Family Vacation and Sunday Morning Coffee

What a glorious weekend! We had a fabulous family vacation in Ventura to celebrate the 4th of July, and I can’t wait to do it again.

What a difference a year makes. Last year, we were here, and the sun rarely came out; Graham was only three months old, and the beach house wasn’t entirely done. This year, we spent a lot of time on the deck and at the beach, and Graham loved the beach, too, other than eating the sand! Graham loved the beach, too! Also, thanks for joining me for Sunday Morning Coffee.

A woman wearing a blue and white striped shirt holds a smiling baby, also in a blue and white striped shirt, standing in a bright room with a staircase and white walls in the background.
Season 4 Volume 26

About Me

A woman holding a smiling toddler and a man stand together on a balcony near the ocean, all smiling at the camera.
Charlotte, Andrew, and Graham.

Family vacations are the best.

Having everyone here (except Matt) for almost a week was the best family vacation ever. And it makes me happy to see our Ventura beach house used exactly as it is supposed to be.

For time with the family.

A man and woman are standing together on a seaside balcony, smiling at the camera. The man is wearing a grey polo shirt, and the woman is in a striped shirt. The ocean is visible in the background.
Michael and Ellie
My Latest Project

My Latest Project

A young child wearing sunglasses sits in a small beach chair, drinking from a pouch while on the sand.
The Beach Kid

You probably remember I had a long list of to-do’s I wanted to complete before this week. Over the last three weeks, I had plumbers, an electrician, an appliance repairman, and my handyman here. And I finished it all.

The fun began as I focused on getting things for our grandson and a few things that I knew we would need this week. I had a lot of fun getting ready for this week.

Graham’s chair was an Amazon find, and he loved it! He spent a lot of time hanging out with the family while enjoying his chair, which gave us time to relax!

An older man wearing a cap is sitting on a white couch feeding milk from a bottle to a young child in his lap. They are in a bright room with large windows.
Grandpa time

I also found some fun silicone beach toys, beach towels, and beach bags for everyone in the family.

A young child sits on the sand at a beach, wearing a blue shirt and green shorts, with a sand bucket on their head.

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My Biggest Challenge This Week

A woman smiles while holding a young child. They are both wearing light blue and white striped tops and standing in front of a beach scene.
Me and Graham

Don’t tell anyone, but I want to move to Northern California.

I am so in love with our grandson; time with him is not enough.

Along with Graham, Andrew, Charlotte, Michael, and Ellie live in Marin County. I know it’s not practical, but my heart wants to be with this guy as often as possible.

I know it won’t happen.

Two adults, one wearing a cap and red shorts, the other holding a smiling toddler, all dressed in light blue and white striped shirts, stand indoors near a door on their family vacation.

But at the least, we need to plan more trips up north!

That face makes my heart so happy.

A young child with messy face and hands, wearing a bib, smiles widely while sitting in a high chair in a bright, modern room. Food remnants are on the tray and table.

This week's to do list.
  • Get ready to depart for the Haven conference in Atlanta on Wednesday.
  • Finish my presentation on AI for Content Creators (for the Haven Conference).
  • Finish reading my last book for the Sun Valley Writers Conference (which is in two weeks).

Prime Day Preview

Prime Day will be here in a week, and many items are already on sale!

Here are our favorites.

Spicy Mayo is the best.

Are you a wallpaper fan? This L.A. Rental House Has 6 Different Wallpaper Patterns. Wait, what?

Have you ever made a Spiced Vanilla Bean Bushwacker?

And what a week it was!

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An older woman is holding a smiling baby on her hip. They both wear matching blue and white striped shirts. Text at the bottom reads "Family Vacation and Sunday Morning Coffee.

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  1. I know what you mean Leslie about wanting to be near your grandson! My 6 no th old granddaughter lives in San Diego CA area and I live in Texas. So I’ve been flying out to CA about every two months to get to spend Grammie time with her. In between we do Grammie FaceTime so she doesn’t forget me. Miss her like crazy!

  2. The picture of you and Graham in matching shirts is priceless!!!
    Looks like a Christmas card to me..enjoy every minute with your family. It goes so quickly. I go as often as I can from Indiana to Atlanta and it is never enough. So many great times ahead for you😍

  3. Grew up in Marin, now on the Central Coast. Grands are in NYC so we visit once a month to be part of their lives. Grandkids are the BEST!

  4. I don’t normally comment, but as a Nana of 6 young grand babes, I couldn’t NOT comment on the adorable pics with your own grandbabe! We are beyond blessed having the grandchildren live close by in neighboring towns, and unless Ft Bragg sends our grown twin sons elsewhere, I anticipate being a regular part of the children’s life. MOVE closer if at all possible; you won’t regret doing so!

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