My Favorite Dinner Plates


As a huge collector of dinner plates, I thought it might be fun to share some of my favorite porcelain, melamine, and ceramic plates.

Dining Room Decor Reused
It’s Time to Rethink Your Dining Room Decor

I love to set a dinner table and I am the first to say that the tables can be simple or complex. Both styles are beautiful and one of my favorite things on every table are the dinner plates.

Today I am sharing some of my favorite dinner plates and I am happy to share they are all reasonably priced.

Setting Different Table Styles

My Favorite Dinner Plates

I love styling tables and I am so happy that they all look different. Take this table seen above. I set this for dinner tonight and I love that it is simplistic and stylish at the same time.

Every table I create is different. Some are elaborate and others are simple. Every table I set has a few things in common such as flowers, plates, glassware, linens, and silverware. I thought it might be fun to share some of my favorites. Today I am sharing my favorite plates.

Where to Find the Best Dinner Plates

I took this picture three years ago of my dinner plate collection. I don’t know if this is a good thing, but my collection has more than doubled in size since then.

I have been collecting dinner plates for over thirty years. My favorite places to find plates are at vintage flea markets and online at places like Amazon. I have also found a lot of plates at Homes Goods and TJ Maxx.

If you want to start collecting dinner plates, I suggest you start with a color. You can collect different styles and patterns such as blue and white or black and white. Perhaps you want pink plates. If you start with one color palette you will be able to mix and match the plates on every table.

Here is a more recent photo of some of my dinner plates collection. Although it’s not all of my collection, you can see I am partial to pink, grey, and blue and white dinner plates.

Here are a few of my favorites.

Black and White Whimsical Floral Plates

My Favorite Dinner Plates
My Favorite Dinner Plates

I swore I wasn’t going to buy any more dinner plates and then these Dorotea black and white flowered plates popped up on my Amazon feed. I could not resist! They are flat and thick and are probably my favorite plates ever. They are affordable and just wonderful.

Pink Plates/Bowls

Pink Dinnerware for Pasta
My Favorite Pink Dinnerware in the Kitchen

These pink dinner plates/bowls are so much fun. They are perfect for soups, salads, rice bowls, and just about everything else. They also come in white but I love the pink!

Blue and White Plates

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I love blue and white dinner plates and love collecting them. I love this mixed set of six blue plates and they are very affordable.

My Favorite Table Centerpiece Ideas for Outside Dining

I also love these plates when I set this table. It looks like blue and purple are becoming a new color palette at our home!

Blue and white is such a classic color. Plus it matches everything. You can mix these blue and white plates with green, red, yellow, purple, orange, and more!

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Summer Green and Aqua Plates

Outdoor Dining with a Beach Theme
Summer Outdoor Dining Ideas

I borrowed these plates from our beach house and they just might have to stay at home. I love the color, the size and the ridges! These plates are wonderful.

These Sophie Conran dinner plates are my favorite. The color is amazing and they are so unique. They also come in other colors too!

Black and White Plates with Copper Accents

Summer Fun Intimate Dinner Party
Summer Fun Outdoor Dinner Party

I set this table for our Dinner Club and I loved that all of you chose which plates I should use! I asked for votes on my stories and hundreds of you voted!

I love these Johnson Brothers Devon England Cottage plates. Their black and white palette is great. The plates in the photo are actually Johnson Brothers Asiatic Pheasant. I bought mine for a steal at TJ Maxx a few years ago. You can find them here but they are kind of pricey. I suggest you keep your eyes open at TJ Maxx.

Copper and White Plates

I bought my plates quites some time ago but found these Copper Rimmed Plates from Magnolia at Target which I actually like better.

Joanna Gaines designed these Copper Rimmed Plates and they are amazing. they are quite reasonable at Target. Be sure to get them soon before they all sell out.

My Favorite Christmas Plates

Spode Gold Christmas Tree

A few years ago Spode came out with their Gold Christmas Tree plates and I fell in love! I had thought about collecting their Christmas Tree Pattern but when I saw the Gold Christmas Tree dinner plates I knew I had to have them!

If you can I suggest you should collect both the dinner and salad plates. These Spode Gold Christmas Tree plates are so classic that you will use them forever!

Links to the Items Shown in This Post

Ceramic and Porcelian Plates

Melamine Plates

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  1. I’m a plate nut and you are driving me around the bend with all these beautiful dishes!!!!! In a good way!!!

  2. I love your plate collection! I, too, collect dishes but have a standard (Italian Countryside) dinner plate that I use as the base. I then stack with my collection of salad plates, bowls and bread plates (both vintage and new). I but in sets of four so that I can easily set a table and have the flexibility to match more than one coordinated pattern for larger gatherings! Thank you for all of your inspiration.

  3. Leslie, I love reading your posts daily and have seen so many wonderful ideas here. I especially enjoyed this post with your plate collections. I love collecting dishes too. In the first collage picture of plates you have two separate predominately green patterns. One a darker green with a touch of red in the middle and the other was a chartreuse like green pattern. Do you know the maker of thesse? I have been searching this morning but I am not having much luck. Thank you so much!

  4. You are a kindred plate spirit! I have so many sets of dishes, I can’t even keep track of them all!! I’m trying to get my husband to convert our two very narrow foyer closets to dish closets. The people who built this house used them as shoe closets…they never wore shoes in the house…but I really need the space for dishes! I love all of your dishes and love mixing things up! By the way, where did you find those pretty ruffled burlap placemats? I just love them! I really “need” some for my home!

    You know, about 44 or so years ago, when I was still a newlywed, my mil’s best friend from Charleston, SC told me about a picnic she packed for her husband and herself where she used her very best China, silver and crystal, linens and quilts. Of course the food was top marks gourmet as well. She packed it all in an elegant wicker hamper and they had their picnic at Battery Park under the Live Oaks and overlooking the Ashley River. As you can tell, all of that elegance made quite an impression on my very young self. I was determined to follow her exquisite example! You remind me of that elegant and fun-loving lady for whom picnics were also occasions to use finery! Thank you for, not only setting a gorgeous table, but for also setting a great example on living elegantly every day.

  5. Hi Leslie – I love the small table and two chairs pictured in the photo entitled “Setting different table styles” and “whimsical black and white floral plates”. Would you be so kind as to tell me where I can purchase these, or the make/manufacturer?

    Thank you so much for your time.

    Karen Knoke

  6. Denise, haaaa can you imagine a rehab for dinner plate junkies? They’d serve us all our meals on the same old white paper plates. We’d probably all go mad and jump out the window.

  7. I love table setting! It’s so fun and I too have many different collections! I have not seen the Joanne Gaines cooper rimmed dishes. I love the simplicity of them and will have to check them out! Thanks for sharing your pretty collection!

  8. So many gorgeous finds! The blue and white plates remind me so much of my childhood – my mom had a lot of those. <3

  9. I love this! I love dinner plates! My question is what is your best advice for storing them in between uses?

  10. Love, love, love every plate in your collection. I have eight complete sets of dishes, and to many to count different sets of salad plates…love to mix it up. I have a service for 12 of your Johnson Brothers, but in blue, I traveled to twelve different Home Goods and TJ Max stores to complete the set, maybe a little obsessed!?!? They are so pretty!!! What a fun post, thank you!! Question, I’m pretty new to your blog, but sometime ago, I saw in a home tour a watercolor picture of a wrapped package, painted in greys and pinks, do you have a source for it, thank you for your blog!!!,

  11. My first collection was Royal Albert Old Country Roses. Since they’re not microwaveable, I collected Franciscan California Desert Rose. Now, I continue buying only Portmeirion Botanic Garden to my heart’s desire, this design for my daily use, I don’t mind if they’re made in England or China.

    1. I love that you have found a pattern that makes your heart sing Vivien! It’s fun to have something that is so meaningful to you. Thank you for sharing!

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