How a White Palette Makes it Easier to Add Color in Your Home

There are two questions I get asked all of the time. The first is “What paint color did you use in that room?”. (They are all linked on the Home page of this blog.) The second question I get asked all of the time is, “Why do you have white furniture everywhere in your house?”. And of course, the next question is how do you keep it clean?

First, let me share some of the “white rooms” in our home.


Obviously, my rooms aren’t completely white. But they are primarily white. I am not trying to decorate our home in a modern, stark white feel. Rather I want a comfy, chippy, and comfortable look.


Our living room, as seen below, has additional colors in the rug, painting, and drapes.


Let me answer why I redid most of the rooms in our house last year. I have white furniture in a lot of rooms in our home because I love white. I love the clean and light look of a primarily white room. Before I redid our bedroom the color palette was yellow and orange (ala Pottery Barn). Our living room was tan, black and aqua. Our family room was tan, gray, maroon and green. Oh heavens. What a nightmare.

Sometimes I think I went to white because I was so frustrated with the multitude of color palettes in our home. It wasn’t the only reason. But it was a huge one.

I also love color. And now that I have a white palette I can add color anytime I want. And it is the easiest thing to do!

Here is my dining room with some color added.

Look how simple it was to add color. I didn’t have to un-do anything.

I should address how I keep my white furniture looking clean. All of my couches have slipcovers so they can be washed or dry cleaned. Also, in our family room, our couches are typically covered with white vintage quilts. We (and our dog Sport) spend a lot of time in our family room and this helps a ton. I also use Resolve Stain Remover spray and OxiClean to wash our slipcovers and they are amazing.

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2 thoughts on “How a White Palette Makes it Easier to Add Color in Your Home

  1. I agree! I’ve kept my living spaces mostly white for years because I love being able to decorate for holidays & have all the colors stand out & not compete with bright decor colors. Love your house & IG feed, I’m a new follower!

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