Summer Beach Memories and Happy 4th!

Our home in Ventura has provided us with so many incredible summer beach memories. Today I am sharing some of those fun times with you.

Since our Ventura home is under construction, we won’t be spending the 4th of July holiday on the beach this year. But we are counting the days until we are back at the beach and enjoying the warm California beach days.

Summer Beach Dinner in the Sand

The Beach House

Nine years ago I talked my husband into buying a beach house. Located up the coast about ninety minutes away, I found a small beach house located in Ventura Beach. Just steps from the sand, it was truly a dream family weekend home.

Summer Beach Fun

The beach house needed some work and I undertook a three-month remodel that involved redoing bathrooms, a kitchen, and some cosmetic upgrades.

For nine years we have enjoyed the beach house more times than I can remember. Dave and I call the beach house our “kid magnet” as the boys have loved visiting the beach house as much, if not more than we have.

We have celebrated holidays, birthdays, friends, and extended family and during the recent work-at-home years, we spent about 50% of our time there.

Summer Beach Dinner in the Sand

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One of my favorite things to do at the beach is to sit in my chair and watch the boys. It helps that they cannot stand still so there is always something to see. Usually, they are “peppering” with a volleyball or enjoying a game of smash ball, but sometimes I am mesmerized by how they just simply entertain each other. While laughing the entire time.

Summer Beach Dinner in the Sand

Dinner on the Beach

We have spent countless evenings dining on the beach. Early on we discovered we could drink legally on our beach, so dinners on the sand with a few bottles of wine have become a tradition over time.

Summer Beach Dinner in the Sand
Summer Beach

The Remodel

Master Bedroom Summer Beach House

As our family expands, and our lifestyle seems to need more space, we decided it was time to remodel the beach house. By adding a few more bedrooms, a larger living area, a bigger kitchen, and a third-floor deck, the house will be perfectly suited for our family for many years to come.

We are in the fourth month of the remodel and things are progressing. We hope to finish sometime this fall and cannot wait until the beach house is ready for our family to enjoy again.

You can read more about the beach house remodel here:

Memorial Day Post – Beach House Update

Summer Beach House Update

Beach House Kitchen and Remodel Update

Our Small Beach House Remodel and Sunday Morning Coffee

Beach House Remodel Update

A Beach House Tour of the Remodel – Week One

Summer Beach

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Summer Beach Memories and Happy 4th!

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  1. Such a tranquil setting! Anything that draws the family together is always a plus. Memories become more precious as the years come and go. Enjoy today and every moment. You are quite the “all in one” decorator and creative, clever designer. I’m starting to ask myself, “What would Leslie do”? 🤔 Have a wonderful day! Happy 4th!

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