May Day Basket Ideas

Looking for creative and affordable May Day basket ideas? May Day baskets are a fun and easy way to show your loved ones how much you care.

You only need creativity, everyday household items, and maybe a trip to your nearest craft store. Let’s take a look at how to make these adorable baskets!

May Day Basket Ideas

Easy May Basket Ideas

May Day Basket Ideas

When I was about eight years old, every May Day, I would make a small basket out of construction paper for my mom and fill it with flowers from our garden. As I was leaving for school, I would hang the basket on the front door, ring the doorbell, and run away as fast as possible.

I have no idea where this tradition started (did I learn about it at Girl Scouts?), but I have done it for years.

May Day Basket Ideas

This year, I thought it might be fun to hang a few May Baskets in our home in honor of my mother. I miss her so much; I thought this might be an excellent way to honor her memory.

I am sharing my May Basket Ideas, which involve making one in one style and filling the basket with different flowers.

You may remember the two baskets from rope last year. I made a bread basket and a jute rope flower basket.

I used this same idea to make my May Day baskets.

DIY May Day Basket Ideas

What You Need to Make a May Basket

May Day Basket Ideas

I loved making this May Day Basket because I already owned all the supplies.

Some day, I will share my craft storage room. It is so full! (And needs a bit of organization.)

Step-by-Step Instructions to Make a May Basket

  • one – The styrofoam cone I used did not have a point, so I made one out of cardstock. *Please note that now that I am done with my basket, I will omit this step. I think the basket would be cute with a flat bottom.
  • two – Lay the cone over styrofoam and wrap the cone in cellophane. The cellophane will be the inside liner of the basket.
  • three – Secure the cellophane with tape. Do not cover over the top, but make sure the cellophane is even across the top edge.
  • four – Using the hot glue gun, add glue to the bottom of the cone and wrap the piping around the bottom of the styrofoam cone.
  • five/six – Continue adding the hot glue and the piping.
  • seven – As you continue to the top of the cone, try to straighten out the piping as you add the glue.
  • eight – Continue to about two rows short of reaching the end.
  • nine – Now, it is time to add the handles. I used pins to hold the piping in place (after I added the glue).
  • ten – Use something round (I used the packing tape) and wrap the piping around the circle to create one handle.
  • eleven – Pin the second side of the handle to the cone, continue around, and add the second handle.
  • twelve – Remove the styrofoam from the basket. I cut a bit off around the styrofoam’s edge (with scissors), making it very easy to grip and pull right out! Cut any extra cellophane from the top edge if necessary.
May Day Basket Ideas

Look how adorable this basket is. Isn’t it perfect for May Day?

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More May Basket Ideas

I made a few baskets and hung them on many doors in our home. I love the faux poppies on the back porch door.

May Day Basket Ideas

The faux pink Calliopsis looks fantastic in this basket hung on our front door.

May Day Basket Ideas

These faux roses are probably my favorite faux flowers of all time. With a few wilted petals, they look so real! Aren’t they magnificent?

May Day Basket Ideas

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  1. Oh those are just darling Leslie! I always remember my mom on May Day too – she helped us make our cones when we were little, and I continued to leave her one each year. The last one I gave her was on the door of her retirement apartment. It was a little harder running away, but I managed to make it around the corner in the hall before she opened the door! Thanks for the great ideas and the trip down memory lane.

  2. Leslie,
    What a beautiful idea! I don’t ever remember hearing about this growing up as a child. It was always dancing around the May Pole. A group of us (four couples) are having a reunion get together Mother’s Day weekend and I think this would be a wonderful little gift for my three best lady friends. Thank you again for sharing your amazing creations!!

  3. OMG..I had forgotten about these and yours are fabulous! We used to make ours out of white round paper doilies when we were kids. I made them when my children were small but had forgotten about them until now. I love the rope look so much! I need to try this one it’s just too cute and fun looking! I’ve got plenty of cotton piping and I think I still have some cones in the attic from Xmas. I’m just so glad you reminded me of this! Just beautiful!
    P.S. I love those Duovlo flowers! I had bought some last year and brought them out to use recently. They are just beautiful and so so real looking! I buy a lot of these in different colors now, little by little, just to store them away so I have them when I need them.

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