The Five Minute Winter Wreath DIY


I love making wreaths and I love how this five-minute winter wreath came out. I can’t wait to share how easy it is to make.

This is a five-minute wreath that actually looks amazing. I made this winter wreath and there is a secret. And what is that? Having the right stuff to make it with. Yep. That’s the secret to this wreath.

Five Minute Winter Wreath DIY

Winter Wreath

Five Minute Winter Wreath in Kitchen Window

Do you have an extra five minutes?

You could make a cup of coffee.

Perhaps straighten the pillows on your couch.

Or, why not make a winter wreath?

The Five Minute Winter Wreath DIY

This winter wreath is so fantastic and all I did was glue some thin wood flowers onto the wreath.

And it really did only take five minutes.

Five Minute Winter Wreath Hanging in Window

I had so many places where I wanted to hang it in our home. I thought it would be in the craft room for sure.

Then I decided it should go on the wall of vintage windows that hang in our family room.

But then I stepped into the kitchen to grab a pair of scissors to hang the wreath, and I knew it had to go in the kitchen.

Such a dilemma, right?

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How to Make a Winter Wreath

How to Make a Five Minute Wreath

The secret to this wreath is these Sola Wood flowers. I honestly had never heard of them and then one day they popped up on my Amazon. I couldn’t believe they were made out of wood so I knew they might make a great wreath.

More specifically, here is some pertinent information about Sola flowers.

  • Sola wood flowers are natural products made from tapioca or balsa tree bark.
  • They are sustainable and biodegradable products constructed to appear as flowers but they NEVER wilt!
  • Sola wood flowers can be left in their natural ivory or easily dyed to the color of your preference.
  • They are used in several ways, including crafting, weddings (bouquets, table pieces, or decor), scent diffusers, potpourri, home decor, and much more!

Materials Needed to Make this Wreath

Materials to Make The Winter Wreath

So how do you make the wreath?

I shared these progress photos with you. But to be perfectly honest, all you need to do is glue the flowers (with a hot glue gun) randomly on the wreath.

It really takes about five minutes.

Maybe even less.

Five Minute Winter Wreath Hanging in Window

The last step is to hang it somewhere in your home.

Of course, it took me way longer to decide where to hang it than it did to make the wreath.

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The Stainless Steel Glass Rinser

Glass Washer

I wanted to share one of my favorite gadgets we have in our home. It’s a stainless steel glass rinser.

You can see it on the left side of our sink in the photo below. It’s the best thing ever. You gently press down on the washer with an upside-down glass and it cleans it with hot water.

Trust me, when you have as many empty wine glasses after a family dinner as we do, you will really want one of these.

Or juice cups, or water bottles, or water glasses, or coffee cups.

Five Minute Winter Wreath Hanging in Window.

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a wreath hanging in a window made with white wood flowers and a grapevine wreath.
9 Winter Wreath Ideas

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  1. Leslie these wreath is stunning! Have to tell you though, I love the glass rinsed. Will definitely be talking to the hubby about installing one of those. Thanks for all your great tidbits.

  2. Leslie, can you do a video to show how the new gadget that cleans glasses and cups works? Very interesting for sure.

  3. I love your blog. I look forward everyday to see what your next project, etc. will be.
    Love your ideas and that the projects are easy to accomplish.

  4. I just made this winter wreath! You’re right!! It took no time at all. Only regret is that it wasn’t larger.

  5. Wow, this wreath was super easy. I made it this morning and absolutely love it. I purchased the items listed so I knew the results would be close. One of the nicest things about it is that the wreath base is so pretty it is not necessary to hide it by covering it completely. It came out gorgeous. Your crafts are always stunning and always doable.

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