The Forty Five Minute White Wreath

You all loved the five-minute wreath I made last month so I decided to make another one. This time I am making a Forrty-Five Minute White Wreath with paper lunch bags!

Yep, you read that correctly, with paper lunch bags! If you have a little bit of time, no crafting ability whatsoever, and want to give crafting a try, this is the craft for you!

Easy Craft for Crafting Newbies and Kids

Paper Bag White Flowers

I have been crafting for my whole life. I literally cannot remember a time when I wasn’t attempting to make something. Sewing was my first love, but I quickly learned about macrame, crochet, jewelry making, and glue guns and I have never looked back.

While I am an experienced crafter, I always strive to make sure that what I have to share is meaningful and approachable to everyone who reads my blog and follows along. So I have started adding some really simple, no crafting knowledge, experience, or ability required!

I don’t know about you, but I learn from watching a video, so I made one for you. I think it’s easier than trying to follow a step by step. Watch and then do!

*I uploaded a new video that isn’t quite so fast. this should help! If you can’t see the video, click here.

How to Make a White Wreath

The Forty Five Minute White Wreath.

What do I love most about this wreath? I love that it does not look like it is made from paper lunch bags!

Materials Needed to Make This White Wreath

Materials to Make a White Wreath

  • 18″ (or smaller) straw wreath, leave the plastic on or the straw will disintegrate and shed everywhere
  • 25-35 white paper bags
  • Glue gun
  • Glue sticks
  • Ribbon

For those of you who prefer a step by step, here you go!

  1. Watch the video for reference
  2. Open the bag
  3. Put your hand inside the bag and punch in the two outside edges of the bottom of the bag.
  4. Pinch the center of the bottom of the bag with your thumb and forefinger
  5. With your other hand, twist the bag while maintaining the pinch in the bottom of the bag
  6. Twist the bag 2 times
  7. Remove your hand from the bag
  8. Turn the edges of the top of the bag up towards the twisted area
  9. Ta-da, you have a paper rose
Paper Bag White Flowers.

To assemble the wreath, I glued three rows of flowers onto the wreath. the first row was alongside the outside edge. The second row was on top of the wreath. And the third row was on the inside of the wreath.

  1. Plug in your glue gun to warm it up
  2. Begin by glueing the roses in a horizontal line, one on top of the wreath, one on the inside of the wreath and one towards the outside of the wreath so that the roses are all snuggly together not leaving any gaps
  3. Continue glueing the roses around the circumfrence of the wreath until the entire wreath is covered. The top, inside and outer edge
  4. Once the wreath is covered in paper roses, cut a length of stain ribbon and thread through the middle of the wreath around the top of the wreath to create a loop. You can tie a knot or glue gun the ribbon together

Have fun with this craft. I left the paper bags white, but you could paint them also. How much fun would that be to do with your little ones? Perfection is not required, only imagination!

Forty Five Minute White Wreath.

Below is everything you need to make this paper lunch bag wreath!

Still not going to craft? Here are some gorgeous faux wreaths!

Forty Five Minute White Wreath.

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  1. This looks fun! Crafters could use a marker or paint to “tip” the edges of the roses to go bold or just a hint of color. Did I miss the link to the video? I admit not having finished my morning caffeine so it may be just me. I’m going back to try again.

    Have a lovely day!


    1. The video shows up on my iPad but not on my iPhone. That may be the problem people are having with not seeing the video. I also couldn’t see the supplies needed photos until I looked at the email on the iPad. Hope this helps.

  2. I’m sorry, but where’s the video showing how to make the white wreath out of white paper bags?
    The wreath is beautiful 🥳

  3. Hi im also thinking I missed where the video is??? Ive looked at least 3 I have to go to another site for it??? thanks so much…I love this and want to try and make…hope it turns out half as beautiful as yours…thanks so much for your blog..

  4. It’s just me; I still can find the link to the video, and I went to youtube, the video is not there. Perhaps it is my security?

  5. I didn’t have any trouble with video or instructions but I wish the video wasn’t on high speed! I must have watched it ten times to get the hang of it. I tried and made one……lol
    Love the craft and will try again….

  6. What a sweet unassuming gem!
    LOVE love LOVE it!
    Thanks for the video, wouldn’t have believed it! “0)
    This will be perfect for the entire year!
    Thank you, can’t wait to try it out!

  7. Who would of thought paper bags could look so pretty as using them as a rose wreath~~
    I made the wooden rose wreath and really love the way it turned out!! love love your crafts/instructions are not complicated and so many choices of colors to use if you want. Think I will try red or pink paper bags!! LOVE wreath making

  8. I am in love with this wreath. Heck, I love every wreath. Please tell me the size bag you used. There are too many to choose. Love Amazon too. Wish me luck.

  9. So beautiful!! Could you picture a whole outdoor country wedding with these??? OMG! So freaking simple and such a punch of decor!

  10. I just want to add that I wanted smaller flower shapes so I took an 8×12 sheet of copy paper and tried with that but it wasn’t working as good as it needed to be so I had a few other papers that are 12×12…they will definitely work for making these flowers but you have to do a little more maneuvering with the outside edges of the paper to get it to do what you need it to, so that it all looks like a flower. I folded it in 3’s and made a small crease on each side where you would normally have a fold line. It helped me stay in the center where you do the first pinch.

  11. As many flowers i have made, wish your video would have been a little more specific or shown your hand in the bag and what size bags are you using? Your flowers are so pretty and may I add, sounds little “weird” but anyone using panty liners and the pretty pink and lavender covering, I saved those as taken off and made beautiful pink and lavender rose buds. Get so many compliments and NO ONE knows what I used to make them…

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