Eleven Best Fall Decorating Ideas

I love decorating for fall with floral branches. Today I am sharing eleven of my favorite fall florals and some fall decorating ideas.

Fall Branches

I am so in love with fall decorating ideas and I thought it would be fun to share some of my favorite fall florals. I probably could have included twenty but that seemed a bit excessive, so eleven it is.

The fall season is definitely here and one of my favorite way to decorate our home is with fall florals. In previous years, I have decorated our home for fall with apples and cotton stems.

Apples in a Crock

For the last two years, I have used a lot of red and orange pomegranates in my fall decor. The colors are amazing, the pomegranates look real, and I bought them on Amazon Home. 

Pomegranate Branches

One thing though, my husband is convinced that I am Amazon’s #1 customer.  So now I have started to kind of hide my packages. Or at least I open them before he sees them.

Please tell me that some of you do the same thing … 

Fall Decor Florals

Seriously though, aren’t these branches gorgeous? 

The colors are so pure and perfect for fall.

Pomegranate Stems

I am so happy that I found these and I was so happy when I opened them. They look amazing.

Fall Pomegranates Arrangement

This was such an easy arrangement to create. All I did was bend the end of some of the stems and place them in a white ceramic crock.

Fall Floral Arrangements

In case you are wondering where I got this awesome container, here is a clue.

Reusing Rae Dunn

I love reusing my Rae Dunn pieces for things other than they were intended! And I own a lot of Rae Dunn. Should I share some ideas of how to repurpose Rae Dunn? Let me know if you are interested.


The red pomegranates and orange pomegranates are amazing. Each packet has three branches and each stem is 26″ inches long.

Pomegranate Florals

I thought I would share some other fall decorating ideas with florals.  I am obsessed with eucalyptus and the orange and gold branches are amazing! (I have those in my Amazon cart right now!) I also included apple stems. They also come in red but I love the orange tones too.

All are for sale on Amazon Home. Just click the photo for the link.

Fall Branches for Your Home

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  1. The pomegranates are so pretty for fall but apples seems to be more suited for my old
    Virginia country home. Thanks for showing these!

  2. Ha. I like to think that I have hidden the incoming purchases…until the other day when I received the comment “and all of a sudden our house is full of signs!” I think he was grumpy. He stomped off to work….😂 At least it took him a while to actually notice!

  3. LOVE the orange pomegranates, and yes, they are backordered until at least Oct. 21st. Still going to order them–they will look perfect during the winter months also!! Question: they come 3 branches to an order. How many branches did you use for your arrangement?? LOVE this idea!!!

  4. Thank you do much for sharing all these beautiful branches and giving us great tips! And yes I hide my amazon boxes from my hubby too. I didn’t know amazon had all these beautiful branches ❤️❤️

  5. Every single blogger is decorating for fall. It. exhausts. me. I just un-followed a bunch of them on IG last night. Not into all the hype.

    I just love the simplicity of your decor. It’s classy and not gaudy and does not overwhelm the home.

  6. I love this post. So simple, but so pretty. Can you share where you got the filler stems? The little leafy green-ish ones? Thanks so much. Love your blog!

  7. Every amazon package goes into the trunk of my car. I open them when I’m alone! When he finds an amazon box on the stoop, he brings it in – no big deal. He is definitely on a need to know basis! It’s no big deal!

  8. One of the reasons I’m glad not to be in any kind of committed relationship! I used to keep purchases in my trunk for days so one significant other would not see them even though it was my own money being used for the purchases! I’m sure this is a sign of shopaholicism!

  9. It’s amazing to see how you can take something simple and make it into such a eye catching piece.
    Thanks for the great ideas!

  10. really like this post. so simple, but so pretty!
    glad to see recent posts have been more ‘practical’.
    like i said previously, some of the posts are just absurd: dinner in wine cellar, (am i the only reader without a wine cellar??), dinner for 65 in back yard, dinner on the beach, three houses, etc.
    my backyard is much too small for 65 people!, i don’t live at the beach, (wish i did!), i’m lucky to have one house, lol.
    all that said, it’s still fun to see ‘how the other half lives’!

  11. I used to be a major department store manager. So every purchase (and there were many with my incredible discount) that I brought into our old home, I would slip between the open stairs into the basement. He never did laundry, so he never went into the basement. Now, all my Amazon purchases come once a week on Saturdays (saves boxes and delivery problems). The boxes are usually bigger so he brings them in and I tell him to put them IN the basement. I tell him that its laundry soap, paper towels, toilet paper etc. He never opens them so he never knows that my boxes are full of all kinds of home decor and goodies. We have been married for 53 years so my system seems to be working. I love your style and you have caused me to order way too many heavy Amazon boxes inspired by your wonderful suggestions.

  12. Hello Leslie
    How did you hang the fall wreaths? I do not see a ribbon. In some posts you show the ribbon and this one you do not. I like the ribbon for Christmas/Winter decor. But loving this invisible illusion you have going on here. thank you again for always finding the time to post for your fans.

  13. Yes, please do a Rae Dunn post. I started collecting two years ago and at first I bought everything (especially, if it was on sale). During the pandemic, I found some vintage Rae Dunn groups on facebook and now I am only interested in the older pieces and items with pictures on them. Not into just the words. I just sold over 50 pieces at my garage sale this past weekend. I Would love to see your ideas for different ways to use or display RD.

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