Winter Inspired Farmhouse Dining Table

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I used my winter color palette as inspiration in the dining room and created a warm and cozy table setting on my farmhouse dining table.

Winter Inspired Farmhouse Dining Table

It might seem silly, but I have been surprised and amazed by how adding blue to the rooms in my house looks so incredible. The dining room is the latest room to get a “blue refresh” and I can’t wait to share how my farmhouse dining table looks styled with winter color inspiration.

Farmhouse Dining Table

Winter Inspired Farmhouse Dining Table.

So what do you think?

I like blue. No, actually, I am loving blue!

Of course three weeks ago if you told me my house would be refreshed in blue (and a little sage green) I would have said you were crazy!

But I think I figured out what happened.

Winter Inspired Farmhouse Dining Table for Eight

See those gorgeous silver-rimmed goblets in the photo above? They were a Christmas gift from my son Michael* and I think the color blue goes so well with silver. The color combination reminds me of frost and ice which is so wintery.

*Before you are too impressed with this amazing gift purchased by my youngest son, I did send a text with a few links to items I might want for Christmas. These goblets were included. He did send me a lot of them (as in 18) and I loved them so much I bought a set as a gift for someone else.

If you love these goblets as much as I do, you can find them here.

What’s on the Table

Winter Inspired Farmhouse Dining Table 3

There are so many wonderful objects on this table and I wanted to point out a few of them.

First off, whenever I set a table, I come up with a theme. It might be Silver and Gold, or Pink Ombre, but I always have a theme. Then I walk around our home, including the 3rd floor and basement, and I open up every cabinet and closet and find anything that might remotely fit in the theme.

Because I have been doing this for almost five years, and I did this for thirty years before I started this blog, I have a few items to choose from. So even when I haven’t really ever decorated my home in blue, somehow I managed to collect quite a few blue items.

Hmm. Funny how that works.

I did share as many items as I could in the resources below that match or are similar to everything in the photo above. The white flowers are something that arrived yesterday (and they are listed). They are made out of this wood and have so many great uses!

Table Setting on Winter Inspired Farmhouse Dining Table

I had a lot of fun using these wonderful Royal Stafford blue plates. I topped them with vintage depression glass blue plates, which are a bit hard to see. But they add a bit of texture to the table and I love that.


As I mentioned the wine goblets are new. I have had the cut glass water glasses for about a year. They match just about every table I have ever set.

I have collected Shiny Brite vintage ornaments for a very long time. I love how these look on the table. They add just enough color to brighten up the table, even on a gloomy day like today.

Shiny Brites on the Table

Faux Floral Centerpeice

Birch Vase on Winter Inspired Farmhouse Dining Table

I love items covered in Birch, and the small pots listed above and this vase are so perfect for a winter inspired farmhouse dining table. The flowers are faux, and the hydrangeas are new but inexpensive. I have reused the white amaryllis flowers a gazillion times. And I love that!

The candlesticks are handmade and the placemats are linked below.

Winter Inspired Farmhouse Dining Table

I am so happy how this winter farmhouse dining table turned out.

Now that I have completed the dining room, I just need to do the kitchen.

Unless, of course, I decide to give my craft room a winter refresh. Should I do it?

Check out the rooms I have already refreshed for winter.

Winter Inspired Farmhouse Dining Table .

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If you are loving icy blue as much as I am, below are some of my favorites I used to set this table!

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  1. I adore pretty much any combination of blue and white and this is lovely! Wondering if you could share the maker and pattern of the barely blue glass salad (lunch?) plates as you linked something similar but I suspect they might be vintage. I’d love to put them on my estate sale “look for” list!

    1. OK, I think my Google search yielded the manufacturer and pattern. Anchor Hocking bubble Depression glass plates. I’m not sure you’ll come back to this comment but just in case anyone else is looking (or can confirm).

  2. Your table is farmhouse perfect! Beautiful.
    I collect those antique “bubble” glass plates & am looking for the matching bowls and/or more salad plates. Do you have a source ? Thanks.

  3. Beautiful table. Can you recommend stores that sell farmhouse tables and coordinating chairs? I am looking for dining room furniture for a lake house.
    Thank you

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