Christmas Bedroom Decor Ideas

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Do you decorate your bedrooms for Christmas? I do, but I usually keep it light. Today I am sharing some fun Christmas bedroom decor ideas.


I think bedrooms look so cute decorated for the holidays. I just wish I had started decorating the boy’s bedrooms when they were younger. But it’s never too late! Now that they are adults perhaps they can appreciate them more.

Christmas Bedroom Decor


For years the only Christmas decor you would find in our home was on the first floor. In fact, all of the decor was in the living room, family room, dining room, and kitchen. To be honest, it never occurred to me to add decor in the bedrooms. Of course, that was about ten years ago.

Slowly the holiday decor crept into the craft room. There are a lot of windows in the craft room so I hung some wreaths and added a lot of wrapping and craft decor items.

A few years ago I started adding decor to the bedrooms. and I loved it.

My boys did too.

Christmas Bedroom Decor

Simple Christmas Bedroom Ideas

Adding decor to the bedroom does not need to be elaborate. Add a few wreaths, a quilt and some festive pillows and call it a day!

I am always looking for holiday decor when I am at a vintage flea market. I found this red, green, and white antique quilt for $25 at the Long Beach Flea Market. The pillows are very basic. I added my own lettering COUNT YOUR BLESSINGS by cutting letters out with my Cricut Maker.

Christmas Bedroom

In our third floor bedroom I added a throw on the bed and some red and white festive pillows. I also added a tiny bit of decor on the nightstand and bookshelves. I honestly think I spent about thirty minutes in here decorating for the holidays.

Doesn’t it look festive?

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Here is a peek at one of the ways I decorated the boy’s bedroom. I made the wreaths in the window and truthfully, they were added at the last minute. More importantly, they took me about ten minutes to make. Today I am going to share with you the easiest DIY ever. It’s titled “How to Make a Christmas Wreath … (in ten minutes or less!)”.

How to Make a Christmas Wreath … (in ten minutes or less!)


When I styled the boy’s newly decorated bedroom for Christmas, I originally put these garlands on top of the headboards. I didn’t really like them and thought wreaths in the windows would look better.

Instead of heading out and buying wreaths, I decided to make them out of the garlands. Each garland is six feet long. In addition to a garland, all you need is green floral wire.

The next step is to double up the garland in a circle so that the wreath has a three-foot circumference. I looped the ends of the wreath together and used the floral wire to secure them.


Next, I used the floral wire to secure the two layers of the garland together. Be sure to only wrap the stems together and leave the leaves free.

Once you have reached the end, add a wire loop to hang the wreath.


Aren’t these wreaths adorable?

Garlands to Make These Wreaths

Christmas Bedroom Decor Ideas for the Primary Bedroom

Christmas Bedroom Decor

I rarely decorate and photograph our primary bedroom. It is barely decorated and let’s just say that there isn’t a lot to share. the room is very grey and I cannot wait to add some color.

Christmas Bedroom Decor Ideas

Links to the Items Shown in This Post

I have always wanted to buy Christmas bedding. I think that would be such a fun way to dress up the bedrooms for the holidays. I love these duvets and quilts.

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Christmas Bedroom Decor Ideas

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  1. I have been eyeing the “ho ho ho” framed print here and there throughout your lovely Christmas decor posts and here’s a closeup for me to “study” up close! In my mind I want to paint one on a white canvas but just have to sit myself down in front of my laptop snd search for a font I love to copy. “Easy peasy” as they say but the hardest part is taking the time for me to do something I would love to do between all that HAS to be done this time of year. It’s a struggle to keep it calm! There’s always NEXT Christmas/I’ll start in August so I’ll have it on the wall by Christmas Eve 2023! Thanks for all the inspiration, despite the fact that you (like your friend Martha!) could be a girl we could come to “hate”! Is there anything you can’t do? If you weren’t so darn talented and generous to share your heart and home with us!

  2. Love how pretty and simple the extra rooms are. Cheerful. I have always decorated every room on three levels( including four bathrooms)except for my husbands office and a small theatre room. As I get older this is becoming more of a challenge, so tapering a bit, but still try to do a little everywhere. Enjoying all of your holiday posts. thank you!

    1. Wow, that is a lot of house to decorate Jillian! I am so happy that you enjoy what I share. Have a great holiday weekend!

  3. What a smart way to repurpose garlands! My decor budget is slim this year since we just had our floors resurfaced, but it really matters to me to have some sort of festive decor in the bedrooms. I have a few garlands that could benefit from becoming wreaths haha, so I can’t wait to try that and save some money this year!

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