The Most Obvious Easter Decorations No One Uses

The Most Obvious Easter Decorations No One Uses.

So what are the most obvious Easter decorations that no one uses? Easter eggs, of course. I have them everywhere in our home!

Remember how I used Christmas balls as decor everywhere? I guess you could say I have done the same thing this Spring with Easter eggs. I love how easy eggs are to DIY, how inexpensive they are, and that they make the cutest Easter Decorations.

The Most Obvious Easter Decorations No One Uses

Easter Decorations

Before you start decorating your home with Easter eggs, you need to think about accumulating a small collection of eggs. You know, the kind of eggs that don’t crack or spoil.

A few years ago I discovered these very inexpensive wooden eggs and I am obsessed with them.

All of these eggs seen on my blog today started out as white wood eggs but I had some fun changing and decorating them these past few years.

Blue and Green Painted Eggs in the Living Room

The Most Obvious Easter Decorations No One Uses

As an artist, I will always try to paint when I have a chance.

I know I have frustrated some of you because I like to mix my own colors. Often I get a comment on my DIY blog posts saying, “Why can’t you just use a color out of a bottle?”. I am so sorry but I have always mixed my own paint colors since day one but I do try to explain how I mix my paint colors.

Here are three examples of how you can display painted eggs, which just happen to be blue and green, in your living room.

Green Eggs in the Entry Way

The Best Easter Decorations No One Uses

I wish I could remember where I found this egg plate. I love the green and these eggs look so great on the counter in our entryway. You might have noticed that I didn’t make twelve. But I think I fake it quite well on this awesome egg plate.

Easy Easter Craft Decorated Eggs

Orange and Pink Eggs in the Family Room


These pink and orange eggs are my favorite and they were so easy to make! I set this display on our counter and I just love it.

If you would rather buy some already decorated eggs, the ones below in the photo are listed below.

The Most Obvious Easter Decorations No One Uses..

Copper Foil Eggs in the Kitchen

Copper Foil Easter Eggs DIY

You all know how much I love to use faux metal leaf. Copper is my favorite color and I love these eggs because they aren’t covered completely.

Isn’t this white egg pan awesome? I love it.

The Most Obvious Easter Decorations No One Uses in the Kitchen

Tan and White Eggs in the Dining Room

These tan and white easter eggs were made with napkins. These were thicker than the ones I used for the green and white eggs but I love how they turned out. Isn’t this egg holder amazing? It’s so great for a centerpiece.

Easter Decorations on Table

I love to use Easter eggs on my tables too. As you can see, I used them in three different ways here.

How to Decorate Easter Eggs

There are so many ways to decorate eggs and today I am going to share all of the ways I have made my Easter Decorations.

Napkin Covered Eggs

This is a very popular but easy way to decorate Easter eggs. Paper napkins are so easy to use! Click here to learn how.

How to Color Eggs with Nail Polish

How to Color Easter Eggs 6

Who would have thought that you could color eggs with nail polish? But this is probably the easiest DIY listed here. Click here.

How to Paint Easter Eggs

Painted Easter Color Eggs

I love to paint everything. These blue and green eggs are the best colors, don’t you think? Click here.

How to Add Foil to Eggs

Copper Foil Easter Eggs DIY

Metallic foil is a very forgiving craft. It’s really hard to mess this up. I promise. And it’s fun too! Click here.

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The Most Obvious Easter Decorations No One Uses

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  1. You asked what the most obvious Easter decorations are that no one uses—and I guessed it was the cross of Easter! Maybe just obvious to some, I guess. While your eggs are very pretty and unusual, for me the cross is the main thrust of Easter.

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