family Room Fall Decor with Pillows

All the Details

New Family Room Fall Decor Pommegranates

Styling tabletops is one of my favorite things. Shopping my home again, I found some books hiding on the bookshelf in the living room that are the perfect fall colors. I also filled one of my wooden bowls with faux pomegranates. Do you use faux pomegranates to decorate for fall? The best thing about them is that the ones that are a deeper red transition right into Thanksgiving and Christmas! I’ve linked my favorites below.

New Family Room Fall Decor with Fall Florals

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I am feeling ready for fall and am looking forward to the cooler temperatures. If you decorate your home for fall, post a photo on Instagram and tag me in it. I will repost your photo!

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New Family Room Fall Decor

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  1. Leslie, ‘light finally went on’! Am I correct you ‘only’ buy or have changeable pillow
    covers and thereby solving a big storage dilemma of ‘where do I put all those out of
    season pillows’?!
    Looking forward to your home tour/book event

  2. Beautiful colors and room, can’t wait for Fall! I’m just curious if you ever switch your living room and dining room furniture around. It seems like it would make more sense to have your living room furniture in front of the TV and your dining room furniture in front of the french doors so that you could see outside more easily wherever you sit in the room.

    1. Thanks Jeanine! I actually talk a lot about this in my new book, make sure to pre-order it is all detailed in there!

  3. I love what you have done to your home. My question is could you tell me the name of the paint which was used on the walls in your family room.

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