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painted fabric pillow

It’s time for another Three Ingredients Challenge. Seven of us are sharing projects today. The three ingredients are fabric, paint, and trim. I have been so excited to share my painted fabric pillow with you as I love how it came out! 

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painted fabric pillow DIY

My idea for this challenge started while I was shopping at the Rose Bowl flea market last month. I was visiting one of my favorite vendors (Euro-Linens) and came across this fabulous vintage fabric and these Hungarian paint rollers. I immediately knew I wanted to make a pillow.

painted fabric pillow paint rollers

What You Need to Make a Painted Fabric Pillow

One yard of fabric for the pillow (you can also use a ready-made pillow cover, such as the linen ones from IKEA)

One bottle of acrylic paint (I used FolkArt Ballet Pink)

Paint roller, cookie cutter, or styrofoam stencil for the design you will paint on your pillow

Sewing machine (unless you are using a ready-made pillow cover)


A soft yarn for pom poms (or ready made pom poms)

A Pom pom maker

Steps to Making the Painted Fabric Pillow

There is an easy and a harder way to make this pillow. The easy way is to purchase a ready-made pillow cover. You can find them at any home decor store and IKEA has linen and cotton pillow covers for under $10. I loved this fabric and took the harder route. 

Cut Out Your Fabric

painted fabric pillow vintage fabric

I used a 20″ pillow form and I cut out three pieces of fabric. The front piece was 22″ square. And the two back pieces were 18″ x 22″ and 10″ x 22″. I used an envelope design (instead of a zipper) for the back of the pillow so that I could easily insert the pillow form.

Paint the Fabric

painted fabric pillow 2

Unfortunately, I don’t think you will be able to find the Hungarian paint rollers that I bought at the flea market and used to make this pillow. But there are two other ways you can paint your fabric (other than freehand painting). The first is to use cookie cutters. Place the paint in a flat paper plate and lightly dip the cookie cutter in the paint and gently lay on top of the fabric.

The second idea is to create a stencil with a styrofoam paper plate. I used this method when I made wrapping paper in December. It’s such a great technique and so easy to do! Just follow the link to see how easy it is to use.

I used a vintage Hungarian paint roller. It was so easy to roll the roller in acrylic paint and then transfer the paint to the fabric.

painted fabric pillow 3

Look how great the fabric turned out. I wanted a somewhat muted and pastel look so I used Folkart Ballet Pink Acrylic paint.

painted fabric pillow 4

Since I didn’t use fabric paint, I had to iron the fabric to seal the paint.  

painted fabric pillow 5

Sew the Fabric Pieces Together

Take the two back side pieces and turn over one edge (along the 22″ side) and sew in the machine. This will finish off the edges where the pillow is inserted.

  painted fabric pillow 6

Next, pin the two pieces together, overlapping the top (smaller) piece so that you have a 22″ square. Pin them securely in place.

painted fabric pillow 7

Place right sides together and pin along the outside using 1/2″ seams. Sew all along the outside edges. If you want to add pom poms, I find it easiest to skip a couple of stitches in each corner and then go back and insert the pom poms after you have sewn the pillow pieces together. (Click here for a tutorial on how to make the pom poms.)

painted fabric pillow 8

After you sew all the way around, clip the corners to allow for easier turning of the fabric. Just don’t cut too close to the stitches.

painted fabric pillow 9

Insert the pom poms from the right side and pin tightly. Re-sew along the stitch line to secure the pom poms.

painted fabric pillow 10

Turn the pillow inside out and iron if necessary to flatten the side seams. Insert the pillow form and you are done!

painted fabric pillow 12

I actually made two of these and I am so happy that I did!

painted fabric pillow14

Now I can’t wait to share the other projects for this 3 Ingredient Challenge created by my blogger friends.

Happy Happy Nester

Janine from Happy Happy Nester made this pillow but would you believe she did it by Dyeing Fabric with Avocado Skins and Pits! It looks so vintage and I love the pom poms! You have to see how she died this fabric! Who would have thought avocado skins would create such a beautiful color.

Modern Glam 

Ashley from Modern Glam made this Fabric Planter DIY: No-Sew Project. I love no sew projects and these are so adorable.

The DIY Mommy

Christina from DIY Mommy made this Hoop Wreath with DIY Fabric Flowers. These flowers are amazing and I cannot wait to make them!

Tater Tots and Jello

Jennifer from Tater Tots and Jello made this Anthropologie-Inspired Colorful Spring Vases DIY. I love anything Anthropologie and these vases are perfect.

Hallstrom Home

Rhonda from Hallstrom Home shared How to Stencil Tea Towel with Chalk Paint. This is so cute and I love the trim she added on the bottom.

Tauni Everett

Tauni from Tauni Everett made a DIY 30 Minute Valentine’s Day Gnome. This is so adorable and I would love to make one!

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  1. I recently bought a new sofa and love seat. They came with a total of 6 throw pillows. I didn’t like any of the fabric choices so I got matching fabric with the intention of making arm covers (which I did) with 2 of them. I have four left and don’t use them. I like throw pillows to bring in extra color and pattern. Great idea! I have several stencils and lots of craft paint. Oh, the choices.

  2. Your project is so amazing and feels like the pillow belongs in a store! You always create the best projects and I love how you make it look so easy!

  3. Leslie, what a fantastic project! Your projects always have such a pretty, soft touch. I love that you’re so true to your personal style. And the vintage Hungarian roller…I die!

  4. i have always dyed yarn with plants and flowers. go to a BOOK on how to dye yarn and use it on your fabrics with your stencils and cutouts that book makers use. both have more ideas to use on. not just paper or yarn.

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