How to Make A White Christmas Tree Skirt

A few years ago, I saw a white Christmas tree skirt made of wool felt on the Magnolia site and so I decided to make one myself!

Today I’m sharing how to make a white Christmas tree skirt with pom poms. This is the perfect, simple way to dress up your tree… and for a fraction of the price!

Christmas tree skirt 1

I found all of the supplies at my favorite Felt Store Benzie or the Etsy shop Crafty Wool Felt. Both sell wool felt by the yard and the most wonderful felt balls! I think Benzie’s prices might be a bit less.  Amazon also sells wool felt and pom poms, so be sure to check out all three resources to find your supplies!

Vintage Christmas Balsam Hill

I love the look of a white Christmas tree skirt. Once the gifts are wrapped and placed under the tree, the cute pom poms will peek out from underneath the gifts!

Balsam Hill Frosted Tree

You do not need a sewing machine to make this tree skirt. If you are new to sewing, this is a perfect project to start with.

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How to Make a Christmas Tree Skirt

christmas tree skirt supplies

How to Make a Christmas Tree Skirt

What You Will Need:
  • 1 1/2 yds. wool felt (if 54″ wide) If 36″ wide, purchase two yards.
  • 50 wool felt balls
  • Cotton off-white twine

Cut a 46″ round circle from the felt. If your fabric isn’t wide enough, cut 9″ from the end of the fabric and hand sew each strip to each edge to make the fabric wider.

how to make a christmas tree skirtOnce the width is enlarged, cut your 46″ circle. If you aren’t sure how to cut a large circle then try this method. It’s pretty full proof!

steps to make a christmas tree skirtMeasure a 6″ round opening in the center of your circle (or larger if needed for your tree) and cut circle and line opening to the circle.

Measure around the perimeter of the circle and mark every 3″ win a straight pin.

christmas tree skirt 2Using a running stitch, sew in between the pins. To add a wool felt ball at each pin, just measure enough string for the ball to lay flat. Insert the needle into the ball, through the skirt and then insert it back into the ball to create a loop.

christmas tree skirt 3

Once you have completed the stitching, mark three locations at 6″ apart for the closures. Sew three strips of felt to make the loops and attach the felt wool balls.

christmas tree skirt 4

Continue the running stitch all the way around the Christmas tree skirt.

christmas tree skirt 5

This tree skirt can be made out of any type of fabric. You need about one and a half yards of 72″ fabric and whatever kind of trim you want to attach.

If crafting is just not your thing, I have you covered. Look at all of these cute white Christmas tree skirts!

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