Five Areas In Your Home To Use EcoSmart Light Bulbs


I am getting smarter about the lighting in our home! As you know, I have been focused on making our home smarter with energy efficiency and cost. Today I am sharing five areas in our homes where we can all use EcoSmart light bulbs.

Ecosmart Bulbs in Your Home

I’m thrilled to partner with The Home Depot and excited to share how I upgraded our home with their new EcoSmart Light Bulbs. I know what you are thinking … light bulbs? But here’s the thing.

We are working in our home on reducing, reusing, and recycling. We haven’t used water bottles in our homes for years. Part of being eco-conscious is assessing your home and understanding where you can make simple changes that have a huge impact on you and the environment.

Green and Eco-friendly living is top of mind for many families and households.

Let’s talk about light bulbs. There is no doubt we all should be using EcoSmart light bulbs everywhere. Today I have identified five areas in your home where you should use these bulbs. I made these changes in our home because they are important to our environment, save money, and enhance the lighting in our home.

EcoSmart Light Bulbs are the Solution

Ecosmart Light Bulbs from The Home Depot

The Home Depot’s exclusive light bulb brand, EcoSmart, is the perfect way to achieve your goals of reducing your environmental impact and enhance the lighting in your home while reducing your monthly electricity bills.

EcoSmart light bulbs at The Home Depot have all of these features:

  • Quality Light Bulb products
  • A Wonderful Assortment
  • Lots of Innovation and Features
  • Excellent Price and Value

Five Areas In Your Home To Use EcoSmart Lighting

#1 – When You Need More Light

We love the ladder chandelier that I created and installed above our family room table.

Ecsosmart Bulbs

There is only one problem. The fixture can’t use anything more than a 25-watt incandescent bulb and there is not enough light to read, finish my morning sudoku, play games, or finish my craft items at night. My husband complained so much that I had an electrician come out and give me a quote to install recessed lighting.

Recessed lighting is expensive!

Fortunately, I discovered that I could replace the incandescent bulbs with EcoSmart Dimmable CEC LED Light Bulbs that are equivalent to a 40-Watt or 60-Watt incandescent bulb. These bulbs are so much brighter and I love the Daylight bulb! They also save you energy and money while promoting alertness and concentration with their bright glowing hue.

The lifespan of these bulbs is predicted to be around 10 years based on usage of about 3 hours per day. This would cost only about $0.54 per year for your energy bill while using only 4.5 Watts of energy. This bulb uses 89% less energy than a standard incandescent light bulb.

You can use the 40 or 60 watts LED bulb in a standard fixture which means so much more light! And they are dimmable too!

#2 – When You Have a Light That Stays on all The Time

Ecosmart Light Bulbs

If you are looking for an energy-saving bulb for a light in your home that is on 24/7, look no further than EcoSmart’s 60-Watt Equivalent Light Bulb.

The LED light bulb uses only 7 watts of energy and will last for up to 15,000 hours. It has a predicted lifespan of about 13.7 years! And depending on the use, this bulb would cost you an estimated $0.84 per year!

This represents an $87 energy bill savings over the bulb’s lifetime. That doesn’t even include the costs spent on all of the incandescent lightbulbs you would use in thirteen years!

#3 You Want to Use Edison Bulbs for Decorative Fixtures

Edison Bulbs and Decorative Fixtures

The Ecosmart 60W Equivalent Clear Glass Filament LED light bulb has the same classic look as an incandescent light bulb but uses 88% less energy.

It has a vintage style and adds a great look to any fixture, floor lamp, or table lamp!

It only uses seven watts of energy and is expected to last up to 15,000 hours which would cost around $0.84 in energy use. Over the course of the bulb’s lifetime, it should save you $87. With this bulb, you are saving money and energy without sacrificing style!

Edison Bulbs for Decorative Fixtures

#4 When You Have a Difficult to Reach Fixture

We have a great light in the entry of our beach house. The only problem is I can’t reach the light (safely) to change the bulb. So, I have to borrow our neighbor’s tall ladder to change it!

EcoSmart Light Bulb

The 60-Watt Equivalent Non-Dimmable LED Light Bulb is perfect for anyone tired of frequently changing a bulb in a fixture that is too high up to reach.

These bulbs have a predicted 10-year lifespan and will only cost you an estimated $1.08 in energy yearly while using 85% less energy than a standard incandescent light bulb.

These bulbs are shatter-resistant and have a great daylight color, which allows for versatile usage. They use only 9-watts of energy and you won’t have to think about changing them for years! Like ten years!

Five Areas To Use EcoSmart Lighting

#5 – When You Need a Dimmable Vintage Style Light Bulb for an Outdoor Space

Ecosmart Light Bulbs

I have a wonderful light fixture on the outside of our Carriage House. I replaced the bulb with a 75-Watt Equivalent ST19 Antique Edison Dimmable Clear Glass Filament Vintage Style LED Light Bulb which provides a relaxing, warm light for covered outdoor spaces.

The estimated yearly energy cost is $1.02 with a lifespan of 13.7 years. This uses 90% less energy than a standard incandescent light bulb and will provide great light to any cozy outdoor setting!

The Home Depot’s exclusive light bulb brand, EcoSmart, is the perfect way to achieve your goals of reducing your environmental impact, enhancing increasing the lighting in your home while reducing your monthly electricity bills.

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  1. These LED-lamps are a very smart thing to do.
    Here in belgian stores you hardly can find a ‘normal’, oldfashion lamp. We all use LEDs.

  2. This is great information! I recently discovered that there is a lot more to choosing light bulbs than I ever imagined!! before I would just run to the store, grab the least expensive option go home and stick it in the fixture! Now I know there is much more to consider and with your information, I am armed with the knowledge I need to make even smarter choices! thanks for enlightening us!!

  3. Love this post , Leslie … first of all your ladder chandelier is amazing! I’m so confused by light bulbs. I know, light bulbs, right?! I’ll stand, for what seems like hours, staring at all the options without a clue what’s right for what … this is so helpful. I just happen to be going to Home Depot this afternoon and I’ll stride with confidence down the lighting aisle! xo

  4. I am really impressed with how much brighter these bulbs make the spaces in your home look. I definitely need to check these out next time I run to Home Depot (which should be VERY soon since I’m there all the time)!

  5. Love this post. We are big fans of these bulbs. Our home is pretty eco-friendly and love to hear that more people are also doing their part to protect our planet.

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