New Spring Crafts – Painted Napkins

I love this spring craft! I made these painted napkins (and table runner) with my favorite spring colors and a paint roller. This is such an Easy DIY and fun spring crafts.

Painted Napkins - Spring Crafts

You might remember the dish towels I made with this paint roller. They are pink and they were so popular! I decided I need to make another spring craft so I made some very pretty green napkins and a table runner.

I am having so much fun making spring crafts. Especially when they are easy and really inexpensive to make. These painted napkins cost less than $2.00 to make. And I think they took less than five minutes to make each one!

I first started painting with paint rollers whan I bought these vintage French paint rollers at the Rose Bowl Flea Market.

French Paint Rollers

But then I found this paint roller from Amazon and it is actually my favorite. Although the roller comes in many designs, I like this one the best. In fact, I used this roller for both the dish towels, napkins, and table roller.

Spring Crafts Painted Table Runner

How to Make Spring Crafts Painted Napkins

Don’t these napkins look great on our dining room table?

New Spring Crafts Easy Painted Napkins

I love the green and I love the napkins.

Spring Crafts Painted Napkins

I use my sterling silver every day. I love to mix and match and I never have to polish it!

Painted Napkins Spring Crafts

Technically, I suppose you could say the greens don’t match perfectly. But who cares!

New Spring Crafts Painted Napkins

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Painted Napkins Spring Crafts Supplies

What You Need to Make These Painted Napkins Spring Crafts

I own a lot of acrylic paint. And I always mix my colors. I used a combination of these three green acrylic paints from my craft storage room.

You can use fabric paint if you are worried about wearability. I use acrylic paint and iron it afterward and the paint has lasted very well. It’s up to you.

Paint Colors for Spring Crafts

Normally I would iron the fabric first. But since I wanted to use the fold lines to help me paint straight on the napkins, I did not iron these napkins first. I do, however, always iron them when I am done to help adhere the paint to the fabric.

Be sure to make sure you are painting the napkins inthe right direction of how they are folded. I made note of the placement of the tag and copied the location of the tag on every napkin before painting.

Prepare for Painting

I put my paint in a cookie sheet, lined with foil. You need a flat surface that will fit the roller.

Paint Roller with Design

I centered the roller on the opened napkin and just rolled it, pressing harder as I go so that the amount of paint would be even.

Watch the video to see exactly how I made these.

New Spring Crafts - Painted Napkin

Because of the width of the napkin, I used the paint roller twice. I actually used the outside edge of the napkin seam as a guide for both.

Paint Roller Painted Napkins

Watch the Video Here

How to Make a Paint Roller Table Runner

I had a lot of paint leftover, so I searched my butler’s pantry for something else to paint.

I found an old burlap paint roller that I knew needed some sprucing up.

I used the same paint and just eyeballed it to keep it in the center.

Table Runner - Painted

I am sure you are wondering how I did this and didn’t run out of paint on my roller.

I would have but I figured out a system to reload the paint roller. Pick a unique design on the roller on the far right side. I picked a rose flower that was one-of-a-kind. I stopped rolling when I was getting low on paint, and as soon as I had rolled on the flower. Then I removed the roller and added more paint. I then carefully lined up the rose flower on the roller and continued painting until I needed more paint.

If you look closely, you can see the rose on the right side. That was the flower I used as my “marker”. You can’t even tell that stopped and started.

Painted Table Runner

I love using both the napkin and table runner together.

Painted Napkins Spring Crafts

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  1. I am sooooo enjoying your blog/email/IG posts! Thanks for sharing with us. Love your home! We are moving from a farmhouse on a ranch (downsizing as we get older), and moving into a small 1600 sq ft modular home on 39 acres. I am working on how to make this older modular home my own. New modulars are pretty amazing, but we love the loction of this one – complete views of Pikes Peak mountain and the entire front range mountains (Colorado). Your inspiration has helped me and given me the confidence that I can make this new place as awesome as our current home!

    1. Oh my gosh Kelly, thank you so much for reaching out! Your home site sounds incredible! With views like those to work with, I am confident you will be able to make the home your own. Please keep me updated with your progress!

  2. Honestly your craft projects are amazing.One better than the other.So many beautiful ideas for every season every holiday.Even though I don’t have time to write on some of your posts I have to say that every time I open my e-mails I first look for your posts because I enjoy reading everything you have to say and everything you create.Your posts make my day. I’m so glad I found your blog. Hope you have a wondeful day.From Corfu Greece XOXO.

    1. Oh my gosh Barbara, I cannot tell you how much your comment touched me! Thank you so much for reaching out! I am so happy that what I do makes you happy! Have a wonderful week!

  3. Thank you for all your Awesome Ideas and Sharing Them with Us !
    I made your Valentine Towels and Now getting Ready to Make your Napkins. So Much Fun !

  4. Hi!
    I love your napkins! I also love the veggie towels you just did. Would this paint work for the veggies? I don’t have the ink but I have this paint. Will it last? I was wanting to do your craft for Mothers Day.
    Thank you

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