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The Five Best Table Setting Tips for Fall

I love setting tables and today I am sharing my best table setting tips for fall. Plus, I am also sharing my new favorite book, But Where Do I Put The Couch !

I love setting tables and today I am sharing my best table setting tips for fall. Plus, I am also sharing my new favorite book, But Where Do I Put The Couch and a Giveaway!

Setting a table can be intimidating and I often get messages from all of you asking for table setting tips. Since fall is here and I am stying my own fall tables, I thought it might be fun to share five of my favorite table setting tips with you. I am also over the top excited to share my new favorite decorating book, But Where Do I Put The Couch. My two friends Melissa Michaels (The Inspired Room) and Karianne Wood (Thistlewood Farms) have collaborated on this book and it is amazing! 

Five Table Setting Tips

It’s not hard to set a table. Especially when you are like me and don’t follow a lot of the rules. Don’t laugh but my dining room table is often set for dinner. My husband always asks, “Is that for your blog, or are we having another party?”. Unfortunately for him, it’s often set for an upcoming blog post!

I love setting tables and today I am sharing my best table setting tips for fall. Plus, I am also sharing my new favorite book, But Where Do I Put The Couch and a Giveaway!

Mix it Up

When I first started styling table I often mixed glassware, silver, plates, chargers, and placemats. I didn’t do it because I was being clever. Rather, I did it because I didn’t own enough matching pieces! Over the years I have collected a lot (and I mean it is a lot!) of china, silver, and glassware.  Now when I set a table I always mix it up and don’t even look to see if I have enough matching pieces. That’s because I don’t want it to match.

I love setting tables and today I am sharing my best table setting tips for fall. Plus, I am also sharing my new favorite book, But Where Do I Put The Couch and a Giveaway!

If you look at this table pictured above, nothing matches! Well, the napkins and glasses match. But nothing else! The chargers, placemats, silver, and china are all different. And I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Set a Fun Table

I love adding a “fun element” to my tables. One year I used these amazing wood cutouts for Thanksgiving. We had lots of teenagers at our table and this was the end result! But the fun they enjoyed during dinner was well worth it. (I have lots of glue guns!)

Don’t Just Use the Dining Room

One of my favorite table setting tips is to get out of the dining room! It’s easy to get into a rut and always entertain in the dining room. So why not move your table to another room? Or even outside? I am always trying to push myself and think of new places to host a dinner. I have served dinner on the beach (in the sand), all over our backyard and at the park. The more creative you are the more fun your guests will have! Fall is such a great time to host outdoors!

Fit Everyone at the Table

Nothing kills a dinner party faster than splitting up your group to more than one table. We hosted fifty at my son’s rehearsal dinner and I wanted everyone at the same table!

For Thanksgiving last year we had twenty-two at our home and I was determined to fit them all at one table in our dining room. Somehow it worked. And it was so much fun! Of course this year we are hosting 40 family members and I have no idea how I am going to pull this off. Maybe snake tables all through the house? Yikes!

Reuse Last Year’s Fall Decor

Don’t tell anyone but I recycle fall decor every year! Last year I added copper foil on top of the green pumpkins I had used the year before. This year I painted some of my green pumpkins white. Don’t be intimidated and think you need to buy all new decor. Shop your own home and get out some paint!

I hope these tips have helped you and will make setting your fall table easier. But how do you get all of your other decorating questions answered? I have the answer!

My friends Melissa Michaels (The Inspired Room) and Karianne Wood from Thistlewood Farms wrote this awesome decorating advice book titled But Where Do I Put The Couch? It answers 100 decorating questions. How incredible is that?

Click on the image below if you are looking for some gorgeous and well priced Fall Decor.

Click to Shop Fall Decor

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Table set for fallin fall colors.

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51 Responses

  1. Leslie,
    We did 40 for Thanksgiving, use the same layout of the U from last year, just bigger and we are in So Cal, so outside my friend,your backyard would be perfect for Thanksgiving. xx

  2. My mom moved in with me and we have lots of vintage fall decor. I would like to use some of it but do you think it would be ok to mix modern decor with it?

    Jana J.

  3. Here’s my decorating question – I live in a city – and, sadly, I feel like I have to be careful about what decor I put out on the porch, because things have a habit of disappearing. : ( I am always looking for super low cost porch decor ideas……

    If you were looking for an indoor decorating question, I’ve got this one – I’m looking for some window treatments that will keep both my husband and I happy – I love to let in light, he likes them drawn all the time – so I suppose we are looking for some kind of layered, easily open and closed options?

  4. What a relief that I don’t have to match everything because I like to mix and match. Sometimes I do match but most times I don’t . These are beautiful tables.

    40 for Thanksgiving, wow.


  5. Love this!
    Is it best to transition into seasonal decorating or observe each season individually?
    I just don’t know how to make my summer decorating blend seamlessly into Autumn…

  6. We have an oddly shaped front porch (double doors with no room on either side of the door and one wall) and in the 28 years we’ve lived in this house I’ve never been able to figure out the best way to decorate it without it looking awkward. Can you suggest any resources that would give suggestions for sprucing up front porches? Thanks! I love the ideas for table decorating and how to recycle older themed items.

  7. I love the wooden words at each place setting! Such a neutral and easy way to add interest & if you can find different words then maybe that’s what they could share at dinner, ie what they’re grateful for etc

  8. Is there a limit to how many gallery walls you have in your home? I think I would be able to make a gallery wall in every room, is that overkill? Thanks for a chance at this fabulous giveaway!

  9. Happy thanksgiving.. wow.. . Thanks for posting as I am sooooo not ready for Fall.. will you be posting a menu for all your guests? that would be great to see…. thanks

  10. I have an old farmhouse but sadly its rooms are small and there is little old charm left to it. The question I struggle with right now is weather to build a new bookshelf in the living room for storage or find antiques (hutches, etc.) to bring in charm and storage. I know its difficult not being able to see the space but I’m really torn.

  11. Just love all your table decorations and party planning ideas! How do you deal with family photos? Do you display them in private areas of your home?

  12. Leslie, your tables are absolutely GORGEOUS! You have such talent. Thank you for sharing it with us all! I’m inspired! And thank you from the bottom of my heart for including our book and giveaway in your post. What a treat for us, thanks again for your support!


  13. I don’t have unlimited storage room so reusing is mandatory. Paint has been one of my favorite accessory items. The tables you featured are so inspiring to me!

  14. I am hosting Christmas this year and I think I have it all figured out! At least I hope so! I do have a hard time with artwork. I love when others have nature paintings in their home, but when I look at them at the stores, I just can’t see it. Any tips would be appreciated!

  15. Your barn paintings are so reminiscent of growing up in Ohio and Indiana. Beautiful. Usinf those wooden words at dinner table are such a charming idea!

  16. I down sized a few years ago and no longer have a formal dining room, which I greatly miss. I only wish your blog had been available when I did have a place to create beautiful table settings following your lead. I must say I have attempted to apply some of the information I have learned from following to other rooms in my small condo.

  17. What is the best way to unify an eclectic decorating style. I don’t focus in on a certain type of furniture or accessory but I’ve always thought that if I absolutely love something it will fit in. For the most part it has been true for me, but from a designers outlook is there a good way to tie different style items together?

  18. Love your suggestions. I enjoy the process of setting a table and thinking of new ideas using what i have, I have several of Melissa Michaels books and will order this one.

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