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The tile in our beach house is simply amazing and today I am sharing my resource for the absolute best place to source bath and kitchen tile.

Choosing tile is one of the most important decisions to make during a remodel or a new build. Having a partner you can trust, that can help you navigate all of the choices and validate your design concept is essential for a successful project. I worked with Mission Tile West and the experience was unbelievable. Are you dreaming of a remodel project? Then start here!

white beach house kitchen with island, countertops, white cabinets, and new lighting.
The Beach House

Beach House Kitchen Design Elements

white beach house kitchen with island, countertops, white cabinets, and new lighting.

My goal, in designing the beach house, was streamlined sophistication. I wanted all of the surfaces to be clean, neat, and uncluttered. Armed with the mood boards that I had created for the beach house kitchen, I headed to my favorite tile and design partner, Mission Tile West.

Mission Tile West is a local tile business in South Pasadena, California, and they also have two additional locations, one in Santa Monica, California, and the other in Costa Mesa, California.

This post is sponsored by Mission Tile West. All words, reviews, and opinions are mine.

The team I worked with at Mission tile West.
Thano, Kathy and George Adamson

Mission Tile West is a family-owned business that was started almost forty years ago. We have been family friends for a very long time and our boys grew up with Thano and Kathy Adamson’s four sons.

The Adamson family business started from a need to sell custom Mexican tiles. The business has grown as there are now three Mission Tile West locations which represent hundreds of tile manufacturers, and two tile factories manufacturing their own lines of tile. They also own Mission West Kitchen & Bath which sells plumbing fixtures, hardware, vanities, lighting, appliances, and countertops.

Mission Tile West store

One of Mission Tile West’s sayings is “Treat your family like guests and your guests like family.”  Trust, fairness, and thoughtful guidance all from a company that will treat you like family. What more could you ask for?

For the beach house remodel I worked with both Mission Tile West and Mission West Kitchen and Bath. In the next few weeks, I will also be sharing more specifics about our bath and kitchen remodel including all of the products that were used.

white beach house kitchen with island, countertops, white cabinets, and new lighting.

Mission Tile West’s offerings include fine ceramic tile, terra cotta tile, natural stone tile, porcelain tile, glass tile, and metal tile for kitchens, baths, flooring, stairs, outdoor spaces, and commercial spaces.

Selecting bath and kitchen tile for your home can be overwhelming and I love that Mission Tile West offers design and installation services and holds customer service in the highest regard. Whether you are renovating or building new, Mission Tile West’s goal is for you to have the best possible experience with the best possible outcome.

tile att he Mission tile West store

Tile is one of the most important design decisions to make during a remodel or new build project because it will not only set the design tone for the room, it is an economic investment as it is not easily changeable.

George Adamson from Mission tile West assisting with tile selection
George Adamson

I worked closely with George Adamson who helped me with design. Having a dedicated design consultant was one of the most helpful and valuable aspects of my partnership with Mission Tile West. The number of tile options can be almost overwhelming, but having a design consultant to help navigate the universe of choices for the designs I wanted to achieve was a critical path to project success.

New beach house kitchen. White kitchen with white tile, quarts island, appliances, wood table and white cabinets.

For the kitchen backsplash/wall, I chose a white kitchen backsplash tile called the Mission Tile West 2″x6″ Revival Classic in white gloss. Because our ceilings are now 10′ and slanted, we tiled from the countertop, up the wall, and around and above the windows to add dimension to the room. I love the clean lines these tiles provide and they are so easy to clean and keep clean.

Hand-Painted Tiles in Our Kitchen

hand painted blue and white tile available at Mission Tile West

Hand-painted tiles are one of my favorite services available at Mission Tile West. You can choose from their hand-painted designs, or, provide your vision and let them create the vision for you! These tiles are handcrafted by skilled artisans, making each piece unique and one-of-a-kind.

Typically MTW offers intricate and traditional hand-painted tile. When I was visiting the store, I saw them painting these tiles. Aren’t they incredible?

The hand-painting process allows for an unlimited range of design options, making it easy to find a product that fits the specific needs and aesthetic of your project.

Here you can see the start of a tile and the tiles in the kilns.

My Humorous Hand-Painted Tile Story

I know you will not be surprised that I was inspired to create my own design for our kitchen.

So where would this hand-painted tile go?

Our kitchen has two areas, the main cooking area, and the beverage area. I wanted to use hand-painted tile on the backsplash of the beverage area above the sink. And I wanted to mix it in with the all-white Revival tile seen in the rest of the kitchen.

George and I talked about the design and I have to admit I was really confused. I spent weeks trying to come up with a design for the handpainted tile. I didn’t want anything traditional and I didn’t want anything too “beachy”.

Rather, I wanted something fun and unique to our beach house.

Finding the Inspiration

And then I finally found my inspiration! For my son Matt’s 30th birthday, our family went to Sonoma to celebrate and enjoy the wine of the region. We had dinner one night at an amazing restaurant and I came across a wall with some really unique hand-painted tile. I snapped a few photos and was so excited to share them with the family.

Here are the photos I took of the tile.

The minute I saw it I knew what I wanted to do! I was so excited.

I showed the photos to everyone and no one said a word.

Wait, what?????

I explained to them that it would be done in the colors of the home with white tile and taupe-colored paint. But everyone (Dave, Andrew, Charlotte, Matt, Michael, and Ellie) thought it was a very strange idea.

I lost the vote 1 – 6. But then again, they all didn’t really get a vote. I will admit I was a bit cranky and I just explained they had to trust me because I knew it was going to look amazing.

And of course, now that it is done, it looks even better than amazing.

Hand Painting the Tile

I showed the pictures to my friends at Mission Tile West and they knew exactly what to do.

The hand-painted tile is created using Mission Tile West Revival tiles and one afternoon I stopped by MTW and watched them paint my tiles.

The skilled artisan and I discussed each design and we went with a simpler design than the tiles I had seen.

I knew the minute I saw them that they were going to be incredible!

The Finished Painted Tile

Beverage side of the kitceh with hand painted tiles, water dispenser, quartz countertops and white cabinets.

Isn’t this incredible?

I spent about an hour laying out a completely random design for our tile installer and this is the backsplash of our beverage area.

handpainted tile by Mission tile west

And the installer had it done within a few hours.

Doesn’t it look fabulous? My husband Dave is the only person who has seen this part of our kitcehn and he loves it. So the vote is now 2 – 5.

The rest of the naysayers in my family did not get a preview of the hand-painted tile and so they are seeing this space today along with the rest of you. I made them wait. (Because that’s what they get for not believing in me!) Hehe.

Beverage side of the kitchen with hand painted tiles, water dispenser, quartz countertops and white cabinets.

Do you have a space where you would like to add or design hand-painted tile? Reach out to Mission Tile West!

I cannot begin to tell you how special it is to have hand-painted tile in the beach house kitchen. Every time I look in the direction of the beverage area, these hand-painted tiles tie the memories of our Sonoma trip to our newly remodeled beach house, where we will create so many family memories for years to come.

What an incredible memory.

hand painted tiles from Mission Tile West

Why Mission Tile West Seems Familiar

If the names Mission Tile West and Mission West Kitchen & Bath seem familiar to you, it is because they have been featured in magazines like Architectural Digest, House Beautiful, Hewn and Hammered, and the Los Angeles Times.

New beach house kitchen. White kitchen with white tile, quarts island, appliances, wood table and white cabinets.

I have worked with Mission Tile West on remodeling projects over the last twenty years. In South Pasadena, I redid our kitchen and five bathrooms. I remodeled two bathrooms at the beach house nine years ago (and they still remain even after this remodel!). I can very comfortably and exuberantly say that I am a very happy customer.

If you are in Southern California and have a renovation or new build project that requires tile, please reach out to or visit Mission Tile West. Get that mood board started and visit the Mission Tile West nearest you!

More Kitchen and Bath Remodel Specifics Coming Soon

Be sure and check back soon as I will be sharing all of the specifics for everything I used to remodel the beach house kitchen, the primary bath, and the bunk room bath.

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white beach house kitchen with island, countertops, white cabinets, and new lighting.

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  1. What a brilliant idea! I love the designs you created and the color you chose for the glaze. The final look is elegant yet modern and blends perfectly with your beautiful beach house.

  2. The hand painted tiles look fresh with just the right amount of color. Maybe I missed it, but how have you prepared your beach house to withstand high winds and water surges due to climate change? So many homes are damaged each year that soon there won’t be rebuilding assistance available, but maybe a small compensation to allow homeowners to move so the land can return to bring a natural buffer zone. I’m sure others could benefit from knowing your plan.

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