Peony Flower Basket

I was so excited to be a part of this peony flower blog hop. When I couldn’t find fresh peonies, I decided to make some of my own. Today I am sharing how you can make a peony felt basket.

Peony Basket

When I joined a group of bloggers many months ago to be part of a blog hop, I was so excited. I imagined going down to the LA Flower Mart and finding some gorgeous peony flowers and decorating my home with flowers everywhere.

Well, obviously that didn’t happen. 

I know you are surprised that I made felt peonies and attached them to a basket I bought a few months ago.

Peony Flower Basket DIY

Some of you may think I should have just gone to a market and bought some peonies. But I can’t. My husband is high risk and I won’t take that risk.

Besides, then I wouldn’t have had this adorable Basket with Felt Peony Flowers.

Be sure to go to the bottom of this post to see all of the peony decor ideas created by my blogger friends.

Peonies on Basket

This was one of my late-night projects.  I started cutting the petals yesterday afternoon but I kept getting distracted. The next thing I knew it was 9:00 pm and I still had petals to cut and roughly twelve flowers to make. I should probably mention that each peony flower has 28 petals.

Let’s just say it was a late night.

What You Need to Make a Felt Peony Flower Basket

A Cricut Machine (The Cricut Maker is the best as it cuts fabric and crepe paper very easily) Of course you can also use scissors.

Felt –  I love Benzie Felt. Their colors are amazing and their Wool Blend Felt is the best. I think their prices are good too. The colors I used are Raspberry, Rose, Peony, and Pink. Each peony takes about one 12″ x 12″ square.

Glue gun and sticks

Floral wire

Felt Peony template from Lia Griffith (instructions are also included).

How to Make a Felt Peony Flower Basket

I downloaded the SVG files from Lia Griffith’s website as they are what the Cricut machine needs to cut the petals from the template. Lia also has a paper template to cut the petals by hand too.

Lia Griffith Felt Flower Patterns

This is what the petal template looks like on my laptop. You can see most of the petals have a slit up the center of them.

Using the Cricut Maker Machine

I loaded the felt into my Cricut machine. I let the machine do all of the hard work. I used the setting on the Cricut called Wool Felt.

Cricut Maker Cutting Felt

This is what the cut petals look like when the machine is done.

Why You Need the Cricut Makerjpg

It always amazes me how perfect the. “scraps” look after the felt is cut.

Cricut Maker Cutting Fabric

For some reason, I chose our placemats to hold all of the petals. There were a lot of them!

Felt Peony Petals

Can you guess how many peony flowers these dark pink petals will make?

Petals for Three Felt Peonies

Only three peony flowers.

Yikes, that’s a lot of petals.

Glued Felt Peony Petals

The first step is to glue the slits which make each petal into “a cup” shape.

How to Add Curvature to Your Felt Peony Petals

Next, wrap the three smallest petals (one at a time) around the wire and adhere with a glue gun.

Felt Peony Assembly Step 1a

Here is another view of the same step with the darker pink petal.

Felt Peony Assembly Step 1

Next, glue the petals, in their numbered order, onto the flower. I find it easier to glue them with the flower pointing upside down.

Felt Peony Assembly Step 2

Of course, when you are done and you flip the flower over, it’s a peony!

Felt Peony Assembly Step 3a

Felt Peony Assembly Step 3

To glue the peony flower on to the basket, you need to snip off the wire stem first.

Attaching the Peonies to the Basket

Just so you know, I didn’t measure the basket in advance. Instead, I laid out the flowers along the bottom of the basket and figured out the spacing. I am still trying to figure out how I got so lucky. I made twelve flowers that ended up fitting perfectly around the basket. Next, I figured out how far apart to place the peony flowers and I glued them on to the basket with a good amount of hot glue. I only put glue on the center bottom of the flower but they’re very secure.

Attaching the Felt Flowers

I love how my basket turned out. It’s amazing.

Basket with Peony Felt Flowers

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Felt Flower DIY

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  1. Love your felt peonies Leslie, and you will have them next year! Peonies came and went this year @ TJ’s…only heard this haven’t been in TJ’s in months now.

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