How to Make Your Own Lemon Plates

One of the reasons I create a DIY is because I can’t find the item I want. Today I made my own lemon plates from lemon slice napkins!

I found some adorable lemon napkins and knew I wanted to make something fun with them. These lemon plates are so cute and I can’t wait to show you how easy they are to make.

Lemon Plates with a Lemon Slice

Easy Lemon Plates DIY

How to Make Lemon Plates with a Lemon Slice Napkin

You might have noticed that I am sharing a lot of lemon ideas this week. I made these lemon plates in a salad size and they are perfect for salads, desserts, pasta, and just about anything else!

I made them with glass salad plates and paper napkins. Isn’t that crazy? These are just the best spring decor idea as they can make any table (or room) pop with their fun colors!

Today I am joined by eleven bloggers as we are all sharing some fun spring decor DIY projects. Be sure to scroll down to the bottom of my post to see them all.

Lemon Plates with a Lemon Slice

This week has been a lot about lemons. If you missed my post yesterday I shared my favorite lemon cocktails. Tomorrow I just might be sharing a new lemon-themed table.

How to Make Napkin Glass Lemon Plates

I love to create fun items with paper napkins. I have made a wooden flower crate, terracotta pots, and chargers with paper napkins.

These projects are not difficult and even though the napkins are thin you don’t need to make them perfect. That’s my favorite part!

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What You Need to Make These Lemon Plates

What You Need to Make Your Own Lemon Plates

Paper napkins

Mod Podge – this one is dishwasher safe but I do not suggest you put these plates in the dishwasher!

Glass plates with a flat bottom

Paint Brush

Craft knife

Step-by-Step Instructions

  • one – Separate the napkin from the thin backing. Just so you know, you will be placing the napkin on the backside of the plate with the front side of the napkin touching the plate.
  • two – Set the napkin aside and paint the backside of the plate with the Mod Podge.
  • three – Lay the napkin on top of the Mod Podge and press the napkin gently with your fingers. If you flip the plate over, this is what it will look like.
  • four – Add another coat of Mod Podge to the backside of the plate on top of the napkin. Gently apply with a brush, making sure all edges are covered. It’s really important the napkin is fully covered with Mod Podge when it comes time to clean these plates.)
  • five – Place the plates upside down on top of the glass plate so that the napkins don’t touch anything.
  • six – Let the napkins dry overnight.
  • seven – When dry, you will be able to see the difference between the top of the plate (with the pretty side of the napkin showing through) and the bottom of the plate (which isn’t pretty).
  • eight – Place the plate face down and using a sharp craft knife, cut along the outside edge. (If there are any edges that aren’t completely glued down, just brush a bit more Mod Podge on the edges of the plate.
  • nine – Gently remove the napkin remnants from the plate.

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I do need to admit that these plates turned out way better than I expected. Because the entire process to create these plates happen to the underside of the plate, they didn’t look that great. But as soon as I turned the plates over, I couldn’t believe how good they looked!

Lemon Plates with a Lemon Slice

Wear and Care Tips

You can use these plates for eating but I suggest you be careful when cleaning. (Of course, if you don’t cover all of the paper napkins with Mod Podge, you may run into issues.) Carefully wipe the plate clean and use soap and water, making an effort to keep the water away from the napkin. The plates should be fine if they come into contact with water on the underneath side, but I haven’t had these long enough to know about long-term wear and tear.

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Lemon plates made with a paper napkin and glass plate.


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  1. Love how these look! I think I can make these too! I’m thinking watermelon napkins ! So many options! Thank you for sharing !

      1. The plates and napkins are great! I’m such a lemon lover and happy to live here in SoCal with trees full of lemons!😃🍋

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