When to Decorate for Christmas

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AD5B570C-BACE-48B4-B70C-161D9AC4C8CE 2I can’t figure out when is the best time to decorate for Christmas. This year I decided to wait until after Thanksgiving to put up my Christmas decorations. Now, I have to be honest, I did decorate two rooms in October for my post with Hobby Lobby, but I took everything down after the photos were taken. 

But this waiting to decorate, when everyone else appears to be done, is killing me.

These are photos from my Christmas decorating in October. They really got me in the spirit for Christmas! But it was October and I couldn’t imagine having Christmas decorations in our home. So I took them all down.

00CFD335-04DD-483B-BE30-A560BB66618AWhen do you decorate for Christmas? Normal people probably decorate after Thanksgiving. Apparently bloggers decorate after Halloween. And now that I am a blogger I think t means in future years I need to bite the bullet and decorate a lot earlier. 

66083CDA-A48E-4743-8B19-21F10D1016CBI am fortunate to be able to work with brands. For the holidays, brands need most of the content in October and early November. So that’s why you see blogger’s homes decorated for Christmas in October.  I thought I was being clever decorating my house for the holidays, taking photos, and then taking it all down. But this doesn’t work. Why?

To begin with, it’s too much work. I mean seriously? Who wants to decorate and then take down their decorations and put them all back up again? That’s kind of a lot of extra work! It was pretty ridiculous that I did that this year.

D1A9B057-BB91-4A5C-B8DA-D4D2CD3E563BBut the biggest frustration is that all of these beautiful photos on Instagram are making me sad. And jealous. And they are freaking me out that I haven’t even started and everyone else is already done!!

9A6A6379-A00D-4CC6-890A-FFB7FA4D0248So I am not making any promises, but I am pretty sure next year I am going to decorate only once. And in early November. As a blogger, I think the best time to decorate for Christmas is right after Thanksgiving.

AD44D292-A0CB-483C-9924-178F632CEE41My family will just have to deal with it.

Or maybe not. Who knows what I will do.

What do you do?

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  1. My family typically decorates the day after Thanksgiving. I will say though that when I’ve been less busy we decorate for Christmas much earlier in the month, even the first week in November. What can I say, our family is part-Filipino and back home Christmas decorations come out in September and don’t get put away until after January 6! I say bring out the decorations and enjoy them for as long as you want!

  2. Day after Thanksgiving is traditionally when we start…then add some every week until Christmas. Your home is an inspiration. Happy Thanksgiving…one of my favorite holidays.

  3. I am really opposed to rushing things at thanksgiving…I am a savor the moment kind of gal. We are spending our first Christmas in our new home, and I plan to take this next week to go through what I have and figure out what else I need. We did not decorate our rental house last year, so I am really looking forward to getting out my Christmas lovelies and figuring out where everything will go.

    I find that Instagram gives me a case of FOMO, so I have to resist……Merry Christmas!

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