Ventura House Beach Decor

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We have been enjoying our remodeled beach house for almost a year, and I wanted to share all of the Ventura House Beach Decor. For details, tap a link on anything below.

So many of you have asked for resource links for items we used to decorate the beach house, so we made it easy for you and created a link list, starting with the Living Area, Kitchen, Dining, and Beverage areas. All the photos are new, and I have some new things to share!

Bright, modern dining room with a large wooden table, white chairs, kitchen island, and a view of the ocean through large windows.
The Beach House

The Living Area Beach Decor

Modern living room with white couches, beach decor, and large windows overlooking a neighborhood.

We love the new living area of our beach house and how easily the rooms flow together. We knew this would be a primary gathering area when we designed the space.

The light and views are incredible, and the boys can finally stand at the window without hitting their heads, thanks to the extra four feet we gained when we raised the ceiling height!

Bright, modern living room with white sofas, wooden coffee table, large textured wall art, and windows showing exterior view.

I may sometimes use affiliate links on this blog, which means a small commission is earned if you purchase via the link. The price will be the same whether you use the affiliate link or go directly to the vendor’s website using a non-affiliate link.

Most items listed here were found at the Pottery Barn Outlet or on Amazon.

Here are some items I purchased to add beach decor to our home.

Living Room Finds

I shopped at the Pottery Barn Outlet in Camarillo, only 15 minutes from our beach house. If there is a Pottery Barn Outlet near where you live, you should visit. The prices are fantastic. At a minimum, everything in the store is 40% off. Here is where you can find if an outlet is located near you.

The Kitchen Beach Decor

Bright, open-plan kitchen and dining area with modern beach decor, large windows with ocean view, and pendant lighting.

The kitchen at the Ventura Beach House is so open and filled with light. The white surfaces, cabinets, and appliances maximize the space. The finishes are chrome and gold, and I love the look of the mixed metals.

Bright modern kitchen with white cabinetry, floating shelves, a central island with a marble countertop, and rattan bar stools under pendant lights.

I can’t even tell you how much I love our kitchen. I love cooking here and dining with our family. We will be dining on the third-floor deck as soon as the weather warms up. That is going to be so much fun.

Most of you are aware that I had some issues with our appliances. Many stores only offer a 24-hour return policy. If you are remodeling, checking your appliances months before installation is challenging. But please check your appliances as soon as they are delivered to ensure there is no damage and that all sizes are correct.

Here are the items I selected for our kitchen, divided into three areas: the cooking area, the dining room, and the beverage side.

The Cooking Area Beach Decor

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The Dining Room Beach Decor

A bright, modern kitchen with white cabinets, a central wooden table with woven chairs, and a chandelier. subtle decor and natural light create a welcoming space.

Although I know we will dine on the deck most of the year, our current cold and wet weather necessitates dining in our kitchen. And it is excellent! The table seats six, but two leaves can expand to ten, so we are ready for entertaining.

The Beverage Area Beach Decor

Nugget Ice Maker by Gevi sitting on the counter in our kitchen at the beach house.

Before the remodel, we had a beverage refrigerator in the garage. I always dreaded heading down there (which was multiple times a day), so I decided we should have a second beverage refrigerator in our kitchen instead.

I selected the smaller Cafe refrigerator, which holds everything we need for our family and friends. My favorite is the Gevi Nugget Ice Maker. Can you believe how well it matches the kitchen?

The boys all love the layout, and it’s working so well. As you can see, we have the coffee, water dispenser, cocktails, and wine on this side of the kitchen. It’s just so perfect.

Bright, modern kitchen with white cabinetry, subway tiles, a wooden dining table, wicker chairs, and pendant lights.

My Favorite Neutral Kitchen Decor!


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Modern beach house living room with white walls, a mounted tv above a fireplace, wooden dining table, and a view of the ocean through large windows.

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  1. Beach house is wonderful! Did you consider brass hardware for sink faucet fixture and the pot filler? That would look so cohesive and so nice with all the gold you went with elsewhere in the kitchen (appliances) and throughout the house! I have an interior decorator friend in LA and she just installed the same in her reno and it looks so good!

    Enjoy the memories.

    1. I did not. Although I am not sure why, I have never liked brass faucets. I knew on day one I wanted to mix the hardware. My appliances all have the brass and chrome so I wanted to carry that theme.
      It’s funny because I know three people who have recently done the same and mixed brass and chrome. Maybe we are starting a new trend? Hehe.

  2. Congrats Leslie! It looks so restful and relaxing! Hopefully the weather will start cooperating so you can enjoy that 3rd floor deck. 🙌👏👏

    1. Thank you so very much! Could not be happier- we got some nice weather (finally!) on Sunday so got to sneak up there hehe 🥰

  3. I am just loving the reveals of your beach house! Perfection! Quick question, I love your bar stools and am considering them for our home. I really like the chairs’ spacing and proportions at your island, so wondered if you would share the length of your island? Thank you in advance!

  4. This was so fun. I had a good time figuring the layout and where the two refrigerators were in reference to each other. This is a beautiful space and the views and flow are incredible. Thank you for this detailed tour!

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