How to Make Paper Flowers

how to make paper flowers

About a month ago I taught myself how to make crepe paper flowers. I bought a few books, watched a gazillion videos, bought some supplies, and started making paper flowers. It was that easy! 

Today I have joined up with three other bloggers to share our paper flowers. Be sure to scroll to the bottom of this post to see their amazing flowers. You will also find the DIY how-to video I created which explains how I made a paper poppy flower.

I started out making poppy paper flowers, then made paper peony flowers and next made quince branches. The photo below shows the quince flowers I made. I still need to attach them to the branches. But I really like them how they look here too!

how to make paper flower quince

I also made some paper peonies and added them to a wreath.

how to make paper flower peonies

JOANN carries paper flower patterns which were created by the very talented Lia Griffith.

how to make paper flower peonies 2

One of my favorite parts of paper flower making is making the stamen. Did you know there are scissors that cut crepe paper in thin strips? It is amazing the difference a gold felt marker can make!

how to make paper flowers 3

Here you can see how the flower is put together. The petals are just glued to the stamen.

how to make paper flower stamens


how to make paper flower petals

I love how the peony petals create a beautiful flower.

how to make paper flower peonies

I also use Pan Pastels to color the petals. It makes all the difference in the world.

how to make paper flower poppies with pastels

How fun is this?

how to make paper flowers 4 how to make paper flowers six

I love making bouquets of paper flowers. This bouquet consists of the first flowers I ever made. The bouquet consists of poppies and peonies. (And a pretty weak attempt at a tulip or two.)

how to make paper flowers eight

Before I share the video I created on how to I made crepe paper poppy flowers, I wanted to share the supplies you will need to make poppies (and most paper flowers).

What You Will Need

Lia Griffith Poppy Template

Lia Griffith Extra Fine Crepe Paper, blush, canary and green

Hot Glue Gun (low temp suggested)

Lia Griffith Fiskars Fringe Scissors (optional but so worth it!)

Floral Tape

Green 22 Gage Stem Wire

Green 16 Gage Stem Wire

1″ styrofoam ball

Pan Pastel Artist Pastels, Pearlescent Red and Orange (optional)


I hoped you enjoyed the video!

how to make paper flower nine

Here are some more posts about paper flowers by my blogger friends.

The DIY Mommy

The DIY Mommy Paper Roses from Dollar Store Streamers

Christina from the DIY Mommy shares how to make easy paper roses with dollar store streamers. You aren’t going to believe how easy these are to make.

Tater Tots + Jello

Jennifer from Tatertots + Jello made easy spring wall art with paper flowers. How adorable is this?

Happy Happy Nester

Janine from Happy, Happy, Nester made some wonderful crepe paper flowers. I love her minimalist palette. It’s gorgeous!

I hope this blog post has inspired you to try to make paper flowers. It’s so much fun and the end result is gorgeous. Be sure and watch my video and let me know what you think!

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