How to Make an Easy Paper Daffodil Bouquet

One of my favorite crafts to make is paper flowers. Today I am sharing how to make an easy paper daffodil bouquet.

In the last few years, I have made peonies, roses, tulips, hydrangeas, gerbera daisies, and poppies. Daffodils are very easy to make and I think the daffodil bouquet looks just like a real daffodil flower.

Yellow and White Paper Daffodil Bouquet laid out on a pink, orange and yellow plaid placemat
You Made that?

Paper Daffodil Bouquet

How to Make Easy Paper Flower Daffodils

A few years ago I taught myself how to make crepe paper flowers. I bought a few books, watched a gazillion videos, bought some supplies, and started making paper flowers. It was that easy. 

If you are interested in making your own, definitely check out this post How to Make Paper Flowers where I share most of the paper flowers I have made.

I wanted to make some flowers for Easter and found that daffodils are a symbol of renewal and hope. Their bright yellow color represents the sunshine and warmth of spring, and daffodils are also the birth flower for March, making them an ideal gift for anyone born during that month.

So I made some paper flower daffodils and I love how they turned out. I love how real they look and I really love that they will last all year!

How to Make a Paper Daffodil Bouquet

How to Make Easy Paper Flower Daffodils

I get asked all of the time, “Why do you make paper flowers?”.

The answer is easy. I love to create.

Anytime I can make something that looks great and is fairly easy to make then I am happy.

These daffodils look amazing and I can use them from spring through summer.

I will probably keep these in a vase most of the time. But look how cute they look in a place setting!

Make Easy Paper Flower Daffodils

They also look great in about every vase I own.

How to Make Easy Paper Flower Daffodils

I also like both colors. I am going to make more daffodil bouquets this weekend to give as gifts.

How to Make Easy Paper Flower Daffodils

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Using the Cricut Machine to Cut Crepe Paper

How to Make Easy Paper Flower Daffodils 3

If you are unfamiliar with a Cricut machine, it is basically a printer that cuts. You send a pattern to the Cricut machine, just like you send something to print. Then you load the Cricut with the cutting mat, (with the crepe paper attached) and it cuts all of the pattern pieces in minutes!

Above is a photo of all of the daffodil pieces that I cut on the Cricut. I love how uniform all of the cut pieces are. I downloaded the pattern from Lia Griffith and just uploaded it into the Cricut Design Space software that controls the Cricut. Detailed directions are included with the pattern. Of course, you can cut the pieces by hand, but if you love to craft, you might want to check out the Cricut machine, the possibilities are endless!

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Steps to Make an Easy Paper Daffodil Bouquet

Once all of the petals are cut, I placed a small thin line of glue down the center of each petal. I folded the petal and then opened it all the way except for a small fold.

Here are the petals and how they look after I added a fold down the middle of each petal.

How to Make Easy Paper Flower Daffodils 7

I also used Pan Pastels to add color to my petals.

How to Make Easy Paper Flower Daffodils 4

Also, if you look closely at the photos below, you can see the stamen I made. I turned over the edge of the wire with pliers and dipped them in yellow paint. I also added the orange pastel coloring on the ends.

Here I made the centers of the flowers and added the stamen. Don’t they look awesome?

Nest I glued six petals on each and added the stem and secured it with floral tape.

Here are the completed daffodils. Aren’t they fun?

How to Make Easy Paper Flower Daffodils

I am definitely going to use this daffodil bouquet for my Easter Brunch table.

Easy Paper flower Daffodils

They may be faux but they look so real and I love the colors.

Paper Flower Daffodils

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best paper for paper flowers?

I love using crepe paper. It has the look of petals with a see-through effect. But it also has enough weight to carry a fold or fluted edge. The colors that are available these days are also gorgeous.

How to Make Easy Paper Flower Daffodils

What You Need to Make Easy Paper Flowers

  • Lia Griffith Pattern (or SVG File for Cricut) for Daffodil Paper Flower (I have the Cricut Maker machine so I love cutting out all of the petals with my Cricut Maker. Since there aren’t many pieces for this flower, you can also follow the link and just get the pattern and cut your own. There are some flowers that I would suggest you don’t cut yourself. The daffodil is easy enough that you can cut it yourself.



Ready to make a daffodil bouquet? Here is everything you need!

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Handmade paper daffodils sitting on a spring colored placemat

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  1. Hi Leslie!
    These paper flowers are beautiful!
    I just love your creativity!

    Thank you for sharing!

  2. Leslie
    I enjoy your enthusiasm and definitely your talent.
    When or where do you get notification for the Barnhouse Chicks’ Market?
    Thank you

  3. When I married about 45 years ago I used to make roses from crepe paper so this really brings back some memories. I wish then I had thought to take pictures of them but who knew…lol! I swear, I couldn’t believe these were paper when I first saw them…they are just gorgeous!

  4. Spring has now sprung with these beautiful crepe daffodils! So lifelike yet can last for years, great crafting from Leslie again!

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