Restyling My Living Room Bookcases

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Last week I took some photos of my living room with my new slipcovers. I was so excited about my slipcovers that I forgot to notice how awful my bookcases looked. They were cluttered, not in the right color palette and well, just outdated. (Remember this is the room that we use to use about three times a year …)


My girlfriend called and offered to help me restyle the bookcases. And the best part was that the Rose Bowl flea market was the following day so I had the perfect chance to find some reasonably priced vintage items for my bookcases.

We started first by removing everything from the shelves. What a mess!


If you saw my stories, you will know that I was in search of “white stuff” at the flea market. And I scored. Look at these awesome things I found. I especially love the clocks!


I went through my entire home, every cupboard and even the “third-floor storage room” and found everything I thought would look good on the shelves. And then my girlfriend and I each took a shelf and started styling. In less than an hour, we were done!


I love the way these turned out… but the most fun part about it was having a girlfriend to work with! So grab a friend and redo a part of your home… tag me in the photo if you do, I’d love to see it!



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  1. This room looks fabulous! I have been wanting slipcovers for my (sit down for this disclosure) 40 year old, but still pristine, living room sofas! I think I will make the leap now that I have seen yours. And that white general store piece has me green with envy!

  2. Where did you find the white and ‘blue’ pumpkins? I’ve been looking everywhere!! BTW, the room looks like a whole new place. Fabulous!!!!

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