Christmas Craft – Painted Glasses

Welcome To Ten Days Of Christmas Crafting. Today I am going to share how to make painted glasses.

These are really easy to make and are so festive and fun!

How to Paint Glasses with Polkadots

For a really long time, I have wanted to make a set of painted glasses. Today, I finally made some and it went well.

I know these glasses aren’t perfect but I love them. I wanted them to look handmade and not something that would come from a big factory or machine.

Today I am going to share how you can make them too!

Painted Polka Dot glasses

It’s Day Three of Ten Days of Christmas Crafting and today I am making painted glasses!

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Originally I was going to paint some glasses with stripes. But I am glad I decided to make polka dot glasses.

I had a reason why I wanted to paint polka dots on these glasses. Twenty-two years ago I bought 16 of these clear polka dot glasses. They were part of the Martha Stewart line at KMart. I think they cost me one dollar each. 

Every time I set a table with my Martha Stewart glasses I get tons of questions about where I bought them. And I always feel terrible when I have to tell everyone that an item is no longer available. 

Polka Dot Glasses

If you like polka dot glasses, you can now make your own. And guess what? These glasses cost me a dollar each too.

And, can I just say that I think these would make a great holiday gift!

How to Paint Glasses

Watch My Video to Learn How to Make Painted Glasses

I am sure you are wondering how these are made. 

I hosted a live demo today, December 4th, on my Facebook account.

You can watch the video here!

You can also watch it on my Facebook here

What You Need to Make Painted Glasses

Pebeo Vitrail, Stained Glass Effect Paint, 45 ml Bottle – Apple Green

Round Sponge Paint Brush

Set of six cocktail glasses

And that’s all you need, except for an oven.

How to Paint Glasses

Be sure and join me for my live DIY!

Don’t you think these glasses will be wonderful to use over the holidays?

Set of Hand Painted Glasses

I cannot wait to set a table with them.

I have a set of the same glasses that are taller. How should I paint them? Same color? Stripes? More polka dots?

I guess we will find out today on my Facebook Live

Handpainted Polka Dot Glasses

Are you wondering if these glasses are washable?

The secret is that you have to “cook” the glasses after they are painted. Once that is done they will be microwave and dishwasher safe.

I think you are going to want to watch my video to see how to make these.

Join me on Facebook today, live at 10:00 am PST.

How to Paint Polka Dot Glasses

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How to Make Painted Glasses

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  1. Thank you for posting this! Ive always wanted to make “Murano” glasses….Just one question…… Have you ever changed the color of the paints? I don’t see a lavender color and I only see darker purple. can they be lightened by painting thinly or mixing w a lighter color? thanks.

  2. I have visited tons of little shops throughout the years and these are by far my favorite glasses I have seen. I love them for their honest simplicity and whimsical look, well done Leslie.

  3. Glad you posted this here since I don’t use Facebook. What a great idea … thank you … on my list for 2021 projects

  4. I love watching you on the videos because you seem to be having such a great time!
    I am watching on your blog. I assume it may be different on Facebook but we can’t see your face ever, nor can we see anything when you hold it up high. The edge of the screen cuts it off.
    In spite of that, these are amazing crafts you are sharing and things we can all do!
    Thank you for sharing with all of us!

  5. I tried these yesterday with a pink colour and it didn’t turn out great.. did you let the paint dry completely before baking? I found mine faded a bit when “cooked”

  6. I just watched the video on Facebook on painting polka dot glasses. I didn’t get the oven temperature and how long to bake the glasses.

  7. You can recreate the Martha Stewart look with etching cream for glass (Karianne had a monogram glass tutorial for one circle with a letter).

  8. Leslie

    I was visiting a friend and accidentally broke one of her blue Pier One wine glasses. I’m thinking I might try making some wine glasses with your technique.
    Do you happen to know of a source for blue glassware?

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