Memorial Day Post – Beach House Update


Today’s Memorial Day post is an update on the beach house construction. Let’s kick off summer and see what’s new at the beach house!

Traditionally, we spend every Memorial Day weekend at the beach. This year, I was at the beach, but instead of on the beach, I was at the beach house measuring, planning spaces, and trying to figure out what furniture will go where. Keep reading to learn about the design system I made up.

Memorial Day Post - Beach House Update

The Not So Pretty Beach House Update

Memorial Day Post - Primary Bedroom Beach House Update

I know the title above says Make It Pretty, but as you can see, we are a long way from pretty. In fact, this Memorial Day post just might have the least pretty photos ever!

We have accomplished a lot with the Bach house remodel since my last update.

The siding was added to the exterior of the home and most of the rough electrical and plumbing is done.

And that doesn’t really look like much progress but it is. In fact, they are going to start drywall in a few weeks. And that is very exciting.

Of course, we still don’t have windows so we are waiting. And waiting. But apparently, you can still drywall just up to near the windows and then finish the drywall when the windows arrive.

That’s good news!

Why Remodels Are Stressful

Memorial Day Post - Staircase Beach House Update

I take pride in staying calm day after day, even though I have a pretty stress-free job. (Most people don’t think my job is stress-free but I do because I love it so much.)

But this remodel has definitely hit the stressful stage.


Because I am juggling a million balls in the air. And I have a more-than-full-time-job and there is so much work to do for this house.

This remodel is like another full-time job.

Don’t get me wrong, I love it, but I kind of forgot about the stressful part when we remodeled the Waco house a few years ago.

So Why is Remodeling Stressful?

Beach House Hallway

Shipping delays. Rough electrical and plumbing. And lots of decisions to make every single day.

Rough Electrical and Plumbing

Memorial Day Post - 3rd floor Deck Beach House Update

I got a call last week that they needed to know where the gas line needs to be on the 3rd-floor deck for the firepit.

Forget the fact that I haven’t even picked out the firepit. Or that I had no idea what the deck furniture would be or if it would even fit on the deck.

But sure, let me tell you exactly where to put the gas line that cannot be moved. Ever.

This called for an emergency trip to the beach house. And lots of paper and tape and help from my bestie Maryliz. (I did hours and hours of research for furniture for the deck in advance of our trip.)

My Made Up Design System

We took off for the beach house and knew we couldn’t leave Ventura until we figured out the exact furniture and layout for the entire deck. Only then could we know where the gas line would go for the fire pit.

The first thing we did was select and lay out the dining table. We used the dimensions to mark off the footprint with butcher paper and tape. And yes, I have used this system many times before. I know you can accomplish the same thing with a floor plan app. But I need to be able to see it in person and and lay it out and kind of live it to make sure it will work.

Good news. My design system worked again.

Memorial Day Post - 3rd floor Deck Beach House Update.

This helped us determine how much space we had for the seating area. And the gas-plumbed firepit.

Next, we laid out the footprint for the deck furniture I wanted to use. We also taped off the built-in benches I thought would allow for more people to enjoy the firepit at night (because having your back to the ocean at night is just fine). The built-in benches are a new addition.

Memorial Day Post - 3rd floor Deck Beach House Update.

Next, we added the firepit footprint. (Which is represented by the wood boards on the floor.)

After lots of pulling up the paper and taping it down again, we got it to fit.

This is probably the time that I should mention we ran to pick up lunch (from Beach House Tacos in Ventura which has the best tacos ever!). The wind picked up while we were gone and well … let’s just say we re-taped a few things when we got back.

We used blue tape to mark the built-in bench and the firepit and after a few hours, it was done!

Memorial Day Post - 3rd floor Deck Beach House Update

The Outdoor Kitchen

Memorial Day Post - 3rd floor Deck Beach House Update

Look! My outdoor kitchen! Isn’t it lovely? Hahaha.

(And don’t worry about the slope, the decking will be even but underneath it, we will have lots of slope for drainage.) Of course, that is assuming we might actually get rain in Southern California.

The Outdoor Kitchen area needs a lot of planning (by yours truly). It is plumbed and has electricity for a sink, gas grill, and small beverage refrigerator. Have I picked any of that out? Nope.

If you have any great outdoor kitchen photos or ideas please send them my way!

The rest of the day was spent walking through the house going through every room and making changes or updates to the rough plumbing and electrical. And then I have to figure out cabinets and drawers. That will survive in the beach weather.

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Making Changes

Memorial Day Post - Primary Bedroom Bath Beach House Update

Next, we spent hours and hours walking through the house and pretending like we were living there to make sure every switch and light was in the right place. We also checked the plumbing and well, I have a four-page list for my contractor.

With lots of questions and changes.

Oh well, better now than after the drywall is installed.

Ok, does that explain why I am stressed? Yep. That’s why.

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Whether you are remodeling, refreshing or managing a new build, there are so many decisions to be made. Below are some of the choices I have made for our beach house, click the photo to check them out!

Memorial Day Weekend is the kick-off for summer! Below are some of my beach favorites.

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Beach House Update

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  1. I don’t envy you the thousands of decisions that you need to make BUT I do envy how amazing its going to be in the end! What an wonderful place to have to be about to rest and recharge…once all the remodels done of course. 😂

  2. Hi Leslie ,
    how exciting ,all the ideas that comes with building a new beach house , I am an Ozzie and I was lucky enough to have owned a original beach house that was 50 years old , at Light House Beach , Port Macquarie NSW, that my husband and I renovated , a long process ,but the view’s, the whales and watching the cheeky dolphins surfing with the surfers was unforgettable, and lets not forget the headaches with getting the right supplies but it was worth it , sadly I no longer own it but it was the best 8 yrs , best of luck and enjoy
    from your Ozzie neighbor

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