Refresh Your Outdoor Porch Decor for Summer

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Our outdoor porch decor needed a big refresh for summer. A good cleaning, a bit of restyling, and some new pillow covers were all it took!

We spend almost as much time out here as we do in our home in the summer! The covered porch, fireplace, and heat lamps in the ceiling provide some very cozy early summer nights. To refresh the outdoor porch decor I used mostly items I already owned but some of the pillow covers are new.

Refresh Your Outdoor Porch Decor for Summer

Summer Outdoor Porch Decor

Refresh Your Outdoor Porch Decor for Summer

One of my favorite things to do in the summer is to sit out on our back porch. The birds are always singing and the view is my favorite. Sport usually entertains me as he plays in the grass for hours on end.

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It really is the perfect place.

Refresh Your Outdoor Porch Decor for Summer

But after a winter and spring with tons of rain and now lots of pollen, our back porch decor needed a bit of a refresh for summer. A quick cleaning and purchase of some pillow covers and it’s time to search my home for some new porch decor.

Outdoor Porch Decor with a Tint of Green

Refresh Your Outdoor Porch Decor for Summer

I almost switched out the furniture on our back porch. You have likely seen a table out here many times in the past. I can never decide which I like better! Do I want a table under the covered patio or seating?

Obviously, I kept the seating area.

But knowing me, I will probably switch it out mid-summer.

This area really is the perfect place to grab my Kindle, a magazine, or even a cookbook to relax, enjoy the warmer weather, and take some time for myself. Notice how I didn’t mention bringing my laptop out here. Don’t get me wrong, I do it all of the time, but that’s called work, not relaxation!

Refresh Your Outdoor Porch Decor for Summer 1

As you can see we have a lovely sitting area out here which is a mix of new and vintage items I have found at flea markets. I remember dragging this green trunk all over the Rose Bowl Flea market. It was a great find for $40.

I scoured the house for green items and I must say, these green bottles add such a great pop of color. Fortunately, I own enough to use them in multiple rooms this summer. They are awesome and catch the summer light perfectly.

I added lots of faux flowers out here too because I don’t use a lot of fresh or potted plants out here. Why? The heat and mess from watering plants is kind of a pain so faux it is!

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Refresh Your Outdoor Porch Decor for Summer.

I actually made the green pinstripe and solid green burlap pillows. If you want to learn how to make your own pillows, head to How to Make Square Pillow Covers.

Have you noticed I have outdoor curtains hanging on our patio? I love them! They are great to close when it’s cold or rainy and they add a nice soft touch to the outdoor porch.

Refresh Your Outdoor Porch Decor for Summer
Refresh Your Outdoor Porch Decor for Summer

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Refresh Your Outdoor Porch Decor for Summer

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An outdoor porch decorate in green and white with teak furniture, green and white pillow, and faux florals.

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  1. Wish our weather here, in Manitoba, Canada wasn’t so windy. I have to put our cushions, blankets etc. away after every use. Needless to say I don’t look the site when I look out.
    Love, Love your blog!

  2. When it comes time to replace cushion covers, where do you purchase yours or do you recover yours? If you recover where do you get best buy on outdoor material?

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