How We Built Our Home Wine Cellar at the Beach House


Today I am sharing how we built and installed our home wine cellar in a hallway during a remodel at our beach house. We love it.

I will also discuss how you can install a wine cellar even when you’re not undergoing a full construction process. This is such a fun addition to our beach house.

Our home wine cellar built in a hallway at our beach house.
The Beach House

How We Built Our Home Wine Cellar

Our home wine cellar built in a hallway at our beach house.

Imagine sipping a glass of your favorite wine while being surrounded by your very own wine cellar, complete with elegant glass doors and a cooling unit. Let’s dive in and discover how you can turn your wine cellar dreams into reality.

A built in wine cellar at the beach in a hallway.

Section 1: Planning and Design

A Light Purple Wine Cellar at the Beach House

During the early stages of the remodel of our beach house, we had no intention of adding a wine cellar. There was no room for a wine cellar and we had a wine refrigerator that we intended to add to the beverage side of our kitchen.

One day we were walking in the downstairs hallway observing the construction when I had an idea. I said to my husband, “What if we moved this hallway two feet back into the bedroom and add a wine cellar here in the hallway?”

Apparently, it was a good idea because my husband thought it was a brilliant idea.

We met with our contractor and carefully planned and designed our wine cellar to make the most of the available hallway space. If you think you might have a space where you can do this, start by assessing the area and determining the capacity you desire for your wine collection.

Consider factors such as insulation, lighting, ventilation, and accessibility. Sketch out a layout and select glass doors that not only showcase your wines but also maintain proper temperature and humidity levels.

Section 2: Construction During a Remodel

If you’re fortunate enough to be undergoing a remodel, building a wine cellar becomes more straightforward. Clear the hallway area and prepare it for construction. Remove any existing drywall or finishes and ensure a clean and level surface. Install insulation on the walls and ceiling to create a temperature-controlled environment.

Proceed with installing the necessary framework and electrical connections during the remodeling process.

Next, it came time to install the wine racks. We chose to use alder wood and used a local company to make the racks. One word of caution, be sure to use a local company because the cost of the shipping might cost more than the wine racks!

Section 3: Cooling Unit Installation

Our home wine cellar built in a hallway at our beach house.
We hid the cooling unit in the top left of the wine cellar.

We spent quite a bit of time deciding if we should install a cooling unit.

A lot of wine cellars have cooling units because it is important to maintain a steady cool temperature in a wine cellar. Ideally, you want the temperature to be 55 – 60 degrees but the most important factor is maintaining a consistent temperature.

Our beach house doesn’t get very warm but with the warmer temperatures this year, we decided to add a cooling unit. As you can see the unit is located in the top left.

It’s a good idea to consider a cooling unit in your wine cellar but just make sure you select a suitable cooling unit based on the size of your wine cellar. During the remodel, ensure proper ventilation and electrical access for the cooling unit installation.

Seek professional assistance to ensure the unit is correctly connected and functioning optimally. Take advantage of the remodeling process to incorporate the cooling unit seamlessly into the design of your wine cellar.

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Section 4: Glass Doors and Lighting

Our home wine cellar built in a hallway at our beach house.

To showcase your wine collection and add a touch of elegance, consider installing glass doors. Select doors with UV protection to shield your wines from harmful light exposure.

During the remodel, work with professionals to ensure the doors are properly installed, providing both aesthetics and functionality. We installed LED lighting within the cellar to highlight our wine collection and create a warm ambiance. It’s awesome!

Installing a Wine Cellar in a Finished Hallway

If you’re not undergoing a full remodel, it’s still possible to install a wine cellar in a finished hallway. It just depends if you have enough space for a wine cellar to be added to the hallway.

Our wine cellar is 18″ deep, which includes the space for the doors.

You might want to utilize modular wine rack systems that can be easily assembled and adjusted to fit the available area. Opt for freestanding racks or wall-mounted options depending on your hallway’s layout. Take advantage of vertical space and stack wine rack kits for efficient storage.

Our home wine cellar built in a hallway at our beach house.

Installing a Wine Cellar Under a Stairway

Make the most of unused space under a stairway by transforming it into a wine cellar. Assess the available dimensions and then get creative with the design. Utilize custom wine racks or modular systems specifically designed for under-stair storage. Take advantage of the unique shape and angles of the stairway to create a visually appealing and efficient wine storage area. Consider incorporating lighting and glass doors to enhance the display.

Our home wine cellar built in a hallway at our beach house.

Building and installing a wine cellar in a hallway or under a stairway is exciting. Whether you’re in the midst of a remodel or looking to add a wine cellar to a finished space, careful planning, and creative solutions can make it possible.

Embrace the opportunity to create a stunning wine cellar that showcases your collection and elevates the ambiance of your home. With the right approach, you can turn your wine cellar dreams into a reality, even without a full construction process.

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Our home wine cellar built in a hallway at our beach house.

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