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Today, I am sharing the Valentine’s Day DIY vignette I created in my dining room. I created a vignette using DIY fabric valentine hearts and Valentine’s Day Sugar Cookies.

Valentine's Day DIY Cloth Hand Sewn Hearts

Valentine’s Day is one of my favorite holidays. For me, the entire day is about letting the people in my life know and feel that I love them. This includes my kids, husband, and extended family.

It’s also the first holiday after Christmas that I can use as a theme for my decorating. This year I chose pink as my “seasonal winter color” and it just happened to work quite well with Valentine’s Day.

Valentine's Day DIY Vignette Hearts

My favorite holiday to decorate is Christmas (by far!). I create Christmas vignettes all throughout my home, including the kitchen, the entry hall, on side tables in the dining room, the living room, the family room, and on the front and back porches. I have vignettes all over my home, literally everywhere.

Look at the vignettes I have already created for my winter theme and Valentine’s Day. I created a little pop of pink in each room.

Today, I am sharing the Valentine’s Day vignette I created in my dining room. I created a vignette using fabric valentine hearts out of both fabric and felt, Valentine’s Day Sugar Cookies, apothecary jars, one of my favorite Rae Dunn plates, some organza ribbon, and a cute white pitcher with faux flowers. 

Valentine's Day DIY Fabric Hearts in Jars

Let’s start with, what is a vignette? Simply put, it is a small group of objects placed together. What is wonderful about creating a vignette is that you can add a little holiday to a room or space in your home without having to decorate your entire home!

I love to create small holiday vignettes because they are an affordable way to add a warm feeling to any room with just a sprinkle of the holidays. The trick to creating a vignette is to keep it small and focused.

Valentine's Day DIY Vignette Heart Cookies

For my Valentine’s Day vignette, I focused on color and shape and since I love my Rae Dunn “Love” plates, so I knew I wanted to use one of those. I am newly obsessed with apothecary jars so wanted to use those also.

A few years ago I made the fabric valentine hearts and I use them each year when I create Valentine’s vignettes. I also made some out of felt to add some additional texture and color. Be sure to scroll down for the DIY.

Valentine's Day DIY Vignette Hearts in Jars

Earlier this week I made the adorable Valentine’s Day Sugar Cookies and thought they would be perfect to add to the vignette for a little sweetness (pun intended).

Valentine's Day DIY Hearts on Stands

And finally, I added the faux flowers in a cute white pitcher to complete the vignette. When creating a vignette, I start with some core objects and then build from there, adding and taking away until I love it.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you style a vignette?

Styling a vignette should be fun. Start your vignette by grouping items according to things like; similar colors, textures, themes (like a holiday) or choosing items that contrast against the rest of the room.

How do you make a vignette?

First, find items that fit your theme. Your theme can be a color, season, holiday, or just about anything. Find a location where the items will look best. Most of my vignettes are on tables or countertops. When you create the vignette, use objects in odd numbers and vary the height. You can use books or cake stands to vary the heights. Also, try to create depth and vary the texture of your objects.

What is a vignette in decorating? 

The word “vignette” can mean a short literary sketch, or a technique you apply to photos. But in decorating, a vignette is a small grouping of objects that creates a pleasing focal point and “tells a story”. 

What You Need to Make This Craft

Valentine's Day DIY Vignette Hand Sewn Hearts

I made these hearts with some friends of mine. My friend Debra Hall brought vintage fabrics that were left over from the pillows she sells on Debra Hall Lifestyle. I was immediately drawn to the pink/red fabric as well as all of the neutral fabrics. All of the fabrics I used were cotton or linen.

How to Make Valentine Fabric Hearts

Crafting Level: Easy

Valentine's Day DIY Vignette Hand Sewn Hearts

Step #1 – Cut out the Hearts

Valentine fabric hearts DIY 5

Cut out a heart pattern.  Be sure to fold over your paper and cut out half of the heart on the fold. This will ensure that the heart is even on both sides.

I made two different sized heart patterns. You can also sew a heart on top of a heart if you want!

Step #2 – Stich the Hearts

Sew along the outside of the heart, about 1’4″ from the edge with a running stitch. You can try to sew even stitches or not, both will look great. Stop stitching when you have about one inch left to stitch. 

Valentine fabric hearts DIY 6

Step #3 – Fill the hearts.

Valentine fabric hearts DIY 7

You can fill the hearts with dried lavender, polyfill, or anything you want. I filled the small ones with lavender and the larger ones with polyfill. Once filled, continue stitching the heart and knot on the back to secure.

Valentine fabric hearts DIY 8

This really is an easy craft. I hope you will make some of these for Valentine’s Day.

Valentine's Day DIY Cloth Hand Sewn Hearts

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  1. I have so enjoyed following your Blog! You are so creative and everything you have shared is just beautiful and refreshing.. so far I have made the Rosette Felt Wreath. I plan to try more of your ideas too!! Thank you so much for sharing.

    1. Thank you Debra for reaching out to me. I love that you have made one of my wreaths. So many other projects to try! Hae a great day!

  2. Loving your valentine theme, so pretty….. especially love valentines decor because it is festive, fun, cheerful and it can be done easily without going hog wild like Christmas around here. You have certainly inspired me to do a little more this year:) 🙂 🙂

  3. P.S. Please open a shop where your painted pillow covers could be available! (prefer covers only…pillows are filling up the storage here)

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