Let’s Get Ready for Christmas


Today I am looking back at the Twelve Days of Ideas to Get Ready for Christmas series that I shared with my dear friend KariAnne from Thistlewood Farms.

Getting Ready for Christmas

I just finished sharing 12 Days of ideas to Get Ready for Christmas. I did this with my dear friend KariAnne from Thistlewood Farms and it was so much fun.

Thank you so much for all of your clicks and comments and shares and everything else. Wow! You are all truly amazing and I love that you were so welcoming to our idea.

If you missed any of my Twelve Days to Get Ready for Christmas, you can find them below. Be sure to scroll down to see all of Karianne’s ideas too!

12 Days of Christmas

Here is a little more in-depth information on my twelve days of ideas.

Day 1: Nine Ways to Repurpose Last Years Christmas Decor

It all started on Day one of the Twelve Days to Get Ready for Christmas. My friend KarriAnne and I joined together to provide you twelve days of great tips to help you get ready for Christmas. On the first day, we shared nine ways to repurpose last year’s Christmas decor.


Day 2: Creative Ideas to Stock Your Pantry for the Holidays

I loved sharing how to get your pantry ready for the holidays. This included how to organize and stock your pantry. 

canisters with labels

Day 3: Favorite Places to Find Inexpensive Holiday Craft Supplies

I have been buying craft supplies for years and I loved sharing my favorite places to find inexpensive holiday craft supplies. You all know that I am always looking for a good bargain.


Day 4: Handmade Holiday Creative Gift Ideas

I loved sharing some of my favorite homemade gifts. These DIY Christmas gifts are easy to make, personalized, and very versatile.


Day  5: My Favorite Places to Find Inexpensive Holiday Greenery

If you are wondering where to find inexpensive holiday greenery, then this is the post for you. I love using greens to decorate and I can’t wait to share the places I go to save money!


Day 6: Holiday Make Ahead Desserts

I love baking for the holidays and I shared some of my favorite make-ahead holiday desserts.I love baking for the holidays and I think you are going to like three of my favorite make-ahead holiday desserts.


Day  7: 20 Great Ideas for Personalized Gifts

I found so many wonderful personalized gifts. I shares twenty gifts, including this casserole dishh that was gifted to me and features my mom’s most famous recipe. 

Today I am celebrating some wonderful personalized gifts. I found twenty gifts, which includes my favorite, entertaining, recipes, pets, and Christmas decor.

Day 8: How to Organize Your Gift Wrapping Room

I loved sharing with you how you can organize your gift wrapping room. I am now ready to wrap wonderful gifts all season long. 

How to Organize Your Gift Wrapping Room 11

Day 9:  7 Creative Ideas to Set a Table

I loved creating this table and I am so excited to share with you today the seven creative ideas I used to set a Christmas table.

Christmas Table Ideas

Day 10: The Best 20 Christmas Gift Ideas Under $25

In this post I shared my 20 best Christmas gift ideas. They are inexpensive, my favorites, and gifts I think all of you might like.

Christmas Dinner Final

Day 11: 5 Ways to Display and Repurpose Christmas Cards

We get a lot of Christmas cards every year and I am very excited to share my ideas to display Christmas cards and how to use them for craft and gift ideas.

Ways to Display Christmas Cards 6

Day 12: 25 Family Christmas Traditions

For years we have enjoyed Family Christmas traditions and I am sharing twenty-five traditions with you today. This year I am hoping to add a few more traditions so I would love to learn about all of yours!

last minute christmas gift

12 Days of Christmas KA

You can find Karianne’s amazing blog posts here:

Day 1: 9 Simple Ideas To Repurpose Last Year’s Christmas Decor

Day 2: How To Stock Your Pantry For the Holidays

Day 3: The Best Places to Find Inexpensive Craft Supplies

Day 4: Favorite Faux Winter Sems

Day 5:  Handmade Holiday: Creative Gift Idea

Day 6: Stock Your Freezer: Make Ahead Christmas Dessert

Day 7: Clever Ideas for Personalized Gifts

Day 8:How to Organize Your Gift Wrapping Station

Day 9: Seven Creative Ideas for the Christmas Table

Day  10: Walmart Christmas finds Under $25

Day 11: 5 Ways to Repurpose Christmas Cards

Day 12: 25 Things to Do With your Family for Christmas

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12 Days of Christmas

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