A DIY Valentine’s Day Gift

diy valentine's day gifts

I have been wanting to make a DIY pillow like this for Valentine’s Day. We have two birthday Valentines in our family so I am always looking for cute Valentine’s Day gift ideas. This pillow is my favorite one so far! I made it without using a sewing machine and used a pillow cover from IKEA!

What You Need

Pillow cover (I used the VIGDIS linen cover from IKEA.)

½ yard linen fabric

Quilting thread

Heart pattern (it’s easiest to just draw your own)

Terial Magic Fabric Stabilizer and 3M Super Multi Purpose Spray Adhesive if you want to cut out the hearts on your cutting machine! (Scissors work great too!)

How to Cut Out the Hearts on a Cutting Machine

I kind of think it might be easier to cut out these hearts with a pattern and scissors. But I have included instructions on how to cut out hearts on a cutting machine. To prepare the fabric for use in your Silhouette, cut 12” square pieces of fabric to fit on your cutting mat.

diy valentine's day gifts pillowdiy valentine's day gifts how to

Spray the fabric with the Terial Magic until the fabric is fully saturated. Let air dry for 15 minutes. The fabric won’t be dry but it will be easier to handle.

diy valentine's day gifts pillow how to make

Iron the fabric dry, using a pressing cloth if needed to protect your iron. The fabric should be very stiff.

diy valentine's day gifts craft

Spray one side of the fabric lightly with the spray adhesive and attach to your cutting mat.

diy valentine's day gifts hearts

I used Silhouette Design Store Heart of Hearts Design ID#117290. I liked the shape of the hearts but wanted them larger. So I rearranged the hearts by using the Ungroup feature. That allowed me to select a few of the hearts and resized the hearts as I wanted.

diy valentine's day gifts heart cut outs

Once you have your final design, be sure to select Fabric, Thick when you send it to the Silhouette machine. I used the settings Needle – 5, Speed – 5, Thickness – 33. I also used a double cut.

I cut a total of 27 hearts (three cutting mats worth) and had plenty of hearts for my pillow.

diy valentine's day gifts heart cutouts

It was very easy to just pull off the fabric from the cutting mat.

diy valentine's day gifts heart pillow instructions

I then placed the hearts randomly on the pillow and held them in place with straight pins.

diy valentine's day gifts sewing instructions

I decided to hand sew them on with red quilting thread. You can also use fabric glue or machine sew them, it is entirely up to you. I used a simple running stitch.

diy valentine's day gifts hand sewn pillow

I love how my Valentine’s Day gift pillow turned out.

diy valentine's day gifts heart pillow


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  1. Very cute-I have my late Mother’s. button down shirts, and this would be a perfect gift for my sisters. She wore all pinks and pastels ( in true Pasadena manner) Thank you for sharing!

      1. Love the idea of a loved one’s old clothing. It made me think of the idea of using my daughter’s favorite baby blanket (for the hearts) that I just can’t seem to part with!

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