Christmas Joy with Handmade Decor

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Today I am sharing lots of Christmas joy I created in our family room with a lot of wonderful items that I made from pinecones.

Yep, pinecones! I love handmade decor and these projects brought me so much Christmas joy. Want to learn how to make them?

Christmas Joy

Oh my gosh! I just finished decorating our family room and I feel so much Christmas joy!

It is colorful and I love all of the handmade holiday projects I created.

I am going to share with all of you how I created this room and I will also share the craft projects too.

How to Create Christmas Joy in Your Home

Christmas Joy

When decorating a room for the holidays, I think the process is easier when you have a theme. For our family room, I wanted to use a lot of red and white so I ended up using a polka dot theme. The ribbons on the wreaths, the pillows, and the napkins all have polka dots. The glasses on the table do too!

For the family room, I bought fabric, pillows, greenery, berries and picks, pinecones, tree ornaments, ribbon, bells, and more.

I did three craft projects. I bought fabric and made red and white polka dot napkins. 

I painted pinecones and hung them from the ceiling.

I also made these pinecone trees and I absolutely love them!

Christmas Joy with Joann

Setting a Table for Christmas 

I love setting the table in our family room and this Christmas joy theme is one of my favorites.

I have been collecting vintage dinner plates for years so it was easy to head to my butler’s pantry and pick out the dinner and salad plates. 

I added bells as a table favor on the plates (although it’s only our family this year so I might be able to keep them!).

I used one of my vintage crocks and filled it will so many beautiful Christmas greenery.

Christmas Joy

Hanging Pine Cones

I hung pine cones from the ceiling with fishing line just to add some fun! 

What You Need to Make Hanging Pinecones:


Small Pine Cones

Christmas Joy with Joann

To start, I painted the tips of the pinecones (which takes only about a minute per pinecone).

Hanging Pine Cones

I used my glue gun to add some fresh cedar, faux red berries, a velvet ribbon, and a small pinecone. I attached fishing with the glue gun for hanging.

How to Make Hanging Pine Cones

Pine Cone Trees

I am obsessed with the pine cone trees I made. Aren’t they the best?

Today is the last day of my Ten Days of Christmas Crafts and I am sharing how to make these pine cone trees.

These were really fun to make and I can’t wait to share with you a LIVE tutorial!  

My live craft demonstration took place today on my Facebook

Watch my live demonstration here!


Pine cone Trees

What you Need to Make Pinecone Trees

Medium and small pine cones (1″ and 1/2″) – approximately 100 total – Small Pine Cones

Foam Cone 4.75″ x 15″

White chalk paint

Wood disks

1/2″ wooden dowel, cut to 6″ long

White spray paint

Glue sticks and glue gun (you need a lot!)

Christmas Joy with Joann

Paint the pine cones with chalk paint. Let dry. 

To make the pinecones, drill a hole in the center of the wood disk and use a screw to attach the dowel. Screw it in through the bottom.

Pine Cone Bases

Spray paint the cones white. I used an old can of paint and it didn’t work well (the nozzle was old!). But spraying the cone white is highly recommended. 

Lightly place the base into the center of the bottom of the foam cone. Push up about 1 – 1 1/2″ and secure with hot glue.

Pine Cone Trees

Start at the top and glue one pine cone upside down on the top. Continue gluing, in a freeing style but place some of the pinecones facing downward. Fill the open areas with the smaller pine cones.

It took me a while but I finally figured out how to make the gluing of the pine cones a lot easier. Put glue on the foam cone, place the pine cone, and hold. Add more glue so that the pine cone will stick to the pine cones nearby. Gluing them to the other pinecones will help secure them. Before I did this they kept falling off!

How to Make Pine Cone Wreaths

Continue gluing all the way to the bottom of the cone, making sure to cover the foam at the bottom. 

Pine Cone Christmas Trees

I love these so much!

Christmas Joy with Joann 6

Homemade Polks Dot Napkins

Don’t these look festive?

I love the polka dot napkins. I bought the cutest red and white tiny dot fabric and ripped the fabric into 20″ squares. If you rip the cotton fabric, you don’t need to sew them!

Christmas Joy with Handmade Napkins and Bells

The centerpiece is full of faux greens, branches and picks. I even added some fresh cedar!

Christmas Joy

Doesn’t this look festive?

Christmas Joy with Handmade Decor 7

I hung fresh cedar wreaths in the windows and added red and white polka dot bows. 

Christmas Joy

I also decorated a tree with berry picks, red frosted berries, ribbon and ornaments. 

Christmas Joy with Handmade Decor

I found the cutest ornaments that fit our family perfectly.

Isn’t this artist’s palette adorable?

Christmas Joy with Handmade Decor

And look at this golf bag ornament!

Christmas Joy with Handmade Decor

I hope I have inspired you to add some Christmas joy to your home. All you need are handmade holiday items and you are going to love the end result!

Christmas Joy with Handmade Decor

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Christmas Joy with Handmade Decor

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  1. I love checking in with you every week and seeing all the projects you are working on. One thing that I would love for you to do is take us on a tour of your 3rd floor storage that you speak of often. You seem to have so many items that you bring out and I would love to know how you store them all so that you know what you have and you can put your hands on them when you want them. I have started taking pictures on my phone of all my wreaths and stuff so that I know if I have items before I go out and buy duplicates. Looking forward to a tour.

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