Pumpkin Craft with Decoupage Napkins

Every fall I make a few pumpkin crafts. This week I repurposed some old faux pumpkins and added decoupage napkins to them.

This is an easy craft that you can do with your friends, children, and grandchildren. You need just a few supplies and a little (or no) crafting experience or expertise. Are you ready to make these?

You Made that?

An Easy Pumpkin Craft

Decoupage Napkin Pumpkin Craft

I love to use paper napkins to create beautiful items. I found some old pumpkins that needed an upgrade so I covered them! You might not have noticed, but these pumpkins were covered with three different styles of napkins. They all have the same color palette and they look amazing together!

Pumpkin Craft

I wanted to mention that you can use paper napkins, paper guest towels, paper cocktail napkins, and even tissue paper.

These pumpkins are at least 1000% better than they were before and the colors are so perfect. This pumpkin craft with decoupage napkins is also very easy and does not take very long to make.

Decoupage Napkin Pumpkin Craft

Decoupaging Napkins Onto Pumpkins

Pumpkin Craft with Decoupage Napkins

I found these white plastic pumpkins up in the storage on the third floor. I like them but they look very fake to me and needed some help. So I gathered some napkins that matched my new fall color palette.

There are so many wonderful fall napkins available.

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Look at the difference! Isn’t it incredible?

Materials Needed to Make This Pumpkin Craft

Pumpkin Craft with Decoupage Napkins

Almost any size pumpkin will work. I used three different sizes of pumpkins and three different styles of napkins. And just so you know, I only used two napkins to make each of the pumpkins. So you will have a lot left over to use later!

Pumpkin Craft with Decoupage Napkins

I looked at a lot of different napkins on Amazon but decided to go with these because of the colors. I didn’t even think they would look that great mixed together but I was sure wrong about that! They look amazing!

How to Make This Pumpkin Craft with Decoupage Napkins

I figured out a fool-proof way to make this pumpkin craft.

Since the Modpodge is thick, I suggest you add a few drops of water to thin it. If it is too thick it might tear the napkin. (If the napkin does tear, just cut a small piece of the napkin and place it on top of the area and apply more Modpodge. No one will notice!)

Then I figured out how to cut the napkins so they would fit easily over the pumpkin and I also reversed the order of when the Mod Podge is applied!

Step-by-Step Instructions

  • one – Prepare the napkins. Cut off any border around the outside of the napkin and then peel off the backing. Start at the corner and separate the layers of the napkin and gently pull the two sections apart. Discard the backing.
  • two – Divide the napkin into quarters (most are already folded this way) and cut one line to the center of the napkin.
  • three – Refold the napkin and snip off a bit in the center. (This allows space for the stem.)
  • four – lay the napkin on top of the pumpkin to get a feel for how much the napkin will cover. At this point, I realized it would be too difficult to apply the Mod Podge first and lay the napkin on top. So I came up with a better idea. Place the napkin on first and position it around the stem. Bring the open sides together and gently add the Mod Podge on top of the napkin with a brush.
  • five – Continue to cover the entire surface with mod podge. Be gentle and use lots of Mod Podge so you don’t tear the napkin.
  • six – Let the pumpkin dry. Flip it over and cut another piece of the napkin to cover the underside. Attach with Mod Podge. Let dry. Cover with clear sealer if desired.

Styling the Pumpkin Craft

Pumpkin Craft

I loved styling these pumpkins and I already know I need to make more of them. They work in any room in our home and bring so much color! I love them.

Decoupage Napkin Pumpkin Craft

Other Decoupage Napkin Crafts

This isn’t the first time I have created a fabulous craft item using the decoupage napkin technique!

Check out these other projects.

Lots of Mod Podge Options

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Plastic pumpkins covered with fall paper napkins.

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  1. Love love love!! My newest fall craft. This is something that can be done with children or grandchildren with a little help.

  2. Those napkins are really pretty and your pumpkins turned out great. I like that you were able to cover them without having to cut out the designs from the napkins.

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